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This is Drew Canole remember we're in this together. I got a solution for you if you're
undergoing your own personal transformation or you're trying to lose weight whatever it
may be I want you to do one thing today and that is throw away your skills. I know it
sounds crazy right, don't you want to track and monitor your progress and figure out all
the results that you're accumulating. Absolutely, but when we weight ourselves every single
day we're just setting ourselves up for disappointment.
I know in my weight loss journey long ago. I actually started down the path of weighing
in every single day and I would become frustrated when I didn't lose weight or lose body fat.
I even had two or three different body fat test that I would use on occasion as well.
And I were always end up getting frustrated and then I realized that the best way the
best method actually track and figure out how well I was doing in my transformation
was to take a picture and I encouraged every single person watching this video to take
a picture and take it once a week you know that way you can look in the mirror and the
mirror doesn't lie.
When you start and then at the end of your transformation as well you can see how far
you've come. Biochemically there's millions of things going on in your body that can cause
you to not lose weight from a skill perspective. So doesn't really make sense to weight it
and I know a lot of people get hung up on that. SO in this mindset Monday I want to
encourage you to throw away your skills and take a picture you know use the mirrow as
reinforcement and the check your transformation that way. Scale lies mirrow never does. Throw
away the scale. I'm Drew Canole we're in this together see you soon...