СтопХам,10- Лучшее за два месяца

Uploaded by StopXAM on Nov 2, 2011

Hi, my name is Dmitiry Chugunov and I am manager of the StopXam project.
It's me, who do you promise in the comments break the face, stick sticker on face and insert the label...[you understand me correctly]
Over the past two months we already have the results
Two months I have been "sent away" about 300 times
At least seven times we rolled on the hood of a car
During these two months I can remember only one torn shirt .... Hi Andrew![thumbs up for Andrew]
Those who did not lose hope to break my head I invite you to my home, my contacts can be found on the Internet
Now the main thing: if you do not have self-preservation sense and you do not like louts- welcome to our project!
Visit us on the channel, subscribe
And now as promised: the best moments in two months
If you do not leave,I'll have to stick your sticker
And after, what I'll will do you think? what will you do?
You will see!
F**king cameras! Don`t shot me![uncensored]
Don`t you see that I`m working?[uncensored]
f**k, oh f**ck f**k! F**k off!Idiots!'[untranslated russian dialect] Are you really have a fun?
No we are tolking searisly!
F... you!