Maro Charitra

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Man is born from love...
He lives searching love...
When he finds love, he fights for it...
lf he wins the fight, for that happiness,
he comes back again and again...
What if he loses? He'll come back again to win.
That's why love which is ever winning, boundary less, death less,
indeed it is very old,
only the lovers are new!
Stop it!
Aren't you the bad omen?
Pat your cheeks for saying that.
Lord Surya! They're not letting me offer prayers peacefully.
Hello, aunty! l'm America Durga here!
Are you all fine there?
Has the cow delivered the calf? The black cow.
Don't ask about me.
lf l tell you, you'll catch a flight immediately to here.
What am l to tell you? There's a machine for everything here.
Machine to sweep, clean vessels, washing clothes, for everything.
ls it mouth or speaker box?
They are new to America.
Should they've to speak so loud?
She always start when l offer my morning prayers.
Her voice raises before sun rises.
Why does she always chides her husband?
She's very brave woman.
What's the time now there?
l asked what's the time and line got cut.
Called Vizag?
Called Bush's wife!
Why did you bring me to America?
Everyone here speaks in English only. They kill me with their English.
Nobody can speak Telugu here.
My native Anakapalli is much better than America.
We get everything at door step, sellers calling at home.
Even for curry leaves, we've to travel a long distance.
Are you listening to me?
Your daughter has gone to bring provisions long time back,
still hasn't come back.
Where's that white scapegoat who helps me everytime?
Oh milk!
Where can l find it?
Do l've to go that far?
l'll take this.
Did you bring Bengal gram?
Did you bring milk?
You've reached home, why are you still making gestures?
Can't you speak? - l'll punch you.
no use of ordering me sitting in home,
you'll know if you go out, how with great difficulty l'm managing outside.
You know to speak in English, right? Why don't you speak?
They don't know the English we know. l can't understand their English.
l was making gestures and they're pitying me thinking l'm dumb.
You can buy provisions with gestures but can't run a family.
Learn quickly this whiteman's English before your marriage is settled.
What? Should l learn English for him?
He'll speak in Telugu for me.
How are you doing, son?
Are you coming tomorrow?
Have you forgotten it? Prayer. - Pooja?
Pooja isn't a girl but God. Are you coming or not?
What busy?
Always studies! Just like me!
What's this son? You said you'll not come.
My dear son! l too missed you, that's why l called you.
Are your studies going on well?
Why did you bring back all your luggage?
l can't cook. - lt's not cook, it's stay.
Won't you go back to college?
l'll make hot dosas for you. Your daddy will not agree.
That's what my problem is.
Mango with mashed pulse, mango pickle, pudding, all your son's favourites.
lt seems poor boy doesn't like the course.
lt's a great course! How can he not like it?
Poor boy needs little change.
Change doesn't mean small coins, he has to sit idle for 6 months.
What do you think?
Let him study what he likes...
l know what he must study. Use my guidance, useless fellow.
For me husband is a big problem.
Greetings Krishnamachari! How do you do?
Greetings Paul, duty as police officer is over.
Join the other duty. Please come in.
Our Gods are 3 crores, three fourths of people here are goons,
Until l catch them l can't touch them.
What to do? Ours is Karma philosophy.
So me must do our duty first and then pray to God,
what do you say?
ls everything ready for the prayers?
Entire family must be here.
Ate the laddu!
Are you doing fine, Swapna?
Hello priest! Tomorrow is Telugu new year, will you open year almanac?
lt won't be nice to open, l'll read.
So, it's good time ahead for the people of Aries zodiac sign,
they will have children too,
Ariens will be very happy,
next zodiac sign is Taurus. - Your mother's sign.
Position will be very bad.
Already it's sign is bull, scolding others and getting scolded is routine to them.
Very bad tempered people.
How much ever they may pray, but no use.
lt's losses all the way.
Next zodiac sign is Sagittarius.
Always tensed. Future isn't good for them too.
Though they earn well, all their hard money will go waste.
lt'll go to the drain. - l'll pay fees and he's waste it.
Please leave it.
But only one good sign, they will buy new vehicle.
Hello Sagittarian! l'm telling about you only.
You said l'll lose money.
You can smile today atleast, today is Telugu new year.
This year Taurus and Sagittarians will be at loggerheads.
Gone! - Now zodiac sign Capricorn.
This year will be special to them.
But they are obstinate people, they will never listen to anyone.
Let all the Telugu people of the world start the new year by chanting God's name.
Swapnasundari, please sing a good devotional song.
He's right before me, that boy..
A heart stealing idol, is it a boon...
What happened, dear?
The boy who snatched dollars from my hand, he...
Did you see that thief? Where is he? Where is he?
l haven't yet seen him, mother.
Why did you raise an alarm then?
That is...that is...was practicing what l should on seeing him.
Silly girl! Silly act!
l'll punch you!
What do you mean by 'Punch'?
How am l to explain you?
That is...
You and your dad can understand practical only.
What? - Nothing.
Was practicing how to call you on seeing the dollar thief.
You come inside. Always raising false alarm.
Salutations to the mischievous 16 years age that's playing mischief in you and me...
No, l'm not afraid of you.
You won't harm me, l know it.
The moment l saw you, my search ended.
l knew where my destination is. l'm not afraid of you.
l feel like l've found what l had lost.
l feel we were born for love only.
You're new to my eyes but very old to my heart.
A strange bond has united a flower with a bee...
Will it become love knowingly or unknowingly...
Heart is can't speak...
Love is one thing it knows...
There is bond without any language...
lt has united us...
What do you mean by, why?
l'm in your heart, you're in my heart.
Why should we meet then?
l'm in your heart, you're in my heart.
Why should we meet then?
What's it son?
What is 'heart'? - lt means heart!
Heart? lt's not in our clan at all.
Salutations to the mischievous 16 years age that's playing mischief in you and me...
Why is he boasting?
Hey bloody! Look at me!
Look at me l say!
Look at me...look...look...please...
Where are you?
Hey you bloody idiot! Where are you?
When did you come?
Who is that bloody idiot?
Just like that.
Why did you go away without talking to me?
l'm in your heart, you're in my heart.
Without talking to you for sometime...
l'll punch you.
lt's not possible America Durga. - Punch you!
l think it's some American, go answer the call. Go!
l won't go, you answer him.
You're sitting idle here, go and see.
He's ringing the bell again, he'll speak in English, you go.
Why am l facing so many difficulties in this young age?
ls it so difficult to answer the door bell?
Mother, he's speaking in English.
Just say go...go...
Who is he?
He's a computer repairer.
Has it dawned to the whiteman now?
Tell him to come in.
Why did you come here?
Mother! - What?
The boy is asking me something, can l give him?
You don't give him anything, whatever it is ask him to come to me, l'll give.
lt seems mother will give.
l'll punch you.
How dare you call my name! l'll cut your tongue.
Why did you come?
Where is he?
Who is it?
You? ls the job done?
Wait, l'll pay you.
Your English is a torture to me.
Okay, l beg you to leave me first. Okay...okay...
He was right, it's a cover, isn't it?
ls it enough to finish graduation?
You've value only if you do Masters.
Please leave him.
Because of your backing, he's going backwards.
Do you know how youth of his age are working hard to build a career?
Look, how carelessly he's walking away.
He's your son, isn't he?
Tying one cart with another, sixteen carts in a row...
ln which cart will you travel, O Nizam...
Looks like he'll not leave me.
What shall l do?
He would be waiting for me.
Did you see the demand for our Telugu folk songs?
Realising the potential of it, Americans invited me to do research.
Like medication with backyard herbs is considered useless,
our people don't know the value of our folk songs.
Swapna dear! Are you feeling sleepy?
No problem dad, l'll stay with you.
You're feeling sleepy, go to bed.
What's it dear? What happened?
Nothing dad...
Why did you shout like that?
That is...a cat... - Got scared for a cat? You...
Come, that's why l said let's go back. - Be careful dear.- Did you listen?
Your son has no ability and responsibility.
l was thinking of making him like me.
l'm the most intelligent in my family.
ls it? Why did you hide it from me all these years?
Who is knocking door at this hour?
Who could it be?
Caught again.
Balu went upstairs, right? How did he come in from outside?
Why would he come in from out if he had gone that side?
l saw him, he went that side.
How did he come from this side?
Why would he come in from out if he had gone that side?
l saw him going up, heard closing his door,
How could he come from outside?
You're intelligent, right? That's why you're confused.
Who is he? l'll cut him into pieces.
lf he abuses you, it's like abusing me.
How can l keep quiet, aunty?
Tell them l'll come in flight and beat them with slippers.
Bloody rat face!
What ever l do, l do it right.
He doesn't know about me.
Just one call can kill him miserably.
Mind it.
Some man here is mooing like a bull, l'll take him to task.
Aren't you ashamed to speak in English with women?
What's this? - What happened?
Look at me...look at me!
Should l see your husband? Should l see your dirty face?
Hubby! What are you doing inside? Come out quickly.
Hubby, he's threatening to complain. - What happened, Durga?
Nothing had happened, l was watering the plants like this...
Why are you pouring water on him again while going to office?
Did l do it wantonly? Can't he change the dress and go?
Leave it, let's go in.
No use in wearing suit, you must have manners.
Complain against me? You don't know about me.
You don't know about me. We are also in America like you.
We haven't come in a red bus, we too came in an airbus. Listen to me. - l too know alphabets.
Scold in English now.
l'm telling you... - Don't know about me. l'll not leave you.
l'll not spare him.
What's this manners less?
Speaking in English with women.
l'll not keep quiet if you abuse women.
Not keep quiet? l'll also not keep quiet.
What will you do? l'm America Durga.
lf they keep on fighting like this, how can we marry, Balu?
After eloping! - Really?
Would they allow us to elope?
Who else? Your father and my mother.
My mother?
One punch and America Durga is finished.
ls it all yours the sweet memories recorded in your cell phone?
For me? - This is for me but you.
Such an expensive one, l don't want.
Why? lf l call you on phone...
But my mother will kill me if she sees the phone.
Manage her.
What's that? - That is...what's that?
You found it easily.
Phone but it's ringing on TV.
Not on TV, it's ringing in our house.
But TV is in our house, right?
Where are you going? - To my bedroom.
You look great!
Shouldn't come after managing my mom?
Why are you calling so many times?
What if l call?
l said about call not fire.
First teach me English. Will you teach me?
First Telugu word, bloody bastard!
Bloody bastard!
Oh no! l don't know English.
Go...go away son.
l didn't tell about you.
Father-in-law was a good man.
Who is the 'Thief'?
Where did you go?
Did you ask your mother?
What is she doing? She's laughing so loudly.
l'll punch you!
Mother may come up.
Leave me Balu.
Mother may see us.
Go Balu...
We are meeting tomorrow, right? Go!
The day you started asking meanings of Telugu words, l expected this.
But your daddy, you know about him.
He hates that family.
They are meat eaters, we are brahmins.
No way. way.
l'm all smiles whenever l think about you pestering your mother.
lf l elope with a mother's son like you, l'm finished.
You'll drown me in Niagara.
l'm not like that.
lf situation forces to drown you, l'll drown myself first.
You mean you won't care anyone?
Mother, father...
About tomorrow...
Going away wind, please listen...
The blowing wind, please listen...
O sky, please listen to us...
Even if dreams promise not to keep quiet...let dreams come with us...
Let it come with us like waves...
Let time come with us like an era becoming a moment...
Be always our friend... l'll give keep your hope afloat...
No time to rest for the youth...
l'll show the fun...
Wake up! Fly in imaginations...
Reach your dreams... wake up to reach yourself...
Today, freedom has really benefitted us...
What's wrong if we have a blast in life?
The world has opened up new vistas for us today...
lt is travelling with us...
This moment will not come back...
This joyous, thunderous moment will never come back...
ls it love to kiss in public?
Did you bring me alone for this?
lf you touch me, l'll kill you.
l must go to home.
l must go to home.
l must go home.
l knew it before, my friends told me.
To be careful in America.
l told you.
l was more excited about love.
You were always on it, l'm mad.
l didn't believe it.
l'm asking you, why are you silent? Open up.
She lost the way a little.
She regularly used the same path, right?
She lost the way losing herself in thoughts.
l told you many times not to watch fun around while walking on road.
You never followed it.
Thank God, l sent your father.
Can't you tell her?
No need to tell her. l think she would've realised it.
What's that?
Like some proverbs says, she's doesn't have any fear.
You've pampered your daughter.
Though strayed the path little never stray from the morals.
Get up...get bloody fool!
How peacefully he's sleeping!
Are you so proud? lf l say something in anger.
Can't you make a phone call?
You made the mistake,
bloody, how could you stay without talking to me?
How could you sleep peacefully?
Do you know how long l was sitting before the computer for you?
You're not at all feeling sad.
Who said l'm not sad?
Tell me.
You know l haven't slept for 3 days now,
look at my face,
l didn't plan it.
l didn't know myself that l'll kiss you till l did it.
lf l knew a kiss would separate you from me,
all my life... l don't want to kiss you.
l'm all yours Balu, take anything you want from me.
Do anything but not in public.
Forgive me if l had hurt you.
We've come to shop.
Who is he?
Move away...
Hubby, please come here for second.
Come fast.
He's coming on me.
What's it, Durga?
He has been troubling in English.
What is he saying?
lt seems he likes you very much and wishes to marry you.
What's injustice?
You know who he is?
He's my husband, you know that?
Had it been my Anakapalli, you would meet a gory death.
Will you marry me?
To hell with you...
Did you hear her shouts and abuses?
She's not only a loud speaker but a lady goon too.
May be a woman should be like that to keep husband under thumbs.
Let's go. - No.
They will search for us.
We must be found, right?
What if we are found?
Let's escape.
lf they chase us?
Let's rebel against them.
lf they fight with us?
Let's win over them.
What if we lose? - Let's elope.
Are you mad?
No, love!
Madness. - No, it's love.
Madness. - No, it's
This is love...this is love...
l'll say it's love, l don't care about anyone...
l want your companionship, will it come true?
l feel loneliness even a moment away from you...
May l merge you into myself like my shadow...
lt's you in my dreams... it's you in reality...
Are all these wonders love?
You reside in my eyes...
To sing lullaby to my eyes...
To make eras pass in seconds, shall we unite forever?
Love moon has blessed us and is showering love beam on us...
lf l ever meet God who has made you my partner...
l would grant him a boon myself...
You're my angel, you're my life partner...
l'll announce so loud that the world hears it...
We love each other.
See, he's speaking in Telugu.
We are Telugu people, aren't we?
We love each other.
To ruin all my years of honour?
We love each other.
Spending so much time with a girl in the lift...
Mother, you know we love each other.
Don't involve me in this.
l told him you'll not agree.
ls it okay to you then?
How can l agree without your consent?
Even if l take it as you've agreed, if l agree failing to get your consent,
if l agree after failing to get your consent or if l agree without your consent,
l agreed thinking that you will agree.
Thank God! l confused him.
You're the reason for all this.
You pampered her a lot and she has done this.
l'll beat you with slipper if you talk to me in English.
What the hell will you love?
Who are you calling? That boy?
Let him come.
What's this?
Don't you've any other work?
Why did you come with force here?
l didn't come on my own, your daughter called us.
lt seems you beat your daughter. - Yes.
She has lodged a complaint.
lt's my will and wish to beat or scold my daughter.
lt's a crime in America if you beat or scold your own children.
Oh What a nasty country!
Had it been my Anakapalli, neighourhood would've joined to beat her.
Hey dark man! Stay away!
America Durga! This is America.
This is not Anakapalli.
There are rules here, if you want to tell her anything say it softly.
Don't bash her up.
Please don't cry.
You've fooled your own mother.
Can't even beat you.
Police idiots come on a phone call.
Why did you come to my house?
You broke the computer, if you dare touch Swapna...
Did anyone hurt you, Swapna? Did she beat you?
Please don't cry. l'm there for you.
How dare you touch my daughter in front of me.
l'll kiss her too! Watch it!
My fate! Oh my God!
Bloody! You ruined my family honour.
You ruined my daughter's life.
l'll take you to task.
Calling from America Durga's house, my daughter has been raped, come.
We both love each other.
We are planning to marry.
Marry? How can you marry any girl?
What man? Talk properly.
Don't say any girl? Swapna is America Durga's daughter.
Hey look! He's scolding your mother in English as you watch.
Mother, please listen to what he's saying.
He? Who is he?
Her future husband.
She's calling me with respect.
Dad, l told you many times, l and Swapna love each other.
l've seen many like you.
Eloping in the name of love and marrying in registrar's office,
and living in an apartment,
after losing the interest splitting up,
what's the difference between ATM and court?
Swipe the card you get cash, apply and you get divorce in court,
this is what you see in society that you call as love.
lt's better to divorce than fighting it out every day.
lf a son can divorce father, l'll be the first to divorce you, dad.
He's crying now.
No need of this filthy America.
Get up, let's go back to Anakapalli.
You come.
Where are you going? - What?
You shameless girl! You've ruined our family honour.
lt's not a sin to kill you also. l'll kill you.
This is your love and you're arguing for it.
Uncle, that's for irresponsible children,
the so called lovers you said will commit mistakes,
not we,
l'm not pregnant,
you wait Balu,
for parents who don't trust their children love is just sex to them,
but children who love their parents will never cross the line.
Please try to understand us, uncle.
First we must know if yours is love or not to understand.
Tell us what should we do to make you understand it.
lt's waste to prove to them, they can never understand.
Let's go elsewhere and marry.
lt's a dishonour to our love, Balu.
We must fight, struggle to win.
They say ours is not love at all.
Uncle, tell me, how are we to prove ourselves?
How will you prove it?
How so ever.
To prove our love is pure, we must be ready to take any number of births.
That's impossible for you.
ln these times when physical touch is what you call love,
can you still be in love without seeing or meeting each other?
Do you've that honesty in your generation?
Yes uncle, we do have.
There will be a Balu and Swapna in every generation.
Balu and Swapna mean one heart and one soul.
Balu and Swapna doesn't mean sex.
Love, we'll prove it.
We'll love each other staying away.
l think she's right.
Will you agree for their marriage if they stay away and still love?
Let them stay away for a year.
What else?
You mustn't meet each other.
Shouldn't see each other or talk to each other.
What else?
Should we stay way from each other for a year?
Dad, ours is not love and it is sex.
They are suspecting our love.
We must prove it.
We love each other, we are going to marry.
No need to prove it to anyone.
Balu, please try to understand.
First, we must discuss it.
What could be nipped with nail, you've let it grow to use it axe.
l think you've all decided to get them married.
l'll never agree.
You? Even if you fall at my feet, l'll not agree.
l'll also not agree. - Will you stop it?
lt's great that children listening to you for so long.
Do you know what's happening in the society?
They elope silently and marry.
They bring call girls to home, if parents object, they are going for infringement of privacy cases.
ln a country where youth are like that,
they are trying very hard to convince that their love is true,
that is lndian youth,
they will listen to you till they respect you,
once they lose that respect, you'll never get them back.
lt's in your hands now.
We must keep the respect they've given to us.
We must give them an opportunity to prove their love.
He couldn't learn Telugu in 22 years but in two months he leant it, it means...
Look at his owl like eyes!
You don't know, you saw just anger in your dad's words,
l saw the hurt in eyes, and love in his heart.
We mustn't hurt them for our love.
lf we don't have atleast these morals, how can our children have it?
We can be good parents only we are good children.
Not for their sake, let's accept this challenge for our sake.
Don't say no in English. l'm saying in Telugu, no.
Engagements and marriages are registered here, right?
Likewise our agreement should also be registered.
l don't accept all that nonsense.
Ten minutes earlier they argued and agreed five minutes later,
now they say no,
they will never stand by their word.
They're justified, let's accept the agreement.
l said l'll not accept.
l'll also not accept.
We accepted it, right?
Stop it.
Your children are behaving like elders and you're behaving like children.
What's wrong in their condition?
l say you must sign the agreement.
What's this Swapna?
Will you listen to me?
Will you give what l ask?
l'm still sweet sixteen...
lt's mischievous young men around and touching me on silly pretext...
When your breath touches me like this, how can l live away from you?
This has been with me since my childhood,
from now it will be with you.
All my breath in it is yours.
lf l feel like seeing you? - Close your eyes immediately.
l'll appear before you.
Will you really appear? - Trust me, l will.
lf you want try once closing your eyes.
Not now. - Why?
When you're before me, let me see you.
lf l close my eyes for a moment also, l'll not see you, right?
My first day without you passed like it was my last day in this world.
Swapna, your memories are keeping me alive.
lt's giving me courage to see a future without you.
Not buffalo, l asked where are you from?
Don't you know English?
Which place?
l was born here only.
Buddy! Greetings buddy!
Are you half lndian? l'm full lndian.
l'm here for 6 months,
l worked hard to finish my Engineering, to come to America,
my only wish is, find a good American girl, and have a blast,
go back to lndia, find a bride in red bus, marry her,
and squeeze out a heavy dowry, that's my plan.
Buddy! What a ravishing girl!
She's so fair, doesn't she take bath in milk every day?
Clear your doubt, resign and find.
Can l get his resignation letter?
Did l ask you? - l expected you will.
He's just Bongu, no mister.
lt's better we respect ourselves.
l think it's better if you keep shut.
Paul asked me and l recommended Sandy,
that's why you're here.
Uncle, be strict in office atleast.
Go out. - Out of the room or office, madam?
You know my life's biggest mistake?
To take you in office on my grandpa's recommendation.
The problem isn't for you, but for me.
Balu, come here. - Come.
You stay here.
l can't say no to uncle.
Fact is that l hate recommendations.
l too hate it. But couldn't say no to dad.
What you don't like may be difficult, right?
lf you start liking difficulty, it will no more be difficult.
lf you start liking difficulty, it will no more be difficult.
lntroduce him to our staff.
Remembering about me?
l can remember only if l had forgotten you.
Every moment it's you, everywhere it's you.
You're in my heart, you're before me.
Did you see, Balu?
Time is nothing compared to our pure love.
My mother, your father, this world must bow before our love.
Nobody can separate...
Who is he?
Oh my nephew!
Come...come this side. Come here. This is our home.
Who is this dream girl? - Who else? Our Swapna.
Why is she going away in a huff?
Wait here.
There's something.
lf there's something, Maddy will be there.
Wait l say. Why did you come away?
Why is he here?
Asking me why? To see the bride.
Are you marrying?
lf you blabber nonsense, l'll cut your tongue.
Have you forgotten the contract rules?
No marriage for a year. Have you forgotten it?
But there's no clause in the contract about meeting prospective groom.
Wait. Where are you going? - l'm eloping.
There's no clause in the contract about eloping.
How did Swapna grow up so suddenly?
After falling in love with Balu.
She's Sandhya here.
She's very strict in office but soft and cool here.
Once she was the address of fun and happiness.
Her adoring father arranged her marriage with the man she loved.
Her father was my close friend.
My friend and her future husband died in the same accident.
Her brother and l were worried about Sandhya losing father and lover.
But she managed herself very well in those testing times.
ln these times when wives throw the sacred marital thread on husband's face,
though he didn't marry her, she's living as his widow in his memories.
Mad girl.
God gives everything without seeking. And takes it away without informing.
lsn't it strange?
Bye dear.
l think uncle would've told about me.
Why should we show sympathy on people who are sad?
Sadness is our life partner, happiness is just a guest.
lt comes in now and then.
Sadness will always be there in our lives.
lf you consider sadness as happiness, it'll ease.
What's this manners less? Speaking in English with women.
l'll not keep quiet if you abuse women.
Not keep quiet? l'll also not keep quiet.
What will you do? l'm America Durga.
lf they keep on fighting like this, how can we marry, Balu?
Who else? Your father and my mother.
Mother! - Mother?
Are you my mother or step mother?
You're my daughter that's why you're still alive,
had l been your step mother, you'd be dead by now.
lf l hear his name or voice here, l'll rip out your skin.
You could destroy Balu in the phone video,
what can you do with Balu's memories in my heart?
Look, how she's walking away!
lt's a matter of heart to heart, strike it with mind.
Though we are in worlds apart...
My heart thinks of you every moment...
Though the world stops me... you're unstoppable memory...
The dreams have melted like tears... don't make it come true...
lt's a boon to be tied to the memories of the times we spent together...
Though fate is spreading a net... my love will win...
She's calling you sweety, l think she knows you've diabetes.
That's different from this sweety.
Mind your work.
O man!
l'll enchant him with my charm.
l'll steal the ring.
Uncle, l told you never to take anyone on recommendations.
Look what he has done. l know he's a fraud.
He crashed the system in anger for removing him.
Let's check in the server room.
We've time till tomorrow morning, right?
What if we go to Miami and work on the main server?
How did you get this idea?
Think with heart not mind.
Are you Sandy or Sandhya now?
Sandy means very strict.
How about Sandhya?
l'm always Sandhya to you.
You're very beautiful in this dress.
Karthik too loves this dress very much, he presented it on my birthday.
For both of us.
The moment l saw him, l felt he was destiny,
we never a moment of togetherness, my dreams, my ambitions,
he said it was his too.
Karthik who said he was born to make my dreams come true,
has become just a dream now.
Today l'm relaxed after many days. My mind is also peaceful.
l felt sad with memories of Karthik.
l felt my life has stopped with him.
But today,Don't know why the world is appearing lively and beautiful again.
My life has started moving again, my heart is beating again.
When mind is peaceful, you remember all the good things in life.
Till now you didn't accept your sorrows, now you have...
l could save only these photos.
l didn't expect aunt would behave like this.
lt's not your fault.
l didn't know anything about Balu till l came here.
lf l knew, l wouldn't have come.
Thanks for understanding me.
How can l not understand you?
But l'll not say no to aunt, if l do, she'll find another boy to say yes.
Any man would say yes on seeing you. That's another danger.
Till Balu comes back.
Maddy will be there where there's something, he will.
Look at those girls. Will you do what l say?
Go and say l love you to that girl.
Go...go l say.
l can't say l love you to any girl in this world other than you.
Balu is very good boy. He loves me very much.
Why are you crying like a little girl?
Am l not there for you?
Did you see the girl raised a hell for love?
lt's just 6 months and she's already going out with another guy.
Who is he? - Their relative.
lt's not in the agreement about going out with relatives.
This is chilly bajji.
Chilly is mine, flour is mine, expenses are mine, courier is mine,
girl's kiss is his, hug too is his.
That's what you call as turntables on.
Stop the reset program. - Shall l start, sir?
l'll reverse your Visa. - No need to take that risk.
Bomb sir?
What happened?
Bomb blast in New York.
Lot of people are killed.
Oh my God!
Where are you going?
Nothing has happened to Balu, he's safe.
You don't get tensed. He called on phone just now.
He's fine.. - please...
No to you and your affection.
You needn't to tell me anything, l don't want to hear it.
lsn't it your plan to tell me without asking you and breaking the contract?
What's this fate? He has possessed me like a ghost.
What if he comes back and wants to marry her as per the contract?
Shouldn't see each other, or talk to each other.
Maddy will be there where there's something.
He will be.
Aunt will torture you in home, so l brought you out though you don't like it.
Actually l must thank you.
For saving me from mother's torture.
Where are we going?
Where this road takes us. - As you wish.
How could you come out? - Why?
What if l turn out to be a bad guy?
Balu is in my heart, nobody can harm till he's with me.
This place is very nice, where are we?
Let's go away. Let's go immediately.
After coming so far without seeing?
Please try to understand why l'm saying like that.
We must leave this place immediately.
Balu is here only.
We both shouldn't see, meet or talk to each other for a year.
That's our agreement. Please let's go away.
You know the population of New York?
15 millions.
You can't find Balu in them even if you go in search.
There are more cars here than people.
Come on look at her...look at her!
Look at each other!
A strange bond has united a flower with a bee...
Will it become love knowingly or unknowingly...
Youth has called on youth...
Though put on's defying...
The promise made is standing like a statue...
lt's melting like snow in the end...
Yours is not an ordinary love, it'll become a history.
l mean uniting love.
Swapna's future husband.
We are going to marry soon.
Can't believe it, right? What should you do?
How should l prove it?
Our engagement photos.
Will you believe it now?
Swapna didn't run now to break the contract but never to see you again in life.
l'm richer than you and well settled.
Moreover Swapna's aunt's son.
So Swapna changed her heart.
One can marry someone's lover but one shouldn't love another man's wife.
l've never seen such pure love.
You and Balu meet each other, spend some time together.
There's nothing wrong if you meet once, let it not be known to anyone.
l'll not tell anyone.
No, need to meet him.
Contract is more important than meeting him.
l'll not meet Balu or talk to him,
l don't want anything, take me away from here, that's enough.
ls Swapna getting married? - Haven't you yet forgotten her?
Tell me dad.
Not just marry, she'll have children by the time you come.
l told you infatuation will not last more than 2 months.
All she was after was your money not you.
Atleast now forget her and concentrate on work.
Who was it?
Tell me. - l want to talk to my Swapna.
Not your Swapna, my Swapna.
What's it?
Wants to talk to you.
l don't want to talk to anyone. l won't talk.
lt won't be nice, may feel bad.
l hate to listen to that terrible voice.
Say something and cut the line.
Did you hear that?
l don't want to talk to anyone.
l hate to listen to that terrible voice.
Say something and cut the line.
What happened to you?
You still live with a dead man's memories,
yours is true love,
l want that true love, l want it.
l want your love, Sandhya.
Say something.
l want you, that's all.
My heart is blossoming into musical rhythms...
As a tribute to the past... let me sing...
Let my world see a new dawn today...
Let every dream bloom like a flower...
Calm down.
Sir, Britney has become a coin in the fate's play.
A pigeon...
Landing in America without wings...
Caught the pigeon...
Don't cry, l'm there for you.
Enough, come.
May l tell you one thing?
Perfect couple.
No need to delay, let's fix their marriage.
Are you fine, sir?
Good news for you.
Sandhya has agreed to marry.
You must talk to the groom's dad and fix the marriage.
Girl's star is Visakha, Libra, who is the groom?
Asking me who is the groom? The boy you sent here Balu.
Believe it or not, what you heard is true.
He was stubborn on eloping that day itself.
How can he be idle for a year?
He found another girl and he's marrying her.
No use in accusing him, you must have the sense.
lt's shocking, aunty.
lt's all over, wash your hands off.
Will l get my Balu?
Your love is true, your heart is true,
if you're true, then it's true that Balu is your man.
l know l'll get my Balu.
Never keeps anything neatly.
What's this manners less? Speaking in English with women.
l'll not keep quiet if you abuse women.
Not keep quiet? l'll also not keep quiet.
What will you do? l'm America Durga.
lf they keep on fighting like this, how can we marry, Balu?
Don't know in what situation Balu proposed to you?
Don't know why he accepted this proposal?
l'm confused. Balu is like camphor.
Cool to touch and ignites instantly.
lf you leave it open, he'll melt away.
You and Swapna have to understand this.
She's always near the Niagara falls.
You're coming from Balu, aren't you?
How did you know it?
Balu has given you my ring. Did he send you to meet me?
My mother said she mustn't hear Balu's name in the house.
That's why l wrote it.
Do you meet Balu every day?
l can see in your eyes my Balu who lives in my heart.
lsn't it a breach of contract if l see Balu in your eyes?
She is... - l know.
Balu's mother, right? - No, my mother-in-law.
My mother wants to get me married to Maddy before the contract ends.
l'll not agree.
One day my mother told me suddenly that Balu is getting married.
lf Balu who lives in my heart changes his heart, l'll be the first to know it, right?
You've told me so many things, but never asked how is Balu, why?
l'll never ask because Balu is always in my heart.
Why should l ask you about Balu who is in my heart?
l'm going straight to airport. - So early?
My job here is over.
You never told me what brought you here.
l came here to decide about my marriage.
What happened?
This is not my tea. - l think you got my cup.
No problem, have it.
No, l don't drink coffee.
Take your tea.
Thank God, l didn't taste it.
So what? Heart must be pure.
Where did you go?
Uncle told you were coming back.
l'll know what had happened only if you open up.
Why are you killing me with your silence?
Did you meet Swapna?
That's why, were you silent?
What she would've told?
Our meeting, our love, our fight with parents,
she would've told you everything.
But she forgot all that and marrying a wealthy bastard,
she didn't tell you about that, right?
One more word against her and you're dead.
lt's you who has forgotten everything and marrying.
Not Swapna.
l saw their engagement photos.
Shall l show you our marriage photos?
You can do anything with a computer.
Don't trust men, trust only hearts.
Maddy you met isn't Swapna's choice,
but one who wishes to marry her.
You're nothing compared to Swapna.
She thinks about you only and is eagerly waiting for you.
Do you remember this?
Swapna's breath!
Do you know how did it come to me?
That is your love.
Do you know what did Swapna do on seeing this in my hand?
She saw you in me.
l thought love means marriage,
after meeting Swapna l came to know it's trust.
lf you get angry on her and marry me, how can you expect me to be happy?
One little communication gap,
will you forget promises made and conditions laid?
Will you jump to conclusions without thinking if you're angry?
l'm short tempered.
But l never committed any mistake in anger.
l didn't believe Maddy when said about engagement,
didn't believe the photos too,
l asked my daddy, he too said yes,
l didn't believe him too,
l called Swapna on phone, she didn't like to talk to me.
l believed then.
l believed then only.
When she herself told me that, who else can l ask?
Why should you ask?
Did you think in what situation Swapna was on that day?
Your heart must know the truth,
you must trust your love,
when you can't see the false in a word,
how can you see the truth in love?
Do you atleast know the date you both are supposed to meet?
lt means tomorrow.
Swapna is waiting eagerly for this day.
That you will come and she'll marry you.
She's dreaming.
Will Swapna accept me if l say no to you?
Only if she knows, right?
You mean...? You didn't tell her anything.
l'll tell uncle and go. - No need to tell anyone.
What about you then?
l...l...l'm alone.
When will God be merciful on you, dear?
Our love will win the battle for us.
l'm waiting for the day to break.
One year went by but this night seems to dragging for eternity.
What should l do till the day breaks?
Will he come?
He won't. l'll not let him come.
Balu is coming today. - l know.
l'll know first when my husband is coming, right?
He's my son first than your husband.
l'll punch you.
You're an amazing man... my dear love...
l'm a slave to your manliness... l'm all yours, dear...
l fell in love with you... l fell for you, my man...
lf we unite it's fun...
What you know isn't love... what you don't know isn't nothing...
You won't get it easily... hot kiss behind the screen...
Your lovely spring of love... it's mine like my youth...
Cuckoo of the youth is singing song of love...
Heart is murmuring... youth is rocking...
Desiring to be in your arms wants half share...
Strange thirst of separation... unbreakable friendship...
May be it has understood... the blue skies are pouring down...
Balu will come there.
Can l also come there? l won't disturb you.
l'll come back immediately after meeting Balu.
How beautiful you are!
You're coming!
Stop here!
Come here...come...
l came here first time with Balu.
Come quickly! l'm waiting for you.
Balu kissed me for the first time here only.
Atlast Balu is coming back.
Leave me... Leave me l say...
l didn't come with you all the way to leave you.
What's the special occasion?
Today they are meeting as per the agreement.
Still entertaining those thoughts. He will not come.
Even if he comes.
But Swapna is very good girl.
lt's okay if my son dies but...
You will cheat.
People who don't care about hearts, why would they honour an agreement?
l thought you would change in this year, that's why l agreed for it.
Even after all this, haven't you got any sense?
What had happened, dad?
Nothing had happened.
Nothing happened as you think.
lf Swapna can't become your daughter-in-law,
then l'm also not your son.
Where are you going?
To die. Would you like to join me?
Leave me.
Get out! - l'll punch you! Where is Swapna?
She's in your heart, don't you know where will she be?
Swapna will not come back to this house.
Leave me.
Leave me.
Just once...
Leave me!
Swapna is my life! You will die!
l told you nobody can harm me till Balu is in my heart.
l told you elders will cheat us.
They can never understand our love.
l told you, right? - Yes.
Let's go away, Balu. - Where?
Far away from them and this world.
Where will you go away?
Are we dead to elope with him?
Will you come with me or shall l jump to death from here?
Don't you've sense?
lf you bow to them now, you'll be their slave all your life.
You shameless girl! Why are you still with him? Come here.
Will you come or do you want me to die?
Please don't die for our love.
We will...
This is love... this is what you call love!
You threatened to die if they don't break up,
they died because they can't live after breaking up,
it's not they who died but we.
Our ego.
Our elderliness. - Look, our daughter is dead.
My daughter... - Why are you crying now?
Your daughter didn't elope with Balu.
She didn't marry him. She died.
She died, that's all.
We saw our children die before our eyes.
Just a minute.
Caste, power, money or elders break the love of young,
unable to fight them or separation,
many young lovers are killing themselves in despair or as protest,
is it right to die for love which gives lives?
Do you've to wait till next birth to save your love?
You must achieve it in this life itself.
That's why...
Why did you pull me?
Why did you hold my hand?
l thought we'll elope.
How would l know you'll jump?
l didn't jump to die with you.
To live.
For our love.
l'll punch you.