QUT Bachelor of Justice

Uploaded by TheQUTube on 21.11.2011

My name is Jessica Mansell. I’m doing a dual degree in Bachelor of Laws/ Bachelor
of Justice and I’m in my first year.
My first year of Justice has been great so far.
I’ve definitely leant a lot of things that I didn’t expect to.
Especially just from doing one year so far.
Like I said, it’s changed my whole perspective on society, even just doing three or four
It’s made me question everything that happens and it changes your perspective on people’s
actions and behaviours.
The OP guarantee for Justice is great because it allows students who do achieve well to
get guaranteed entry into the course, into the Justice course.
And so they don’t have to stress out about getting in to their course or thinking about
other options and it doesn’t deter anyone away from going and attaining full time work
or anything because they’re scared they are not going to get into Uni.
So it just allows students to have more of a relaxed break and be ready for the Uni semester
once they’re accepted.
The stand out facility for me here would definitely be the Law library.
I spend so much time in there, not just because of my degree, but because it’s such a great
place to work and study.
My name is Matthew Ball and I’m a lecturer in the school of Justice at QUT.
Justice at QUT is a degree where we study issues like criminology, sociology and look
at the law, or talk about the law and its impact on different populations.
And the disadvantages of the criminal justice system and the different problems that it
can produce.
As well as looking at trying to find solutions to those problems to make sure we achieve
justice in Australian society.
Student would probably study justice because they would want to be part of the criminal
justice system in a range of areas.
So whether they were police officers, whether they were corrections officers, whether they
wanted to get into customs and the Australian Federal Police for example.
A whole range of areas in which the justice system impacts on people’s lives or law
impacts on people’s lives.
Any role that involves that kind of interaction, a justice degree would be suited for.
The relationships between students and lecturers are quite positive ones because it’s really
interesting to see students get taken on the journey I suppose, and see them start to develop,
and alter their understanding about the justice system and also the broader Australian society.
I think that’s a really interesting journey to watch student go on, and it’s really
exciting to be able to take them on that journey as well.
I’m Dana Werchon.
I’m studying a Bachelor of Justice and I’m in my second year.
Before I went to Uni I thought I might join the police force and now you need to have
a recognised degree to be able to get into it so I thought I’ll be able to do this
as well as my law degree and then when I’m finished if I’m still interested in joining
the police force then I’ve got that behind me.
Analyst Notebook is a program where you learn about mapping crimes onto basically this program.
I did it just last semester and I find it really handy and really relevant because they
are using it at the moment and I got the opportunity to do that subject with a man that had been
in the police force for so many years.
Knowing that the analyst notebook program is being used in the industry, it really helps
me to know that if I happen to go that area, that I know that, I have that skill already.
And I think that’s really great.