Hillary Clinton "Call me" WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES

Uploaded by boredbus on 19.07.2010

Brussels Conference room
Lavrov: So today we will discuss means to recover
from the crisis
Lavrov: In the current situation I must point out
that our economy is recovering from the
recession period
Call me, call me
For the sake of the nuclear program
For God's sake call
For the sake of Barack Obama
Call me for the sake of the anti-ballistic missile defense
For the sake of NATO
And anyway
Bilateral relations, bilateral relations
I have been wanting for a long time
Call me, call me
All men compared to you
To say the truth, are simply fading
I beg you my dear
Don't meet with Merkel anymore
Take time off from important work
My beloved damn Russian
I want to reset
I want to reset so much!
For several weeks now
Call me, call me
I will gather my last forces
Although it is not easy for me
to meet with the dull Sarkozy
with the sleazy Berlusconi
Stars are melting over Moscow
And I believe that one day
Intergovernmental acts
Intergovernmental acts
You and I will start as well
Call me, call me
Oh .... I ....
I ...
I apologize...