DailyGrace LIVE! - 3/29/12 (FULL EP)

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It's Thursday.
You're here, I'm here.
Let's do this.
DAILY GRACE: Hey guys.
Daily Grace here, and welcome to My Damn Channel Live.
Today we are live for 10 whole minutes.
Yes, our big Wednesday shows go for a half hour, but every
other weekday, we are here for 10 minutes.
And did you guys catch the premiere
yesterday, by the way?
If not, here's a clip.
-So you're a father to a six-year-old?
DAILY GRACE: That was great.
Really great clip, learned a lot.
Speaking of live, we're we're we're we're we're
we're live right now.
And I can do anything I want in this entire space.
I can--
I can--
You just watched an idea happen.
You guys love that app, Draw Something?
Well, I'm gonna--
I'm gonna real life draw something for you guys to
guess in the Comments right now.
Look, surprise.
This is a chalkboard.
It's crazy in here.
I took an art class once the summer of my sixth grade,
going into seventh grade.
So I think it'll resonate.
What I'm drawing for you is something I think about
And see if you guys can guess what it is.
If you can guess, leave a comment in
the Comments section.
Ooh, so simple.
I'm going to add to it a little bit.
Oh, what could this be.
What could this be.
This thing.
What could this be?
If you know what this is, leave us a comment down below,
and we'll get to that later.
But for right now, we gotta keep this train rolling down
the tracks.
We're at high speed.
Let's go higher speed.
This is a show for you and about you.
That's right.
We want to get as many of you on this show as possible, in a
variety of ways.
Maybe one way is by showing some Daily Grace fans doing
some impressions of Daily Grace in some kind of montage.
Do we have something like that laying around?
Cue montage.
-(SINGING) Look at them go.
It's Bonnie and Lexie.
Bonnie and Lexie.
-(SINGING) Daily friends are gonna teach
you how to do something.
-(SINGING) Look at him go, just commenting on comments,
commenting, commenting.
-Today, I am making carrot cake cupcakes.
Which I like to call--
carrot cake cupcakes.
-Let's see what you're makin'.

-What are we thinking.
-Oh my god.
-I think this just made my mouth pregnant.
-Empress of awesome.
New viewser alert.
New viewser alert.
Empress of awesome.
More like--
Empress of suckage.
You've been hazed.
-You've been hazed.
-You've been hazed.
-You've been hazed.
-You suck.
You've been hazed.
-You've been hazed.
-You've been hazed.
-You've been hazed.
-(SINGING) You've been hazed.
New viewser.
New viewser.
New viewser.
More like Purple Nurple.
Just kidding.
That sucks.
You suck.
You've been hazed.
DAILY GRACE: Is that--
how you guys think I act and sound?
Well, cool.
Cause you guys acted and sounded awesome!
Thanks for that, y'all.
So sweet.
Now let's get back to my real life Draw Something, and let's
see if anyone in the Comments has guessed correctly.
Has anyone?
Oh my god, irishchickyyy and mattnlenaber and someone
else's name that I can't read all guessed correctly.
And cmac--
or cmacaskill got really close with alcohol.
Really, really close.
But for everyone else that did get it right,
guess what you win.
You win an internet kiss.
Get in here.
Kiss me.
Kiss-- uh.
You look different up close than you did from further
away, so you know what, scratch that.
You know what you win, you win pride.
You win an overwhelming amount of pride.
Thank you for participating in some real life Draw Something.
Here at My Damn Channel Live, we're going to be premiering
over 30 new original comedy series.
And here is one of the shortest ones we've got--
The John Friedman Internet Program.
Check it.
(SINGING) It's the John Friedman Internet Program on
your world wide web.
-OK, sure.
(SINGING) It's the John Friedman Internet Program on
your world wide web.
STEVE: Guys, I got it.
I got it.
Let's just put this online.
People will love it.
This cat loves cheeseburgers.

MALE SPEAKER: Everyone knows you do blow in
the bathroom, Steve.
Just call it a day.
DAILY GRACE: Told you they'd be short.
Short and sweet.
Speaking of my brother, I--
I forgot to tell him that I'm doing this right now.
My brother Tim has no idea--
I am a horrible sister.
So you know what I'm going to do.
I'm going to call Tim right now.
Because this is the most appropriate time to tell a
family member that you're doing something, is by talking
to them on a live stream on the internet.
Let's see if this little gungan is around town and tell
him what I'm up to.
Ah-ha, go phone.
Pick up.
If you love me, pick up.
TIM: Hello.
DAILY GRACE: Oh, hey Tim.
What's going--
TIM: Hey.
DAILY GRACE: What's going on.
This is your sister, Grace Helbig.
TIM: Hi Grace.
I'm programming right now in the Basement.
DAILY GRACE: Oh that's cool.
Guess what I'm--
I'm involved in programming also.
It's a live program on the internet.
You're on a live show right now with me.
I'm streaming live on the internet.
TIM: That's great.
Am I the only guest you could get for this.
Pretty much, yes.
I reached out-- and you know who I couldn't even get?
Mom wouldn't do this.
So you're the B-Team right now, Tim.
TIM: Mom wouldn't do this.
DAILY GRACE: Mom wouldn't do this.
I couldn't get John.
I couldn't get Dad.
TIM: I'm not really paying attention.
TIM: I'm not really paying attention.
DAILY GRACE: Oh great, well then there's a couple things
that I want to tell you about, so maybe
you should pay attention.
You're only going to MIT cause you're super smart.
And how'd you get so smart, by paying attention.
So I need your attention right now.
Listen, Tim.
TIM: No, thanks.
I went this morning.
DAILY GRACE: Ti-- what.
Tim, listen.
Pay attention.
TIM: I'm paying attention.
DAILY GRACE: OK, listen.
I'm on My Damn Channel Live right now.
And we're doing this show every
weekday at 4:00 PM Eastern.
And I only have 10 minutes on this show, so I have to make
this quick.
So we had John Glaser on the show yesterday.
Do you know who that is?
TIM: No.
DAILY GRACE: That-- great.
And you would have known, had you watched yesterday.
TIM: It wasn't like you didn't need me to say
yes for like some--
What were you--
DAILY GRACE: What were you doing yesterday
that you missed it.
Don't say anything gross.
TIM: What.
DAILY GRACE: What were you doing yesterday
that you missed it.
TIM: I was working.
DAILY GRACE: Yeah, we get that.
All right, Tim, do you have any final words
to say to the internet?
TIM: Uh, no.
DAILY GRACE: You've been the best guest in the entire world
of guests, Tim.
If you want--
If you want a guest that says no to anything, get Tim.
He's the best.
I love you, Brother, I'll talk to you later.
TIM: Can I--
Can I rate myself as guest.
DAILY GRACE: Yeah, go for it.
TIM: I give myself an A.
In that world of where D is the best grade.
OK, bye Tim.
I love you, I'll talk to you soon.
TIM: Bye, Grace.

DAILY GRACE: What a guy.
DAILY GRACE: It's time for Q&A. I went on my Twitter this
morning, and I asked you guys to tweet me your questions
with the hashtag mydamnchannellive.
Let's answer some of those tweets.
What have we got.
This is from SeasofSwag.
"Is orange nail polish your favorite nail polish color,
cause you wear it a hella lot." OK.
Well, and that sounds very judgmental and aggressive, and
I don't know if I appreciate that.
But thank you for noticing.
Um, it was my favorite nail polish because it was the only
nail polish I had with me when I was away.
And I was shooting a web series and when you shoot this
kind of stuff, you need to have something called like,
uh, consistency.
Or, uh-- and I had to keep the nail polish the entire time.
Um, and I guess I won't tell you what kind of nail polish
it is because it sounds like you hate it.
But thank you for your Twitter question, that
is so sweet of you.
Let's check out another Twitter question.
This is from stevedawg412.
You guys all have these like, crazy street names.
I missed the question, can we throw that up one more time.
"If you could have any superpower, what would it be."
I would have the super power to never have to poop in a
public situation.
I feel like that can be really inconvenient
uh, a lot of times.
So if I can have the power to only have bowel movements in
the privacy of my home, that'd be amazing.
It'd be really great.
Let's take another Twitter question.
What have we got.
This is from AmberAutopilot.
"I'm moving to New York City for college in fall and I'm
Any advice." Uh, my advice to you would be um, don't kiss a
homeless person even if they ask nicely.
I learned that a bad way.
Well, that's all for the show today, guys.
This went so fast.
Like a lot of relationships in my life.
Especially my relationship with dairy.
Hey uh, that's what I want that super power.
Anyway, make sure you tune in on
weekdays at 4:00 PM Eastern.
There's a hidden drinking game here, have you caught it?
Watch us live.
And remember, the taped versions will be up on
mydamnchannel.com/live later.
You can watch at your convenience.
What a world.
Beth Hoyt will be back tomorrow, and
I'm here every Thursday.
Until then, you can check out Daily Grace on
And don't forget to Like, and Comment, and Subscribe, and
all those things that we ask you to do because we know
you're so good at doing it.
Until next time, guys.