An office in an alley - tiny, eclectic, amazing spaces video

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VANESSA DELEON: I'm Vanessa Deleon, and I am an interior
designer and host of Your Place is a Deal
Breaker on Spaces TV.
Welcome to my eight foot wide interior design studio in
Edgewater, New Jersey.

This actually was an alley.
So this was actually between two buildings.
That facade, which happens to be brick, is the facade of the
side of the building.
All they did was drop a roof, hence the 934 and 1/2.
What's cool about this place is it really feels like a
bowling alley when you come in.
It can get really jam packed.

I'm always about the bolder you go, the
more exciting it is.
So I intentionally and strategically planned
placements of color.
And if you notice, all the countertops happen to be
white, because I like my staff to work on their samples on a
white surface.

I didn't want a typical bookcase that was going to be
an installation from the ground up.
So I wanted to raise them so we have the ability to use
underneath space.
Because, again, we're in a small space,
so every inch counts.

So there are about 100 frames of all my work that is
installed on this wall and in my office or my desk
space in the back.
So when a client does come in, they kind of view all my work
while they're walking down.
This is my office.
This is where all the business happens.
This is where I write up proposals, meet with the
consultation, take phone calls.
And this is where I keep all the clients' files.
These are the only books that I really like exposed, because
I want them easily accessible for any designer.

I have thousands and thousands of fabric books.
So I actually found these in Ikea.
And I'm like, wow, I can totally use these hooks to
hang all my fabric.
So I hang my fabrics by vendor and color.
It's better than going through a bookshelf or having them
stacked, because we'll never pull them out.
The bigger you go, the costs go up.
The electricity, overhead.
I like to keep the costs down, and my design to be kind of
the priority focus.
I try to keep it simple, but yet glamorous, kind of
You can do that in a small space.
They say go big or go home, but why not just stay in your
space if it's functional?

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