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TODRICK: Hey, everybody.
It's your boy Todrick.
Thank you so much for coming back to another week of Dance
Moms recap.
This week, I got a special surprise for you all.
I have my good friend Miles Jai here with me.
MILES JAI: Like my status!
TODRICK HALL: Miles, thank you so much for coming in.
MILES JAI: For real!
TODRICK HALL: I'm feeling this hair.
You better work, looking like Katy Perry.
If you don't know who Miles is, he is famous for the "Like
My Status" video.
MILES JAI: Like my status if you like iPhones.
MILES JAI: This Miles Jai.
Who this?
TODRICK HALL: Hey, Miles Jai.
This Todrick.
MILES JAI: You know that crazy lady from
Dance Moms, Abby Lee?
TODRICK HALL: Ooh, girl.
I done seen her.
She be acting a fool.
MILES JAI: Mm, girl.
TODRICK HALL: What she do?
MILES JAI: Well, I heard that she was talking about some of
them children dancers.
TODRICK HALL: Mm-mm, that's a mess.
MILES JAI: A hot mess.
TODRICK HALL: The hottest mess.

Also this week, Nia and Mackenzie are
doing a circus solo.
Paige and Brooke are also doing a solo, and Chloe, of
course, is doing a solo, because she's at
the top of the list.
The group number is called "Glam," and it's about
zombies, so.
At the beginning of the episode this week, Abby came
in with her face beat for the gods.
She was beat, wasn't she?
She was just, all just--
What was that face again?
And she turned to Holly, and was like--
(MODIFIED VOICE) Um, Holly, you're not working anymore, so
you're in charge of the costumes.
And Holly was like?
MILES JAI: (MODIFIED VOICE) For the group number?
TODRICK HALL: And then Abby was like--
And don't procrastinate.
MILES JAI: So apparently Abby Lee wanted some stubs under
this chair for Paige's competition, but Kelly,
unfortunately, was not able to put the stubs under
the chair in time.
So of course Abby Lee had a problem with that.
and she was like, um--
you need to get this fixed!
TODRICK HALL: Dropped the chair in the
middle of the room.
Paige started crying and got ready to leave, and so--
MILES JAI: She was not having it.
TODRICK HALL: Kelly came down the stairs and was like--
MILES JAI: I was going to have it done any instant!
Why are you taking this out on my daughter!
Ughhh, I just hate everything!
We're not going to dance!
TODRICK HALL: And then she went on to say--
(MODIFIED VOICE) I've been working on costumes while you
were eating!
Stop eating!
That's why you're fat, fat, fat, fat!
MILES JAI: Just-- ooh.
She was, yeah, heated.
TODRICK HALL: Let her have it.
And so then she pulled her kids out of the routine, and
in true Dance Moms form, the next day the kids came back
and competed in the dance competition anyway, so I don't
know why they keep leaving and then they come
back the next day.
Like, she should've been gone that day.
And not come back the next day.
TODRICK HALL: So they get to the competition.
Paige and Brooke don't ride on the bus, and so Kelly is
supposed to meet them there.
She gets there late.
Abby is kind of mad, but she just moves on.
But while they're there, Maddie decides that she wants
to talk to Abby, and she pulls her out and says that she
wants to compete and do her number.
So Abby lets her, and submits her to perform.
So Kelly has a huge problem with that.
Super upset about the fact that Maddie is
even getting to perform.
So she pulls her kids out, and doesn't tell anybody.
So they're onstage, and they're like, uh--
number 106?
MILES JAI: Left them hanging dry.
Just crickets.
TODRICK HALL: No one was there.
Then they were like, number 107?
MILES JAI: Nothing.
Dead silence.
TODRICK HALL: It was so awkward.
But Chloe got up to perform and was so dope.
Her routine was the bomb.
MILES JAI: Fierce!
TODRICK HALL: Oh fierce.
MILES JAI: Fierce.
TODRICK HALL: But then, Maddie hit the stage.
It was one of the most epic performances because she was
performing her routine--
halfway through the routine, the music
just decides to remix.
And Maddie kept performing like a boss.
MILES JAI: Kept rolling.
TODRICK HALL: She just kept performing, and then she sat
there at the end, and was like--

TODRICK HALL: You're welcome.
And she was awesome.
It came time for the awards, and Chloe came in third place.
Maddie came in second place.
Mackenzie and Nia came in first place with their circus
duet, which was the most adorable thing since the
Muppet babies--
MILES JAI: Yeah, it was cool.
TODRICK HALL: And the group number was awesome.
And let me tell you, Holly killed with those costumes.
MILES JAI: So what the Dance Moms did this time with
costumes is, they had the theme of zombies, since their
last performance was so dead.
So now they were going to try to bring their performance
back to life, is what the interpretation was.
So the Dance Moms were like, well, we're going to make this
cute, but look fierce and dead at the same time.
So they take their little tutu outfits outside, and they
grind it in some dirt, and they make it distressed, and
they cut it up and everything.
And they had it working for them.
TODRICK HALL: And at the end--
MILES JAI: Yeah, it was all put together.
Even their makeup.
It was good.
TODRICK HALL: They had the necks sliced and stuff.
It was by far the best costumes that they've ever had
on the show, in my opinion.
So kudos to you, Holly.
You worked it out.
And way to show Abby, because you know she was trying to set
you up for failure.
Anyway, this week's episode was so dope.
I can't wait to find out what happens next week.
I'm Todrick--
MILES JAI: And I'm Miles--
TODRICK HALL: (SINGING) And you're watching FYI.
MILES JAI: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
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