My Choice: Laken Cooper - College of Science and Technology

Uploaded by RadfordUniversity on 15.10.2012

I chose Radford University not only because of its location but because of its size.
Coming to Radford allowed me to have really small class sizes, which allowed me to have more
one-on-one time
with the teachers.
I love the community feeling that Radford has.
I feel like I am a part of something bigger
and I'm able to do a lot within my own community where I was raised.
Being a biology student has allowed me to visit Selu Conservancy, which is a
400 acre outdoor classroom. Selu has an outdoor aviary, which is where I
house the birds that I use for my research and it allows me to simulate more of what they
would experience in a natural environment.
My research right now focuses on different hormone systems in wild birds.
I'm particularly looking at how stress and reproduction effect how they explore new environments.
Last year I
presented at the annual meeting of The Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology on research
that I had done at Radford University.
I'll be presenting again this January
on the research I have built off that last experience.
The best thing about these conferences is that they are normally dominated by
graduate students,
so being able to go as an undergraduate and present my research allows me to make
connections with other people in my field,
as well as build off the research that I've already done.
After I graduate, I plan on
going to graduate school and
I feel like Radford University has really prepared me for this next step in my life.