YouTube 101: Customizing Your Homepage

Uploaded by YouTube on 08.02.2010

[children laughing, shouting]
woman: Please enter your starting point.
Please enter your destination point.
Calculating route.
man: A customized YouTube homepage
is an important way to find out what's hot on YouTube
and find videos that are relevant to you.
Here, you can personalize your homepage
to help you discover the content you find most interesting.
[ding ding] woman: Turn right
and login to your YouTube Account.
[ding ding] Turn left at the Add/Remove
Modules Page.
man: Homepage Modules help you find popular new videos
from partners and channels you're subscribed to,
Recommendations from YouTube
based on your most Recent Activity,
and ones your friends have
Favorited, Rated, and Commented on.
[ding ding] woman: You just ran over
a squirrel.
Act like it never happened
and go straight for more information.
man: You can also display Videos Being Watched
at this moment, Popular Videos and Spotlight Videos,
which are timely or thematic videos programmed by YouTube.
There's Insight Maps and Charts
which show data about your videos.
And you can view videos uploaded by people around you.
[ding ding] woman: I am so proud of you.
Go straight for more information.
man: Since you're signed in,
you can add and remove all these cool modules
that you want for your homepage.
Check the boxes next to the modules you'd like
and click to save your changes.
Or you can select The Feed
to combine all modules of interest
in one single list on this page.
[ding ding]
woman: No, do not pick up that hitchhiker.
Edit your Homepage's Appearance.
man: Click edit on the top right corner of the module
to adjust how the module displays itself.
To change each module's position on the page,
click the up/down arrow keys or the little "x" to remove it.
You can always add it back later.
[ding ding] woman: You have arrived
at your destination-- a customized YouTube homepage,
personalized to show you the videos you like best.
No need for a return journey.
[children laughing, shouting]