Loreen arriving in Sweden after Eurovision (Part 1/3)

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You're the best honey. Welcome home!
What you have done, Loreen, takes a lot and you've delivered as always.
You're the best, you're always the best after what you did with the people of Azerbaijan.
Hooray for Thomas G-son and Peter Boström!
Loreen, we're live on Aftonbladet over here.
There might be 200 people in here but I have 1000 e-mails and letter for you from people that couldn't be here today,
telling how much you mean to them and how much your victory means for them. And also, today we have the Loreen paper.
Okay, that's a big smile. My goodness!
That was not the smile that got you the best dates or what did you say?
That's what I said.
But it's pure happiness.
Oh I don't know what to say. You know I couldn't have created this without the ones out there believing in me.
For real, this is not something I do on my own - this is something we do together.
And I have to say, I see it says “my heart pounds hard”… Thank you people out there.
You don't know how much I like you, how much I love you. Really.
Will you just take them. Do you have anywhere to keep them?
Yes I have somewhere to keep them, really Tobbe, this is so unreal.
How does it feel? This is insane, is it?
Yes. But at the same time I’m happy, because we stand for something that is so good, that is important.
And that so many have understood that makes me happy.
When did you find out there would be people here waiting?
What did you say? (laughing) Yeah, I found out a little while ago
and I thought it was good they didn't say anything because I would have gotten much more nervous.
Would you? Does it feel weird? I'm sorry we're a bit close.
Oh no no, that's fine. No I'm just so overwhelmed. I don't know what to do with all the love. I'm so happy for this.
(other reporter saying something)
So much, so much. I'm so grateful. I never thought I would get this kind of support, on this level. Really not.
So I don't know if you can tell. I might look a little disoriented, but I feel so damn happy.
Are you confused to be here?
Are you kidding? (laughs) But it's also fun.
Have you had time to let it sink in in any way?
I think it'll land in a while.
What are you going to do now?
I don't know..(laughs) I'm going home. I'm going home to sleep. To let all of this sink in.
For how long?
Good question. It'll be a couple of hours and then it's time to get to work and make a video, for Euphoria.
But won't you have some longer time to rest? You have to get up to work tomorrow?
Well, it's me who wants to get up to work tomorrow. Now that I've started this I have to get some good stuff.
Many children are here, many little girls. Do you think you're a good role model for them?
I hope so. I hope I'm a role model for them. That they think I'm cool enough.
How does it feel to be a role model for them?
It feels good. Because I'm a girl, a woman that stands for something good. Another kind of example.
We're on live at Expressen.se, what do you want to say to everyone that has believed in you and voted for you?
That I'm so happy for that. Really. I didn't expect it to be like this.
I think I stand for something that we've all got and I couldn't create this on my own, we created it together.
But I'm so damn grateful. And happy.
Has it sunk in yet? You were a little indeterminate last time we talked about this.
You know I’m still so floating it's crazy. So it'll probably take a while for it to really sink in.
Do you have room for more flowers?
Oh honey! I love flowers! This is probably the closest I'm going to get to nature in a while.
What's happening ahead for you?
I'll be working actually. And it'll be fun. A video, a CD… Some cool stuff I hope.
Will we see you again this summer?
Yes, of course. There will be some summer touring now this summer.
Loreen, if you look up. There's a proposal I think.
Marry me. Yes!
Oh, okay.
Loreen, a shout of joy?
You can have a tone. (sings a tone)
There you go. I just didn't want to be rude. I didn't want to turn my back when you are standing there.
But Loreen, now it's time to turn your back on us and go to your fans instead. So ignore us journalists and go see your fans now.
I love you guys, I love you guys. Okay.
It's a bit crowded in here right now, but that's not because anyone's violent
only because everyone wants to get as close to Loreen as possible. It's great to have policemen and security here to make sure there's air for Loreen.
She is, of course, overwhelmed to be received like this as well as slightly confused too.
This is for Sweden.
And we are going to make Europe's biggest festival here next year.
Oh, lovely. I'm so happy you're all here. Power to the people, I like that one. Power to the people!
Loreen, can I have a picture of you and your proposer together?
I think Christer's a bit jealous. But you're already married, Christer!
Ah, it's you! You're my prince. And they lived happily ever after.
I hope so. Can we take a picture?
And we're guessing it won't be an August wedding. Some more time to plan this.
I'm thinking in a private wedding. I can't take this every day.
No, we can't have that.
You're more used to this than I am.
Take care.
I just need to have a hug!
You are so worth this, Loreen. It was just so well deserved. I just hope you get to land and enjoy this yourself.
And sleep.
Yes, and when you have the time, there will be so much strength in those over 1000 e-mails you got there. It'll be incredible - I promise.
It's incredible. It's crazy.
And they just keep coming!
I'm so thankful.
How much more sleep do you need?
Sleep? What's that again? How do you mean? Could you develop that? No, but actually not that much, but that's fine.
Can we have a kiss for that camera?