Meet Our Interns - Brenda

Uploaded by CSUSBAdmissions on 18.02.2011

Hi My Name is Brenda Renteria
and I am a recruitment intern here at CSUSB's
Office of Sdmissions & Student Recruitment.
Currently I am a junior majoring in Sociology
with a minor in ethnic studies. Right now
I'm in the cross cultural center here in the Student Union
This is a place were we come hang out, watch movies, do our homework
use the computer lab, and get free popcorn!
There are several reasons why I chose Cal State. One of them was because they
offered my major, Sociology, and the program is awesome.
Secondly, Professor-student ratio is 1:23 which gives you a better opportunity
to meet and interact with your professor compared to other schools.
Since I am from the LA area, I've lived in two of the housing facilities here at CSUSB
which were the freshman dorms and the Arrowhead apartments.
Overall, my experience here at CSUSB has been unforgettable.
Every day there is something new. I'm looking forward to graduating and pusuing a career
as a probation officer
and serving my community in the forthcoming future.