Oil Painting Lesson with Rod Moore - Part 7 Water & Waves

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Oil Painting Lesson
Wet on Wet Painting
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open marine blue in first
on tuesday from a lecture openly in blue on the cheaper that
high-pressure dome
trying to work it in chile
chiswick footage
kent now taiwan but one of the two perfect if you want to be particular put
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and even pang up to the mafia type in peeled off noblecorp ca rosin long what
i really want to ask you what i want is just uh...
you know how using the scheme
condo by uh... uh...
compare followed governor pick-up the panel from the uh...
rocks there
step back and have a good look to make sure that you uh...
had her on simone reasonably
marvel tool
will bring firsthand through them
stopping to be a pure blue lock it's of course
uh... so working some grain actual
certainly where i live here in
giong nhu aggression ride the young
the waters quite bring a little platoons
grammys works here
i'm gonna get four
after bigger flat brush
to sort of a little bit more careful that we're doing here
remember of him on the floor so it
just work a wire in the works there
in hans ut one another weather prejudice modern put the water on
first then put the wrong side of the water
it was fun this is part of a little bit more tricky
chana working around the ropes
but the good skill development man i had to do that as well
it will be documented to do it
who put him walk outside of the top justice
is that off mcconnell walk away from quite a lot
of a run for your support for more news from you
uh... what run believed
that's as much as we can
okay noted that we just need would bring up a little bit site
that's one of my cranium from with blue and yellow at
uh... william faulkner in blue and
gives us a little all of the grain because the brought up a little bit
just click interpret party
well yellow medium
with the best of all agreeing to a little bit broughton all the greek hello
and uh...
work from the batter knows well
we've gotten the background there
when after what happened then was not brushed
into your reflection
which meant that month
rush go up to him
collapse left behind
deeper slightly logger and you know
gifted that again cumple mclaren gerry adams hob town for
and uh...
with land
a lot like opposed to prevent the telephone blue-green uh...
that often happens and you'll see that quite often
with the story and for the russians and things because of a
the reactions and get to the water and so on
mixing up some words korean guy what was an awesome doc right through there
more ultra marine blue
more yellow arca
blow-up doctors from dendritic just pop a little bit of
laverne cruzan
number number in there
written what what doctor it because conformed
bollam will be on the may foreshadow eric
area of the wide
you can't say that
doc david div
catmull ballooned food
gonna be i'm i'm widely reported for quite a bit on the brush today
and i'm i'm wired for the six
through here
analogue phone
it's important to get that sort of established nephew go i'm booked
that the great you'll say of the wired stand-up
just before the break
and become quite a bit doctor walker's
but you can't have a look next time you're out of the uh...
and uh...
medical good kind of slot angle as well not coming in fla
just that just makes it easier for all moved you in on our guests
mike a bit more interesting
clean up the pressure again
in this section here
we got back to that sort of yellow ryder
audio like a lot
and then we got so the scar color twelve uh...
the score calories where the war of course shell other
and it reflects
let's go about it
i meet with working with green
it more career
hoover luxor and start color if you know it program bordered
with quite a bit of
washington because remember how we mixed
the water onto a campus first
mimics the blue involved just mixed up altering bloom what they act
numbers kenneth starr to apply that in
really where the uh...
watercourse she'll love it
court with the wife come up with my witness and in the water recedes
get that worried for the
careful with that uh...
sincerely probably book going out of the uh... reflection picked up some brown
with a counterfeit images for texture to it all
player up to the greener
included when they did a little bit
things to do is different light of the color happening now
nine court interesting
can live some send 'em put in a little bit more the weapon
area there
looks like
now i think l why belong here i'm going to go back and start all tumor in blue
and uh...
supply that into parts of his life here
precluded from blending happening he agree more
that support it on stepping back it casually to have a good look
they were up to
uh... and consider wanted to do next
such a good thing for you to be doing well
but it was reported as best we could she have a wider fak nak
this is a you know we're doing our simple introductory parent euphoric diet
so i won't work we're doing a more dense wired
they'd be quite a few steps involved
now the good example
introductory parent but keep it simple for your quick action
so it
getting a simple amid attacks from
plutonium wat
and um...
we just want just that
canceled touch few fit them
talked to a touch of uh...
yellow aika
you know just a warm up a bit but a little bit more
just to warm up
the plutonium what then
came to build a brush then we're gonna do if i'm going to
people live here i want to start to roll over run a bit here
the program to grown up or shut off
here very quickly pick up the emanate parents uh...
comeback when the brochure from
just get that rolling machine
the brush
cannot didn't mix up anywhere near enough parent
politically more people tell you more
but make sure that mixed in reasonably well
uh... with a lot of people in terms of uh...
yellow like around everywhere
challenge that we don't want the what really what we're doing now
sorted and then
how the white one a broken yet
so we want mike deborah kerr
that pop
that all getting very dearly that calendar
so i'm gonna get smoked pot callum g quirks in pune
now from what we're going to my funeral uh... tc or not they brushes
on quality just pull out of my friend dick and get them reasonably client atop
enough because i am
i think you got enough enough
of course you can you get this weapon and be can become unmanageable for the
keeper really simple as
method to start your parent keep it simple
and uh... just kolpan ever been showing you here
important and they did just get in touch having them walking
need uh... not too much on the brush
and let's just
couple little touch of the networks uh...
and with its water would all be crushing
mike from marks
try i think you know what would it look like
um... the bihac rushing water
riviera a bit of an edge on me
where work properly
sure here
work for
carrying out that we need to get just a little bit more
uh... part and wat
on them that you feel
give my back for a mile or completely
denying food under the wire up there
became not conduct that personally
despite here just not quote working for me fellow developers
learn from that document
pubic where the funds for the cans up
uh... touches the sand
diskette brushing uh... panel brush like that
and just uh... to get those welcome
rock and something i want that to be to blend in
mccracken simpson rough enough time
you don't want to be to blend in newark kicks
nice wat sections left on their luck floor
them troublesome dot
will be happening up here
came here to know i would do
garments along but he also knew nothing major
get the represent what you're looking for
donato workers would be very discouraged to further
keep working working working against
people from the too
mike if you decisions about
whittington debating just pop 'em in
and uh...
usually your first instinct to run
canal appa becky you have
from our from about
why doesn't think about and what do you think switch for a moment
to the ballot box
just getting some of that
touch and one on the part not what's uh...
not too much
world news just place the edge
in a few classes come is going to be from wires breaking out the back here as
and the further whether i get the funeral aren't going to be for the
keep that in mind he fit for the purpose to kill one home but not to worry
conflict in mind that the becky
case examined in nevada unwind at the back
actually just
crew you do not drag from other dams well
incredible me break at the back here
blending of figures if this white sergio pro or not
dot not ha lockhart just yet
who uh... portend about my mind
now what's going on here where we've gotten if section
what to do is just gets to talk and one on the pelham off not too much
and gets a little bit uh...
and uh... operands
with more warning
let's just put in soon
one or email locked up
particularly have a piece of end here
can be for the
we're going to be christiano
uh... heats up again sort of rocks
and there's also going to be disturbing
of the reflection lock for it
well i think we can do the reflection news
just took a cab rushed fairly claim
and if so dragged through some water moccasins well arc
for so it's not perfect
and go over my meager
for from of some of those
and that'll stop should make it look a bit more realistic i think
taxicabs uniting for those of the warble rushing
food if using mac
could be a bit more wash
all of the few though there is a bit
so that's why give it a more realistic effect
on the reflection
that one didn't because
so it's not gonna pull welch
the uh...
darkness therefore div div
come back in and just
recall that backing
is not to panic
concussions or the panic but donkey
when then collapsible
count on consistency will come in
there you can do with the pelican
to get some of the edges bubble wallop you can actually get some uh... put
anyone on the telephone
works of art
and if you want to him
you could be an accountant from
uh... war-torn begins if you want to
no contributed the uh...
before he had to you get the idea can just for the cabin somewhere mark for
uh... back