SYTYCD 2012 All Stars - Season 9 Top 10 - Cyrus, Audrey, Witney, Will, Tiffany - Interview

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COLE: I think working with a new partner for All Stars,
we're just going to use the rehearsal process to get to
know one another.
I mean, it's just like acting.
All these pieces are acting, so it's the same thing, just
imagining that whoever she is or he is, is whoever the
person that they're supposed to be-- your lover or your
mother or father, whatever.
TIFFANY: I'm really excited, because I mean I've watched
the season since season one, and to get to work with people
that I've looked up to and inspired to be, and get to
learn from them now, I'm so excited to soak it all in.
CHEHON: I'm definitely hoping to see Alex Wong in the All
Stars, because I've always looked up to him.
AUDREY: I love Allison, the way she moves.
CHEHON: tWitch, I hope tWitch is around.
I hope Melanie comes back.
You know, she's one of my favorite dancers.
AUDREY: And I wish Kent Boyd would come back.
I have a crush on him.
CYRUS: For me, I hope, I hope I get to dance with tWitch,
like how Alex Wong and tWitch did like a number.
Oh, my goodness, yeah, glitch and tWitch, I think that'd be
pretty awesome.
He's really good so I think he'll bring more
groove out of me.
I think he'll bring that relaxing feeling out of me.
Eliana: G and T.
CYRUS: Oh man, G and T!
WITNEY: tWitch.
I love tWitch.
And to do hip hop would be like the ultimate thing
that I could do.
LINDSEY: Honestly, I mean I would be
fine with all of them.
I'm just excited to get to work an All Star and say that
I'm dancing with someone that I've watched on stage for so
many years.
So, I don't know.
It'll just be really cool.
GEORGE: My favorite All Start of all time, from day one, has
been Allison Holker.
And so just to see her back here would be mind blowing.
Like, she's such a beast.
Everything she does is amazing.
WILL: Jeanine Mason, Kathryn McCormick, Allison Holker,
Kent Boyd, Neil, Robert Roldan--
oh, my God.
Any of them.
Really, any of them, let's be honest.
tWitch, so fun.
Any of them, it would be an honor and--
GEORGE: A blessing to work with any one of them.
I'm George.
WILL: And I'm Will,
GEORGE AND WILL: And you're watching DanceOn.