Watsky Behind the Scenes with Andy Milonakis

Uploaded by LOUD on 06.08.2012

INTERVIEWER: All right, Andy, tell me about your character.
ANDY MILONAKIS: My character is me.

This is my bistro.
I sell hits.
We have different raps that I write for people.
I'm a ghost writer, because I'm like the best writer.
I might not be the best rapper in the game, but I'm
definitely the best ghost writer.
So I write for Drake, Eminem, Adele, Little John, and people
pay me money for my words that come out my brain onto a piece
of paper, and then go into their--
I know this is a long explanation.
But this is how I have to describe it to people.
It goes out into my brain, onto a paper, and
then they read it.
They read the English language that I write, and then it goes
into their brain, then out to--
just like, it's really hard to understand unless you're in
the world of music.
But for those out there who do music, if you need to hire
someone as a ghost writer, I clearly have shown you, just
through this little interview, that I have a way with words.
I'm very, very eloquent.
INTERVIEWER: Can you take me through your bistro and show
me some stuff?
ANDY MILONAKIS: Yeah, this is the salad.
INTERVIEWER: What's in the salad?
ANDY MILONAKIS: It's made out of paper lettuce.
My walls.
This is my artwork.
"Heterosexual Bald Man with Female Earrings." That piece I
have at auction right now.
The current bid is $8,000.
And "Hitler Loved Cotton Candy," because I heard the
rumor that he loved cotton candy.
That's "Bitchfoot." It's a dude that has a bitchfoot.
Not everybody is born with a bitchfoot, but he was, and
he's happy about it.
You see the smile on his face.
And we have "Baby Wormbot." It looks like a typical worm that
you might find in a garden in the future.
My platinum records, this one is 2008.
This platinum record is 2006.
This one's 2012.
That one's 2012.
My favorite is 2012, because that year, I got that one.
So that's why it's my favorite.
And during 2012, I got that one.
That's why it's my favorite.
INTERVIEWER: Was 2012 a pretty good year so far?
ANDY MILONAKIS: So far, it's a pretty good year.
I mean, I don't want to brag, but I mean, look,
I got two of them.
This one's my favorite, just because the plaque came with
glitter signifying the year instead of just regular black
writing, and I think this one's prettier.
It's funny, I worked harder on this 2012 record, but this one
I got the glitter.
Maybe they appreciated me more.