Clutter Video Tip: How to be Organized to Have a Brand New Kitchen!

Uploaded by clutterdiet on 08.08.2012

Hi. I’m Lorie Marrero, creator of the Clutter Diet book and on-line program, and today we’re
going to talk about organizing kitchens.
A friend of mine just remodeled her kitchen and she was getting ready to move everything
back in so she was asking me for some advice about that and I realized when I was helping
her that I should make a video about this process that I invented. I invented this on
a job many years ago with many clients [POP] in many different new homes and remodeling
situations. Also sometimes we use this process when someone’s just completely overhauling
their kitchen and reorganizing the whole thing. So here’s what you do. You just need a stack
of post-it notes and a marker and a little bit of thinking and you can do this yourself.
Now, I actually did end up making this process into a product and this product makes it a
lot easier because everything’s preprinted and there’s a lot of tips and instructions
that really would help you do it better. But again, you can do it yourself, so let’s
talk about how to do that.
There are over 50 categories of things in the kitchen that you have to put away and
find a home for. So things like your everyday drinking glasses, your everyday dishes, your
potholders, your pots and pans, [POP] everything like that needs a home in your kitchen and
you need to logically place that so that it makes the most sense for the workflow and
so that everyone can find things.
So what you do is you take each of those categories, and here I’m going to use the example of
spices, and you write each category on a single post-it note, and then you place those around
the kitchen on the outside of the cabinets where those items need to be put away. You’re
doing this before you’re unpacking anything or moving anything around and the reason is
that it’s very time and labor intensive if you change your mind in a kitchen organizing
project. It is very tedious to move delicate stemware one piece at a time and you have
to have people helping you move some of that sometimes, [POP] and it’s just a lot better
to logic your way through the kitchen first before you start putting things in the drawers
and the cabinets.
So you place all of these around. This is near the stove and the microwave. This is
the point of use for this item. So that’s how you think through your strategy. You might
want to put the silverware near the dishwasher and the table for example. So once you’ve
done that you then put everything away. If you use our product, we already have all of
this stuff preprinted with all of those categories on it and a lot of them have tips right on
the label so that it actually helps you think through this. And these have the same kind
of post-it adhesive, and you can put those on and again change your mind as much as you
want before you have stuff in there. And then you’ve got a really well-organized kitchen,
you’re all finished. Here’s the cool part. You can leave these up as long as you want.
They’re just post-it adhesives so you can take them down when you’re ready. But when
you have just moved in to a new situation you often have trouble finding things in the
new place. And so does your family. So you’re going to hear, “Mom, where’s this?”
and, “Mom, where’s that?” Well this will give everybody a guide to where everything
belongs. So you can take that down whenever you’re ready, and that is how you organize
a kitchen completely and thoroughly.
I hope this helps you. If you’d like some more information, this product is called “The
Spacescaping Kitchen Organizing System.” You can see more about it at
See you next time, and may you always be happy and grateful for having more than enough.