The Tribe: Outcasts [Episode 4]

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I need your help
Ugh. Why does everyone always want to take the easy way out?
Does cutting yourself up make yourself feel better, Quinn?
No Finn, it doesn't make me feel any better ... it just reminds me I'm alive
It reminds me that there's a part of my own body that I still have control over
Do you really think I like doing this? Do you really think I want to?
Do you really think I like the things that Brent does to me? Do you really think I like him doing them to me so that he doesn't do them to someone else?
Do you really think I like keeping this STUPID sorry excuse for a tribe together? No Finn, I don't like it at all
Quinn, I'm sorry, I didn't realise that things with Brent were so...
Of course you didn't. No one ever does
How DARE you act all high and mighty like this? I know the signs when I see them
The uncontrollable shakes ... the sweating ... the agitation...
How long have you been on drugs, Finn?
When my parents died, I needed a way to forget
Smoking, drinking ... nothing would work. Nothing could blot out that pain
Then I found the drugs and ... for a while things were better
But now I can't go without them. Even though I want to Quinn
But I'm just not strong enough to fight the urges
It's hard to forget Finn ... it's even harder to cope. All you can do is take one day at a time
Look Quinn I'm sorry about...
Don't worry, it's already forgotten
Nico's waiting back at sector 7. He says that there's something important we need to see
And for some reason it concerns you
Nico? ... What?...
Kass, with you everything is more bearable ... in this crazy world you're the only thing that seems right
I want you ... I want both of you here with me ... forever
Oh Nico ... of couse I'll marry you
I'll drink to that
You'll drink to anything
So much has been lost from the old way of life. Some that we might not ever recover...
But there are SOME things that the adults did get right. Som traditions that we should never forget
Today we are here to honour a tradition born out of love - that two people share for each other
An emotion that goes beyond wars and tribes
Today we join two people together as one
This circle represents an unbreakable union as two lovers express their commitment to one another
Kassidy, do you take Nico, to love and to cherish him, in this life and the next, till death do you part?
I do
Nico, do you take Kassidy, to love and to cherish her, in this life and the next, till death do you part?
I do
I now pronounce you...
How's Dad?
He's getting worse. He's having trouble breathing, and his skin is just...
What can we do?! They promised us medical assistance and equipment but we've seen none of it!
If this keeps up, Dad will...
NOTHING is going to happen to him, do you hear me?
Ok, here's what we're going to do. I'm going to go outside and...
B-But you can't! It's chaos out there!
I've got no other choice. Sarah, if someone doesn't do something then Dad is going to die
I know it's madness out there but we've got to do something. We can't just wait
I've got to see what I can find for him
Look, I promise I'll be back as soon as I can. Just keep the doors locked and keep him hydrated
And make sure that he holds on until I get back
I couldn't cope with seeing him like that
It made me realise that there's no place for being weak in this new world ... only the strong will rule ... only the strong will survive
You sound just like Zoot
I waited and waited for you, but Dad just kept on getting worse. What was I supposed to do?
So what? You think you'd just join the tribe that killed him?
Dad was already dead. Whether I joined the Locos or not ... it didn't matter
This family reunion is all very touching and all ... but what on earth is a Loco even doing here
And what is she wearing?
And aren't you supposed to be dead?
Sorry to disappoint you ... The outfit was a necessary disguise
It might come as a shock to some of you but Siryn has made quite a few enemies amongst the Locos
She couldn't have made it out of there on her own
You ... helped a Loco?!
It was either that or rot back there
Besides, I got to take out a few along the way
And so, why did your so-called allies turn on you?
At first I thought that they just wanted to get rid of me as I am closest to Ebony
But it turns out that there is a power vacuum within the Locos
And Spike just wanted to get rid of his greatest rival
Zoot ... Zoot's dead
Why in the world should we trust you Siryn?
What have I got to gain from lying here?
No offence but you Outcasts don't actually have anything of any worth
You're hiding something
Kass, she's a Loco. Your sister's dead and buried ... all that's left is this sick and twisted thing
Who the hell are you to tell my sister to...
... You stopped being her sister the day you became a Loco!
Kass, don't trust her! Don't let her trick you!
It looks like we've been followed!
There's too many of them! Run for it!
Stop it! Both of you! This ISN'T helping!
If that happens we just have to face it and move on ... just like we've always done
Sure ... whatever you say
We need to think about getting a move on
Then it's settled. We'll stay a couple of days, gather what supplies we can..
And if Brent and Quinn do survive and catch up with us, then we'll leave the City ... for good