Grit Mayhem 2 Scooter Explained -

Uploaded by SkatesCoUk on 13.01.2012

Welcome to, my name's Ben and I'm chatting today about the Grit Mayhem 2 scooter.
This is a top end scooter and it's perfect for intermediates and pros who are really serious about stunt scootering.
In terms of build, quality is second to none. At the top you've got Chromoly bars.
These are basically a lighter and stronger equivalent to standard steel.
We've got a normal T-bar with two additional struts going down for extra strength, to stop you snapping your bars when landing tricks.
Lovely silicone grips with bar ends on there as well.
Going down, you've got a quad clamp that, in addition to the ICS (which is an Internal Compression System...
...with a bolt that runs through the fork up here into the bar and held into place with the star nut
With those working together, your scooter is held really tightly together, you're not going to have any wobble
and more importantly, when you ride, any pressure that's put on your bars when landing tricks gets spread over a really wide area
so you're very unlikely to snap your bars as well.
You've got a threadless headset, that's a Neco heat treated one, and lovely reinforced gussetted steel forks.
the forks are threadless as well, which is a win! Down here you've got 110mm metal core wheels with ABEC 9 bearings inside.
Bearings are rated from 1-9, with 9 being the best, so you have the highest quality bearings in your scooter.
This basically means you're going to have a really fast and smooth ride.
You've got a lovely one-piece deck here as well, with the headstock, neck and deck welded together.
That's made of 6061 grade metal, which is basically really strong and really light as well.
So you'll have no problems at all with the deck either! Going back you've for a lovely flex brake.
The benefit of a continuous piece flex brake over a standard spring loaded brake is that they are a little harder to apply, requiring more pressure.
The benefit of this is that you're less likely to square of your wheels when landing jumps and tricks.
So again the scooter is going to last longer and you're not going to have to replace your wheels as often, which is an additional bonus.
Overall, this scooter is perfect if you're really serious about riding.
If you want a top end scooter that's going to take a lot of beatings, and is going to last, this is the scooter for you.
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Thanks a lot for watching, bye!