Karim Temsamani from Google Australia talking about child safety online

Uploaded by googlefamilysafety on 06.08.2010


My name's Karim Temsamani.
And I'm French originally.
But now I'm an Australian resident and actually an
Australian citizen, as well.
I have three kids--
10, 8, and 2.
I think the number one [UNINTELLIGIBLE].
You need to be able to talk to them about online in general,
the benefits of online.
And the benefits are phenomenal.
I mean I can see that our kids are very online literate now.
They can pretty much do anything online.
They show me how to do some things online.
My wife and I have talked to our kids extensively about
what they should be accessing and what potential dangers
there are online.
And we've taken some safeguards ourselves.
One of the first things that we've done is that we've put
the computer in a public place within our house.
So very often when the kids are online,
we are around them.
With regards to safety itself, when they are doing some
searches, we've obviously put in place the SafeSearch
feature on Google.
They take a lot clues from us, as well.
So I do spend a lot of time, myself, on the
internet with the kids.
So we will do activities, and my wife as well, as a family.
Like with any activities that you're doing with your kids,
online or offline, you need to leave your kids a degree of
flexibility and freedom.
And so we are not always there when the kids are online.
And I do some checks from time to time with regards to the
history of websites that they've gone to, and ensuring
that I feel comfortable after they've been online that there
hasn't been any issues with regards to their online usage,
or other people trying to target them.