Crash Survivor Credits TTI's Technology for Saving His Life

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If you drive much in Texas or around the country, there is no
doubt you have seen this device on guardrails. Perhaps you've
wondered what it is and what it does. It's called the ET2000.
In over 60 years of making highway travel more efficient,
this is, perhaps, TTI's greatest achievement in highway safety.
It's easy to say that TTI has saved countless lives.
Occasionally, we hear from someone who has avoided injury
or even death from a TTI innovation. You're about to
meet Donny Ohana. He found out that the
ET2000 is, indeed, a life-saver.
It was me, it was my brother and we had two other
friends in the back of the car. It was a two-door car so it was
smaller. We were on the feeder road next to 610 and Bellaire
traveling south. We were trying to go up the ramp and trying to
pick up speed because these cars are going fast and
then,all of a sudden, the car started fishtailing. Finally I
straightened out the car but when I straightened it, I
straightened it to the metal rail on the side of the
highway. As we hit it, I mean, I remember hitting it in slow
motion, this thing is kind of like moving and then we
basically veer off and down the hill. And then I look, and I
mean, I was fine, my brother was okay,
my friends were okay and I just could not believe what
happened. The police showed up and I remember just sitting
there scared kind of depressed. One of the cops came up to me
and I'll never forget it, he goes, "You know, you're very
lucky?" And I go, I told him, "I think I'm lucky but I'm really
sad right now." And he goes, "Well the reason you're lucky
is because that rail that you hit, if it was what used to be
there or a different type of rail system it would have gone
right through the windshield."
Decapitate or impale drivers or passengers in the vehicle.
Awful, results. Then the highway department contracted with TTI.
They had no constraints on what we did. They said see if you
can come up with something innovative and different. It
was a trial and error procedure by and large before we finally
arrived at a solution that is now known as the ET-2000.
It went from, we were just laughing, everything's fine we
were about to go to a movie or go eat or something to we all
could have been dead. At first I thought maybe I did a good job
slowing it down or did something with the brake and then that's
why when it hit we didn't get crushed. It had nothing to do
with that. It coiled backwards which basically absorbed the
impact and saved our lives. And he said that to be me and it
stuck with me my entire life. Finally one day, I don't know
how, I came on the topic with Holly Crenshaw, and she told me
that you all are the ones responsible for designing
this thing.
That is perhaps one of the most notable inventions and safety
devices that has ever been developed at TTI. You don't
have to go very far along any highway in the United States
and in many other countries to recognize some of the hardware
and some of the safety features that were developed here in
College Station at TTI. So very, very rewarding and a compliment
to many, many people at TTI.
I was able to go to college out here at A&M. I met my wife, now
I have a new baby who's three months old. Her name is Anaya
*E 00:03:41:14 and growing very fast. [LAUGHS] So, I thank you guys very much.