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Uploaded by streetlifeuk on 13.10.2011

Social networking has changed the world
but it can be a little frivolous
Trying to find someone LOCAL, to talk about something MEANINGFUL
Say you want to meet people nearby, or share possessions
What if you've got important news to tell your neighbours
or you want to volunteer in your community?
Knocking on doors is awkward.
You never have time to talk over the garden fence
And your social network's no use, because it only connects you to people you already know
and they could live anywhere!
Sign up for free, and join the local conversations that matter to you
Now you can break the ice on your own time and find people nearby with common interests
You'll get all the news, events and recommendations you'd expect
You can save money by borrowing and swapping stuff
Get great deals from local businesses
and you can make a real difference by sharing information, or getting together to improve your community.
There's no harm in talking rubbish now and again
but to make the most of where you live, join the conversation on