Less Meat, Better Meat

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[Screen reads: Lunch at Storey House]
>>Oh hey, how's it going? Come sit over here I'm having this awesome salad.
>>Or alternatively, you can join me. We have this delicious chicken loaf. It's so good.
Why don't you join us?
>>No, no. Come sit over here.
Do you know that that chicken spent its life in a building crammed with thousands of other
birds, walking around in its own waste and it was pumped full of antibiotics.
It lived its whole life in a space this big.
That's not a real life. You can't support that system. Just sit over here.
>>Oh, come on. It's one chicken and you're one person.
Stop acting like you can make a difference.
And how do you know what makes a chicken happy? They get food and they get water, and they
have a safe place to live.
Besides it's a sign of progress that we can all eat meat. Come and enjoy yourself over
>>Do you have any idea how much saturated fat is in that slab of beef?
Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the United States and the meat you're eating
is directly related to that.
And your meat's dirty! Remember mad cow, H1N1?
The factory farming system is set up such that most ground beef comes in contact with
fecal matter. You're literally eating shit.
>>Oh, please. Meat is safe. How many people do you know that have gotten mad cow disease?
And companies clean the meat before they sell it, so it doesn't matter what happens in the
factories during processing.
Plus we've evolved to eat meat. Depriving yourself of meat is unnatural and unhealthy.
Protein is a vital part of the diet. And meat is the best and most effective way of getting
that protein.
I'm super active and without a lot of meat I feel weak.
>>Are you kidding? The vegetarian diet is full of protein.
You just have to know what to eat.
Beans, yogurt, nuts, eggs, and besides that meat is killing the earth.
Eighteen percent of greenhouse gas emissions come from the livestock industry. Your hamburger
is literally contributing to global warming.
>>Oh, please. You drive cars, you fly in planes and you're telling me that meat is destroying
the environment.
I ride a bike everywhere. And this accounts for every craziness that she thinks I'm doing
to the earth.
>>Are you kidding? Look at what you're eating. That's so gross.
>>This is the most delicious thing you could possibly...
>>What's wrong?
Are these guys bothering you?
You don't have to freak out.
Both arguments are valid, but eating meat is a spectrum.
Less meat, better meat.
Come on over and join me.
>>As you can see, eating meat is a spectrum.
You don't have to be an extreme vegetarian to be a conscientious eater. You can still
eat meat while supporting animal welfare, environmental sustainability, and public health.
The key to doing this is eating in moderation and eating higher quality meat.
>>Here's some tangible and specific ways to embrace less meat, better meat.
First of all, try Meatless Mondays. Start your week off by eating sustainably and let
this become part of your routine.
Alternatively, choose to eat meat no more than once a day. Maybe you can leave meat
for dinner and eat plant based proteins for your other meals.
Check out the website Meatless Monday dot com for inspiration and guidance.
>>Another part of eating sustainably is being mindful and proactive. Know where your meat
comes from.
Most meats in the supermarket are factory farmed and are shipped from hundreds of miles
away. So try buying meat from vendors who purchase locally.
Local meat is more environmentally friendly and frequently takes animal welfare into account.
>>Lastly, pass it on! Talk to your friends about less meat, better meat.
Encourage them to find out where their meat comes from.
Inform them about the externalities of mindless eating. And empower them to make a difference
with their meat choices.
>>Eating meat is not inherently bad, but we can make better choices about the meat we
consume. Eating meat is a spectrum.
>>[All] Less meat, better meat!
[music in background]
>>[Growling voice] Meeeaat!