The Google Beat for October 8th, 2010

Uploaded by Googlebeat on 08.10.2010

Anne Espiritu here with the Google Beat -- bringing you some of the week’s hottest
searches on Google in the US.
[rick sanchez], the former CNN anchor, topped the charts this week as people turned to Google
to learn more about the comments he made about Jon Stewart during a radio interview.
   Naturally, there was also an increase in searches for [jon stewart].
Searches for [tony curtis] continue to rise throughout the week as mourners looked for
information on the actor’s death.
    [greg giraldo] -- host of Last Comic Standing -- also made the list with a 3000%
rise in searches when news broke that the comedian passed away.
   And people also turned to the web to search for more information about  [tyler
clementi], the Rutgers student who died this past week.
Now for some light-hearted news from the entertainment world. There was a 200% increase in searches
for [the social network] which premiered last weekend.
   We also saw related searches for [movie times] increase along with searches for [winklevoss],
 the twins that sued Mark Zuckerberg in the movie, and for [eduardo saverin], one of Facebook’s
    And a theme that continues  this week is...
you guessed it, sports. We saw a 1,500% increase in searches for [ryder cup] when the biennial
match between European and American golf players kicked off at the end of the week.
   Specifically, we saw [ryder cup TV schedule] and [ryder cup results] among the top related
queries on Monday according to Google Hot Trends.  
   Finally, being a Northern California native, I was personally excited to see a
160% increase in searches for [sf giants], who recently nabbed the National League West
title for the first time in seven years.      
Well, that’s a look at the hottest searches on Google. I’ll see you next week. Until
then, we hope you enjoyed this week’s edition.