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Ah Nan.
I knew you'd sneak out when I wasn't paying attention.
Rong Rong, tell me.
Do I still need to go through countless obstacles
before I can lead a peaceful life?
Don't think too much.
I know it wasn't easy for you to set up the delivery express.
But, as long as we're willing to work hard, we can start all over again!
And you have support from us, your good friends.
If one is determined to be a good person,
can he really do so
and bad things won't ever get close to him?
The Lady Luck may not look after us forever
but I believe that you can choose who you want to become.
Do you know
when was the first time I started doubting on my standpoint and family's?
Was it because of Uncle Piao?
It was because of you.
Because of me?
Yeah. Do you still remember
when you were often bullied in primary school?
They called you "hooligan's daughter."
I was furious for you and went to teach them a lesson.
In the end, you actually scolded me.
You dare to bully Rong-er...
Hooligan's child...
- You're a hooligan! Hooligan... - Stop fighting!
Don't run away if you've got guts!
You love to fight so much. You're a hooligan.
I beat them up because they bullied you first.
Why are you scolding me?
You love to fight so much, aren't you the same as them?
Your father's a hooligan. Do you want to be like him too?
I was very shocked at that time.
I felt your injustice.
But why did you give me a scolding instead?
Who asked you to beat people up as you like?
I'm used to those scenes of fighting and killing since I was little.
I've never felt that there was anything wrong with it.
Like what my old man said,
"As long as you do things with kindness and integrity,
all won't be far from the right path."
The so-called "enforcing justice on behalf of Heaven",
only exists in the storylines of swordsmen novels.
In there, maybe it's justifiable and legal.
But, in real life society,
if everyone thinks they are upholding justice,
they can beat or kill anyone as they like?
Wouldn't the world be in utter chaos then?
My company, that I went through so much to set up, was destroyed by others.
Should I just touch my nose and let it go?
Ah Nan.
I was wondering who it was.
So it's the young leader of the Express Boy Gang.
Everyone, give him a round of applause to welcome him.
Don't just stand there.
Here... take a seat here.
Fat-Ass! Don't act dumb in front of me.
Let's clear everything up today!
I hate it when people call me "Fat-Ass".
Say that one more time if you've got the guts!
You're still calling me that?
Not long ago, you beat me until my nose bled.
I haven't sought my revenge for that yet.
You still came here...
You're really bold.
How would I survive outside if I didn't have the guts?
Fine, what do you want?
Say it and we'll discuss it all.
I'm not gonna hide it from you.
That kid you're looking for is indeed with me.
I knew this long ago.
Our conflicts from the past haven't been settled yet.
Now what?
You still wanna poke your butt in my affairs?
Don't you have anything better to do, Hu Tie Nan?
That kid, Long Yan, is just an undercover for the cops.
He doesn't threaten your Big Foot Gang any more.
What's the use of nabbing him?
And if anything happens to that kid,
do you think the police will let you off?
Don't try to scare me!
If I wanna get someone, it's MY PROBLEM!
If I'm detained by the cops, it's MY PROBLEM TOO!
If I wanna get someone, why should you care?
Are you doing a tongue-twister?
Enough! Stop all that crap.
What conditions do you want?
I'm gonna take care of all of Long Yan's affairs.
I hope that you won't make things hard for him.
I'll forget about the fire at the Express.
Mr. Hu, did you get it wrong?
In the Express Boy's Gang in the past, you were arrogant enough.
You snatched our territories, wrecked our clubs...
Never showing any mercy.
You're stepping on our grounds today.
And you're still so arrogant?!
Just like that.
If you're not gonna let the kid off and make me mad,
I won't let you off either!
Hu Tie Nan, on what grounds are you to talk terms with us?
You've already left the Express Boy's Gang.
You're working with the cops now and using them to threaten us?
I, Hu Tie Nan, am of no association now.
I'll take on anyone myself. Alone.
If you provoke me,
you all know what will happen.
I hear that you're FARTING...
Enough, enough.
I can promise you what you want.
But you've got to at least show me your sincerity.
One life, two hands and two legs are all here.
If I wasn't sincere enough, I wouldn't be here today.
Your spirit isn't bad.
I've already given enough sincerity.
Don't you worry.
I will definitely satisfy you.
Shui Jiao. (dumpling)
Big Foot, you have to do what you said.
Go to hell!
Tie Nan, you must remember one thing.
Even if the world ostracizes, bullies, humiliates or mocks you,
you should handle it by tolerating, relenting, letting them do what they want,
hiding and ignoring them.
You must always remember that.
Ah Nan, are you alright?
Brother! Do you know what you're doing?
You'll kill someone like this!
I... I...
You... what?
I told you to leave Hu Tie Nan alone.
You take what I say as a load of crap?
I'm innocent!
It was Hu Tie Nan himself who wanted us to beat him.
- Do you guys agree? - Yeah...
Who'd believe that crap?
Ah Nan, let's go.
Rong Rong, I'm sorry.
Why are you apologizing to me?
I'm really sorry.
I promised you not to take my previous path again.
I talked to them properly just now.
I really didn't start the fight.
You won't be angry with me, right?
You're still in the mood to joke with me?
I believe you,
I won't be angry with you.
Let's go.
You must remember... what you promised me.
I'm sorry. I have a poor memory.
I don't remember what I promised you.
What's the matter?
Nothing... Nothing...
Send him home quickly.
What's with that face?
Didn't I tell you that I would handle this?
It wasn't easy for me to settle it.
Yet you went up to them yourself.
I can't help you now even if I wanted to.
You looked for my brother?
You went to him?
Didn't I tell you not to interfere in this?
A big batch of Big Foot's goods is now with me.
If you hadn't looked for him, he would have never caused you trouble.
You still won't admit that you have a bad temper?
Ah Nan...
Ah Nan, are you alright?
I'm fine.
That's good then.
How's home?
That kid, Long Yan, left.
I fought so much for him outside but he didn't say anything and left?
I'm really defeated by the both of you!
Where are you going?
I'm going to find that brat.
I'll go with you.
- Are you okay? - Lie down!
That's right, you...
Just lie properly since you're hurt.
Alright, sit...
Rong Rong, Rong Rong.
Rong Rong, Rong Rong.
Don't ignore me. I really didn't fight.
I'm sorry. I'll listen to you.
Don't ignore me, Rong Rong...
I will listen to you. You must believe me.
Rong Rong.
Mai Mai?
It hurts a lot! Don't you have any sympathy?
It's really painful.
Why are both of you here?
Aren't you afraid of rotten eggs?
Thanks to Elva.
Why is it always me?
What happened?
Nothing... It's that creditor.
- We don't even dare to go home. - Yeah...
Stop talking about us.
Why are you here then?
Yeah. You're being chased out?
I sneaked out myself.
Then why did you sneak out?
Because Nan Ge is a good man. (Ge: elder brother; can be added to show respect)
I don't want to involve him.
I watched on the news that your company was set on fire by the underground triads?
That Hu Tie Nan was an underground gangster leader too?
Yes. Actually, on the second day I was at the Express,
the Big Foot Gang came.
To protect me, Nan Ge had a conflict with the Big Foot Gang.
I wasn't related to him at all, but he helped me so much.
Huh! I experienced his busybody trait long ago.
Don't say that about him.
He's really a good person.
I have no bad intentions.
Elva's complimenting him by speaking of him that way.
But, your boss is quite manly!
Then what's your plan now?
I'll take a step at a time.
Why don't you look for that cop?
Whoever protects me now will be in trouble.
I'm indebted to them. I don't want to harm them.
You're crazy! Where else is there a fool like you?
There's no tomorrow for people like us.
This is called "we're all in the same boat."
What's that sighing for?
Since we're all pitiful people,
let's fight for our tomorrows together!
You're right.
We're being chased everyday anyway.
Our plight is no better than yours.
We're not afraid of being implicated by you.
How can that do?
- Ouch! It hurts! - Are you alright?
Sorry about just now.
I had no idea that it were you two.
Try this and see if it helps?
- You still keep it with you? - What?
Didn't you say it heals all illnesses including pimples, insect bites, cuts and bruises?
So it was with you. No wonder I couldn't find it.
Biao Ge!
Don't come closer!
I'll kill her if you do!
Let go of me!
Let me go! Don't follow me!
Nan Ge, be careful...
No... No... Nan Ge!
Elva... E...
Elva, what are you doing here?
You... Are you okay?
Hold me....
Hold me...
Hold me...
I feel so cold. Very cold...
So cold... Really...
This is your check. Not considering any more?
Did you wait long?
I passed by the market and saw an auntie selling flowers.
Smells great!
Sir Lee, I seriously think that you've got a crush on me.
You're kidding. You can tell?
Able to remember a person's likes for more than 10 years...
Unless his memory's superb, what else would it be other than a crush?
My memory has always been poor.
Ah Sir, what would you like today?
Just the usual.
Sure. No problem, coming right up.
You know him well?
Don't belittle this shop. The food is great!
That's a given.
Even someone as picky as you says it's nice.
This... Please pass this to Ah Nan for me.
Huh? Your crush isn't me?
If something really happens to him, I won't be sitting back.
Besides, he ended up in that state because he tried to help me.
Then why don't you give it to him yourself?
Do you think he'll accept it if I did?
I really don't understand both of you.
Both of you were closer than blood brothers in the past.
How did it end up like this?
Sorry. I'm a policeman.
Even if we are real brothers, I'd still arrest him if he breaks the law.
Do you think you're acting in "Internal Affairs"? (Internal Affairs: A HK movie about cops and triads)
You should let yourself off.
You can't keep on living in self-reproach and regret.
If your wife knew about this, she wouldn't be happy.
Don't worry about me. I'm fine.
Ah Sir, your food's here. Just the usual.
Keep the change.
Thanks. Enjoy your meal.
For you.
I already saw last time that your wallet was tattered.
Thanks, I didn't realize.
I think you know nothing besides catching criminals.
I know... I know how to eat good food.
Eat up.
I know what happened.
What are your plans?
I'll just see how it goes. There will be a solution in the end.
You've had enough fun. Isn't it time to come back?
Cousin has better business expertise than me.
No matter how good he is, he's still an outsider.
I'm really getting old.
I have to find someone I can trust.
The Express Boy Gang was what I fought for my entire life.
Dad, I'm really not suitable.
Who else would be suitable then?!
I've got a load of problems on my hands now.
I can't abandon those brats with me.
In what way is yours an important business?
Who cares if that run-down company exploded.
Go back and settle those matters.
I'll wait for your return any time.
But I...
Mrs. Landlord? How do you do?
How have you been recently?
Not bad?
How're your kids then?
How's your father-in-law?
What? He passed away?
Sorry... I'm busy now.
I'll call you later.
Yeah... That's it for now.
- Ah Zhe. - Yes.
Go back and settle your run-down company's matters.
It'll be the annual shareholders' meeting in 2 months' time.
Before that, find some time to come back.
I've got some things to brief you on.
Dad, I have money. Don't worry.
I can still handle the Express's matters.
Ah Nan, it's not that I want to say this about you.
Are you like what people outside say?
You've become dumb after jail.
Why have you changed in these 2 years?
Where did my zealous son go?!
If you were still in the gang,
who'd dare to set your company on fire?
Dad! I know no matter what I say, you won't agree with me.
But, I really have my own path to take.
What "your own path"?
The Express Boy Gang is your path!
The conclusion is...
You must come back before the shareholders' meeting.
Dad, then I'll head back first.
Take good care of your health.
Do something about your hair if you're free.
How do you lead others when you look like a brat yourself?
The loan? Yeah...
Sorry, I forgot about it.
Sure, don't worry. I'll settle it today.
Okay, got it. That's it for now.
What hero was I trying to be...
All would be fine if I had taken the money just now.
Eating cup noodles everyday...
I'm gonna turn into a mummy* soon! (*Egyptian mummy)
My dear Missy, you're still picky?
We don't have money left.
What else can we eat other than cup noodles?
We can't possibly keep on hiding like this.
That's right. It's infuriating...
I really want to bathe...
Mai Mai, let's not care any more!
Let's sneak back and see how it is?
Sure, sure... I want to bathe badly too!
It's been so long. Shouldn't they be gone by now?
Long Yan, come with us.
Right... come with us.
No more "buts." Long-winded... Let's go.
Wait for me!
Mai Mai.
Mai Mai.
Mai Mai!
Mai Mai went to buy something.
- Long Yan? - Yeah.
Help me get a towel.
Get a towel?
Hurry up! It's freezing!
Oh... okay, okay...
Have you found it?
Where do you put your towels?
In the drawer at the very bottom.
I'm warning you... You better close your eyes.
If you peep, you'll have to marry me.
Don't worry. I'm not that despicable.
What happened?
What's wrong?
I think someone followed me just now. What should we do?
I deliberately made a detour to get home.
It's been so many days and they're still watching out for us?
Long Yan, let's go!
Hey, but I haven't bathed!
Hurry up and go!
Hu Tie Nan! Over here...
Eat while the food's hot.
One more bowl of pig's liver soup. Big one.
No problem. Coming right up.
I'm a vegetarian, Miss.
I don't care if you're vegetarian or eat grass.
When the soup comes later, finish everything.
Your body just recovered. It won't do if you don't nourish it.
No wonder you can't get a boyfriend.
Me? What about you then?
You like to eat here too? I couldn't tell.
What? Is there a need to choose an auspicious time to eat here?
It's just... I remembered the time when that damned cop gave me a treat here.
Said it was a welcoming reception for me.
Holy cow! This is called a good feast for my reception?
You think cops are filthy rich?
Treating you to a meal is good enough.
Here, eat a bowl of pig's feet vermicelli to get rid of the bad luck.
Here's a toast to you! I, Hu Tie Nan,
was arrested personally by you and then you fetched me from prison.
A good cop like you is considered to have done things completely.
Why are you so nice today to give me a treat?
Must there be a reason for treating someone to a meal?
Of course there are terms to exchange.
Didn't you help me repair the signboard the last time?
It's broken again. Help me repair it again when you're free.
That signboard of yours won't do any more.
I'll help you change it to a new one later.
Why a new one? It can still be used.
You're really sentimental. That one won't do any more.
I already said it wouldn't do when I repaired it last time.
Yet you insisted on repairing it.
I don't care! I just want it repaired.
I had this record originally.
But I don't know if I lost it when I moved.
I've been searching for it and even went online to see if anyone was selling it.
But I just couldn't find it. It's maddening!
It can't be! You had this record?
Yup. I've always had the habit of collecting phonograph records.
Me too!
By the way, how's your company now?
What do you mean "how?"
Didn't you tell me that the landlord keeps on forcing you to pay?
Oh... That thing...
It's not a problem. The food here is very nice.
Stop trying to change the subject!
How's it exactly?
It's really not a problem.
Do you want anything else? I'll help you get it.
Here. Pig liver's soup.
I'm really sorry. Did I scald you?
I'm sorry. It was my fault...
I'll clear the mess...
Rong Rong. Thanks for treating me to dinner tonight.
Bitchy. What's there to thank?
I'll go in first.
- Alright. Bye. - Bye bye.
Ah Nan, hold on.
I was going to give you this just now.
Who told you to knock someone's soup over? It was so embarrassing.
It's life... Accidents are inevitable.
This is for you.
For what?
It's not a big sum. Just accept it.
No way. Earning money is tough for you too.
I'll think of a solution myself.
Biao Ge gave you this. He's afraid you won't accept it.
Since it's that damned cop's money, I don't want it even more.
I don't care.
I'm only doing what others asked me to do.
If you want to return it, return it yourself.
I really don't understand you two.
Both of you obviously care about each other.
Who cares about him?
You're still denying?
I think that both of you can just hold each other's hand and come clean. (openly admit that they are gay)
Such a troublesome duo... The both of you.
How would that do?
I think all the ladies in the country would have to commit suicide by jumping off buildings.
Alright. That's it then.
Think of a solution about the money yourself.
From tomorrow on, I'll help more patients enhance their busts and lips
to help you raise the money. Bye bye.
Alright, bye.
Ah Nan, what do you want to buy?
Brother, I'm counting on you.
- Impossible... - Impossible?
We're brothers after all. There's no need be like this.
But the last record is with a gang triad's boss.
Who? Tell me. I'm willing to buy it.
It's Ji Ge.
It can't be the infamous Hakka gang's Ji Ge?
No matter what, you must help me this time.
Ah Nan, I can't guarantee.
Brother, you can. I believe in you.
As brothers, I'll definitely get it for you!
Get it.
He actually changed the lock!
This obviously means he doesn't want me to come home!
If I'm your Dad, I'd change the locks too.
Every time you return, it's either stealing money or stealing things to sell.
Hey, why did you drag me here?
Help my god-brother. Be a bouncer here.
I'm not going. I'm leaving now.
Where are you going?
That's right. Where are you gonna go if you don't stay with us?
We already said we're not scared of you burdening us. Let's go.
- God-brother! - Alright.
You've finally appeared. Where have you been hiding?
Your husband?
What... He's my buddy.
Let me introduce to you. He's called Long Yan.
Long Yan?
Take good care of my sister.
Take whatever drinks you want.
My god-brother's treating them.
Enough. Stop pulling.
You want to borrow money?
Then... Do you have it?
My Missy, it seems like you haven't returned what you borrowed last time.
I don't want to either.
That Da Mao pesters me for money everyday.
Alright... If I have it, I'll return you.
I told you not to mix with those brats, but you just wouldn't listen.
How's the consideration about what I told you the last time?
Ask your sister to consider it.
I've got some customers outside. I'll go and take care of it first.
What did he tell you to consider just now?
What else other than working at the hotel?
Hey, you've dragged it out for a long time.
Brother, please don't be like this...
Can't you see my shop hasn't been doing well recently?
I really can't raise the money.
Brother, please... I really have no money.
But I have some awesome goods inside.
You'll probably like it.
What goods? Will your goods be purer than ours?
It's not that type. It's "that" type.
Shameless! What do you take us for?
Brother, they're really hot...
Take a look first before you decide.