2011 FALL NII COLLECTION making film with JYJ [*ADDED eng subs]

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JJ: These NII clothes are really cool.
JJ: Ah, not only me, but other entertainers often wear them, too.
JJ: Jisung-hyung, who I’m together at the drama, was wearing them, too.
YC: Do you mean that team wear? JS: No, I heard they were handing them out.
JJ: He was wearing the team wear and was giving out the information.
JS: Jaejoong-hyung, you should be the one to hand them out.
JJ: Yes, though I am the model, Jisung-hyung gave this T-shirt to me.
JS: Oh, that was really cute clothes, which we’ve never seen before.
JJ: There are blue and orange NII’s hoodie T-shirts, and they are very cute.
JJ: I really wanted that T-shirt, but was snatched away.
JJ: Though I’m the model, I’ve never worn that hoodie.
Staff: They were saying that they will give you 10 hoodies.
Staff: Will 10 hoodies be enough?
JJ: Give me 10, please.
JS: Give us total 30. 10 for one member.
JJ: That was super cute.
YC: One hoodie is enough for me. Or, maybe two.
Staff: How do you think about these characters?
JS: To be honest, my attention is for the cat.
YC: Do you mean you prefer the cat design?
JS: Yes.
Staff: This character is Clara, and this one is Roo.
JS: I like Clara better.
Staff: Jaejoong-shi, which character is your favorite?
JJ: I... prefer the cat.
JS: Jaejoong has a pet cat.
YC: For me, the dog. I like girls with faces like puppies.
JS: Am I the dog?
YC: But seeing this character, I now seem to like cat-like faces.
Staff: Are you serious?
YC: Of course. It’ll be funny if the girl’s face is like this.
YC: A face with only one eye is out!
JJ: By the way, this dog’s nipples are too big.
JS: HAHAHAHAHAHA *Eu kyang kyang
JS: Why are they like that(?)?
JJ: What kind of products are the best sellers?
Staff: Of course, the ones that JYJ wore are the best sellers.
JS: But between the two, there should be a real best seller.
Staff: The dog.
JS: Really? In Korea, dogs are more popular.
JJ: And Clara is cuter.
Staff: What is your impression for shooting outdoors today?
JJ: It was really warm.
JJ: It is for autumn clothes, so..
YC: Say it with some enthusiasm(?).
Staff: Please say it in a happy way!
JJ: Since it was for the autumn season, the clothes are a little heavy,
JJ: but we enjoyed the filming.
JJ: In the winter season, we will meet you again!
JJ: So see you~
JJ: Please love the event hosted by NII (Heart T-shirts and others).
JJ: I hope that everyone will be interested in the JYJ necklace which should be introduced to you next time.
JJ: Today, the filming was fun, and we will be able to go home in good spirits.
JJ: Everyone, thank you!
JYJ: Thank you!