Dance Showdown Presented by D-trix - Lana McKissack Contestant Bio

Uploaded by DanceOn on 29.03.2012


For those of you who don't know me, which is almost all
of you, my name is Lana McKissack, and I'm a YouTuber
slash singer slash actress slash--
I started out on YouTube singing covers of a lot of
musical theater songs and some pop songs--
--and sort of have branched out into doing comedy sketches
and light vlogging.
That sounds dirty.
Speaking of dirty--
I want to be on "Dance Showdown on YouTube" because I
would love to try something new and scary and fun.
And I heard the choreographers are really sexy.
As a dancer, I have limited experience.
I do have a degree in musical theater from UCLA.
Go Bruins.
That was some preview of my dancing abilities.
I don't want to pull a hamstring or
anything, you know?
It's gonna take three things to win this competition.
One, gumption.
Two, fortitude.
Three, exuberance.
I have one of those things.
My favorite type of dancing is probably shimmying.
I shimmy like a beast.

Oh, I also like marching.

I am confident about this competition.
I'm not going to say I'm the best dancer in the world, but
I will say I am a dancer in this world.
I'm the underdog.
I think I have the least subscribers out of anybody
else who's playing, who's dancing.
And isn't it more fun to see the underdog win?
I mean, when you watch these movies like Rocky or The
Wrestler or Glitter, you want to root for the person who you
don't think is going to win.
Watch everybody else's videos, make an informed decision.
But if you vote for me, I will show you a boob.
It may or may not be mine.
It's not gonna be mine.
But it will be a female or male boob.

It's not gonna be a female boob.
But to my fellow competitors, the showdown has begun.
The gauntlet has been thrown.
You have been warned.
Did I scare you?
So, if you think you can beat me, bring it.
VICTOR: Word on the street is, is you trying to battle.
LANA MCKISSACK: Oh, hi, Victor from Quest Crew.
Let's see what you got.

Oh yeah?


LANA MCKISSACK: Shane Warren Jones from
Mortal Kombat Legacy?

You call that dancing?

You ready.
LANA MCKISSACK: Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go break
the legs of my competitors.