Relationship Communication Problems : Relationship Communication Problems: Stress

Uploaded by expertvillage on 03.07.2008

The next barrier to communication I would imagine everybody who is watching this, has
ever watched it or will ever watch it has experienced. And, that is stress. Stress can
be a huge barrier to communication. Because, what happens when we're stressed? When we
are stressed everything that we take in as input, everything that is output, sender,
receiver, messages, what we bring in, what we send out, is affected. Because, of the
stress. Our psychological frames of reference completely change when we're under stress.
Sometimes, it can be so much as our beliefs and our values change under stress. Maybe,
something’s really important to me. But, I'm so stressed out about it all of a sudden
I don't care anymore. That can happen and that can create a barrier to communication.
Well, I thought that mattered to you? I thought that was important to you? Well, I don't care
anymore. It doesn't matter anymore. All of a sudden a barrier to communication, because
I believed and I thought one thing about you. And, because you're under stress all of that
has been thrown to the wind. None of that matters anymore. This stress can even affect
your knowledge sometimes. Well, I thought I knew. But, maybe I don't. I guess, I don't
know. And, can affect your values and goals as well. So, stress is something that we all
live within the world today. But, it can be very detrimental to relationships. Because,
we don't communicate as ourselves when we're under stress. The only thing to do about that,
is to not be stressed. And, easier said than done. Right? Always, especially when you're
in conflict in communication just slow down. Breathe and think and then respond. And, try
to communicate in the most stress free way that you can. But, simply by knowing that
stress creates barriers that awareness can help you change how you communicate when you're
stressed out.