Don Dracula - Full Episode 8 (Official & HQ with subtitles)

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Osamu Tezuka "Don Dracula"
Yes I see a beautiful woman I drool.
My heart beats I throw the feet.
Always the whole family has a split personality.
I'm ready. Me lntelectual Ratio Dracula is the ratio.
I like all human beings
I like to be my friends.
The mansion is a haven Nerima.
It is comfortable to live. Dr Don Paradise.
Dr Dr Don Don Don Don Dr Dracula.
Dr Dr Don Don Don Don Dr Paradise.
The mansion is a haven Nerima.
It is comfortable to live. Dr Don Paradise.
Dr Dr Don Don Don Don Dr Dracula.
Dr Dr Don Don Don Don Dr Paradise Paradise.
"Horrified by the cross garlic and the dentist"
Screenplay: Takao Koyama
By the way what time is it?
I do not know... are the ten...
Chocola lgor "has not returned?
You're the one who has chosen a church dad wedding.
It is logical that in a church has crosses.
Do not blame me. Love is blind as they say.
I finished master.
Oh lgor. Were you able to remove all the crosses?
But it has cost me allow me to remove the largest.
Is that the Father did not want.
Um a cure stubborn...
Love is the time of the ceremony.
What most striking costume!
Dr Don Don Don Dra Dra Don Dracula Don Dra...
400 years does not seem right?
How I envy you remarry.
I have not ever married. I would like to see the faces of my girlfriend.
Do you swear the groom take the bride by spouse for life?
I swear.
Do you swear to take the groom bride for a husband for life?
I swear.
Hello! How is this possible?
A woman so beautiful Dracula marrying...
I did not even I have a friend.
Is that Japanese women have weakness for foreign men.
Anyone can find me my future girlfriend?
I am Count Dracula.
I want your delicious and delicate blood.
Not the time to exchange rings.
So... worth.
There is no one who opposes this marriage right?
There can be no one to do so.
Yes, I am opposed.
Ah! The ugly Blonda the ugly...
What does all this Count me hold me?
What do I know? You're free to love me
but what impertinent appear even in my wedding!
Disappears now!
Please Count is the dream of my life.
Marry me!
Who is going to marry a monster?
A matrimonial swindler sought throughout the country.
Dracula is calling Superlujurioso actually is.
Surrender and let handcuffed.
I Murai of the Police Headquarters.
A matrimonial swindler? What insolence!
The head of Dracula the illustrious lineage of vampires.
Shut up! Do you see this Storm of cherry blossoms?
That said I take off my clothes.
Ah! Die together.
Yes to where you want...
Come together!
Wait! Wait!
Since no one will bother us. At last we are alone.
Yes we are alone.
No no no!
A dream. I had another nightmare.
Do I have a psychosomatic disorder?
Oh what a pain!
What is it Dad?
Lately I have problems Chocola with teeth.
Am I old?
What! If you only have 400 years.
Is not that right...?
Hey I've promised to take today to make something delicious right?
Do not have to go to school?
Night school There are no classes on Sundays.
Oh right.
Chocolate will give you a test today the blood of a beautiful woman.
Dad is it true that blood has to be beautiful women?
It is true.
The blood of these hot women and passionate love scented.
According to the drinking I becomes irresistible...
Water! There is no water...
- Have your gargle. - Thanks.
Here it is!
My Count!
Please suck my blood!
Here you can not come. Go! Go now!
Count please!
No I do not want!
I do not like your blood.
Compared red wine to gargle is even better.
I have high blood pressure
so it can suck all you want.
I have it down.
Let me! You disgust me!
- Lord Count! - Help!
Oh let me!
I will be leaving hives!
Lgor! Why have you missed this woman?
Yes, Master. That woman is a monster.
Do not keep away. Women's ugly!
Who stole my blood was you Take responsibility!
So I was wrong.
Lord Count!
Hush! That you curse the Devil!
Lord Count!
Shit shit and shit!
Die cursed by the devil!
Take a rope.
Chocola Oh how smart you are! Dracula excited!
Tied Dracula style.
What are you going to do next?
Tomorrow I will ask a company transport
send it to Kamchatka or Budapest.
Come let's go for change of mind.
- Lgor lead us to Shinjuku. - If you agree.
Love you want to take the freeway?
Does not see the street below.
Sure that the highway is jammed.
- Lgor for carriage. - Si.
- Chocola we walk from here. - Yes.
- Wait for us where ever. - Yes, agreed.
Dad I have hunger.
Right now I'll give you a drink wonderful blood in abundance.
Chocola what's wrong?
No nothing happens. I found only that they were having fun.
Do you want to be entered a mother?
My mother died of disease, right?
Um? Yes.
- Was she pretty? - Of course.
It is the woman he loved me. It was especially nice.
Ah yes...
Let's go. We expected the blood of a fine.
I know.
There is a beautiful woman in the 13th floor the third to the left.
Chocola expected. We will not use the elevator.
Firmly stepping up the stairs each step.
It is a rule of the Dracula family the illustrious lineage of vampires.
It has a twisted character.
One after another, stepping firmly!
One after another, stepping firmly!
One after another, stepping firmly...
Are you okay? We're still in the 6th floor.
Let's take the elevator.
We could take it from Chocola the beginning.
Sure. Did not I tell you?
But it was a timely exercise before eating.
Good smell. We drink the blood hot of a beautiful immediately.
It's here!
Being the second time I have to take a picture so real.
I am Count Dracula.
I came from the mists of Transylvania.
Ah! What what is that smell?
This woman will have eaten something do not hit your face at night.
This scent...
It is Chinese dumplings! Salt chocolate floor right now.
Dad estate well.
Don Dracula.
Don Dracula.
What tough luck!
Your face your body... is flawlessly beautiful.
Why eating Chinese dumplings?
- I hate hate! "Sorry, Dad.
We will find another beautiful.
Is it ok?
What happened?
Um? I can smell blood from a beautiful.
Has anyone been hit and escaped?
Stay away. Stay away stay away.
Okay I depart. But I'm Murai of Police Headquarters.
Huh? Excuse me.
Hemorrhage is bleeding. Need blood transfusions.
Do you manage?
Yes Fittingly the victim had Book donor. Is this.
Has blood type O... I am also type O.
It will call for just in case people of the same type.
What a shame that so much blood being spilling... Chocola!
Not the time to be saying So hey!
What blood type are you?
I have the type O...
I thought so. A Partnership that girl please.
A partnership...
Maybe it is... ah!
Is there anyone else of the type O? If the type O.
It seems that only you and me. Please uncle.
Dude where do you go?
Ah! The cross!
Is to save a person. Collaborate please.
I had blood drawn to others but never have brought me to me.
Ah! I can not stand before my ancestors.
That a vampire blood drawn...
Dad are you okay?
Ah... Chocola and I'm finished.
Ah do not fall!
Miss do not worry. If you sleep tonight and will be replenished.
Thanks to him it seems that the girl will save them.
Yes, thank goodness.
But my life is in danger.
Have been only 200 cc. Is exaggerated.
I have not exaggerated anything. This is a mantle.
Dad is too little to up to the coach.
Ah blood... blood... The blood of a fine.
Am I pretty?
Yes you are. Why you ask?
What do you mean?
Suck my blood.
I can bite the neck.
Oh... Chocola.
This daughter!
But I've never heard of Dracula suck the blood of his daughter.
I just your intention. I can become happier.
A one beautiful!
Dad that's...
I am Count Dracula. I want your beautiful blood!
How sad how sad how sad...!
Ah seems to have become too cheerful.
- It hurts hurts hurts me...! - Dad still hurt?
Not stand it.
Miss Love. It has been the sun.
Lgor good morning.
Good night.
Dad how are you teeth?
Ah are fatal.
As if the starting side pieces and a knife in
brains I could not sleep a wink.
Having done such a thing eh?
If, before coming to Japan never had these cavities.
It is because Japan has high humidity. Is moisture. Damn!
Go to the dentist. Okay?
- It's at night but I'll call. - Do not!
It is ridiculous that a vampire go to the dentist.
Oh the shame forever.
The treatment of teeth should come in the book of the office.
How how? 10 grams powder Dry pork heart
and a pinch of black-grilled a poisonous red bamboo
are cooked with oil in the nose.
Spread that out over the caries
and repeat the spell of magic square.
The fall cavity in less than 10 years will new teeth.
If you have not taken effect after 10 years repeat the same thing.
This book cheat! Who can wait 10 years!
Are hurting me now. Shit shit! What a pain!
Dad I've finally found one. He wants you now.
How many times do I say?
I came not to have that unless have a dentist.
If you will kindly said. You have a twisted character.
Come not get heavy and let's go Dad.
Chocola Chocola leave. The decay of a lie.
Does not save you now lie.
I'm not lying. What I said before decay was a mistake.
First of all in the dictionary Dracula is not the word "decay".
That excuse is ignored.
Well said?
Since none of our ancestors the family has gone to the dentist.
Yes you're afraid, eh? Dad. The dentist is a woman.
Mu .. woman.
But I do not like ugly women.
Go inside please.
Is the voice of a beautiful woman.
Very pretty! Well well well.
I covered transylvanian dense fog... um?
Dad got a shady character.
Definitely do not suck blood. Want to treat you teeth right?
In addition to the teeth you have you can not even bite almost anything.
Oh right.
Please sit down.
Yes .. thanks.
Listen do not have the book social security.
No matter I get paid very well.
- Now open your mouth. - Si.
Has very strong teeth.
Everyone tells me yes.
Ah this tooth is severely damaged.
Now rinse with water.
A... water?
I'm leaving.
Has something happened?
Is that my father is allergic to water.
With tap water comes out urticaria. Sorry.
I brought a gargle. Please with this...
Do you coat the tooth with a crown or want to take it out?
"Get it out?
I will not let me out this important canine.
Do not complain. Come!
I do not want no no...
As recess me before you do not stop fooling.
Your eyes can not capture this face?
They have captured too!
- Oh daddy. - Hold daughter.
Take the bill to your father.
Tan .. so much!
So I do not know who the vampire.
My character will die happy...
Things do not go to Dracula I add the dentist?
Oh and do not take it anymore!
With the voices of Kenji Utsumi Saeko Shimazu Kaneta Kimotsuki
Dr Dr Don Don Don Dr...
Don Dracula.
My beloved father is a vampire.
His black coat is sober of good taste right?
Their sharp teeth are cool Right?
Is the number one in this world and in the hereafter.
He is the king of the night a superstar.
Don Dracula Dr Dr Don Don Don Dr...
Don Dracula.
Hates garlic and the cross.
My father is a vampire.