Understanding Christianese-Lesson 3

Uploaded by TheThinkingAtheist on Apr 3, 2010

The Thinking Atheist presents…another exciting edition of: Understanding Christianese.
Number 1. We serve a big God.” Of course, we’ll navigate our troubles without
any tangible intervention from God.  But there’s no doubt…the guy is huge!
Number 2. “God has a perfect plan for your life.”
And just to keep things interesting, He’ll reveal it through inaudible, untraceable “nudges”
that feel an awful lot like guesswork. After all...what good is a perfect plan if people
actually know about it? Number 3. “Thank you, Lord, for your grace
and your mercy.” This prayer essentially says: 30,000 will
starve to death around the world today.  But hey…I’m 40 pounds overweight and looking
forward to Sunday brunch.  God is good. Number 4. "You just need to have faith."
Of course! Obviously, if you were living right, you wouldn't be having these problems. And
if your prayers don't get answered, it's probably because you simply aren't yet worthy. Geez...a
GOOD Christian would've already heard something by now.
Join us again next time for another educational look at the complex and exciting code the
church has used to communicate for thousands of years. Understanding Christianese!