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Today our prime minister has again told the public that. .
. . no citizen in the country will sleep hungry.
And everyone will have a house to live in.
With this we conclude today's headlines.
And now some spicy news.
Famous lover, Dev Karan Singh whose name. .
. . is linked with famous people like Sushmita Rai. .
. . Madhuri Tandon, Urmila Kapoor, etc. .
. . has decided to get married.
And the girl is Pratap Rai Singhania's. .
. .only daughter. He is one of our biggest industrialists.
And we are proud to have Mr. Singhania. .
. . in our studio today.
Let's hear it from our horse's mouth.
Mr. Singhania, is it really true that your daughter is to marry. .
. . Mr. Dev Karan Singh?
Mr. Singhania, are you aware of his antics.
It's a thing of the past.
Today, Dev has changed because. .
. . he is going to become my son-in-law. Mine.
As we speak, he is finalising a very big international deal.
Where? - Singapore.
Beauty is like the moon, and youth like a lotus.
Seeing you I will recite a nice sonnet.
Oh, this fair body is sculpted out of marble.
People who see you will think that they are looking at the Taj Mahal.
''Your hair is like a black snake. ''
''You give brightness to the sea, sun and pearls. ''
''Your hair is like a black snake. ''
''You give brightness to the sea, sun and pearls. ''
''Seeing you my heart says. . ''
''. .that you're slowly gaining a place in my heart. ''
''Your black hair is like a black snake. ''
''You give brightness to the sea, sun and pearls. ''
''Your cheeks are fair. Lips are juicy. ''
''Your walk is intoxicating. You could mesmerise anyone. ''
''My beauty is spicy and my colour is the best. ''
''Any lover will fall in love with my beauty. ''
''Seeing you my heart says. . ''
''. .that you're slowly gaining a place in my heart. ''
''My hair is like a black snake. ''
''I give brightness to the sea, sun and pearls. ''
''Seeing you my heart says. . ''
''. .that you're slowly gaining a place in my heart. ''
''Your hair is like a black snake. ''
''You give brightness to the sea, sun and pearls. ''
Friends, today at the end. .
. .of Asian cultural fest held in Singapore. .
. .I request Mr. Wong to announce the winner's name.
Mr. Wong, please announce the name of the winner.
And the winner is Miss Priya Verma from India.
Thank you.
With this award, you have won a free ticket.
You can fly from Singapore to Bombay, courtesy our sponsors. .
. . Sun Cruise.
We hope that this journey will be. .
. .the most memorable journey of your life.
Thank you. Thank you.
Welcome. - Hi.
Welcome. Miss Priya Verma. I welcome you to Sun Cruise.
Thank you very much. - Welcome aboard.
In my whole life, I have not been beaten like this.
Looking at you I felt as though you are the string that . .
. . holds my underwear together. And I'm the underwear.
What rubbish? You are strange and odd person.
You are reciting a sonnet instead of saying sorry.
You have killed a tiger just now, dear. Tell me.
When you will become the queen of this parrot's nest.
Don't touch me, you multicoloured monkey.
Come with me.
Yes, ma'am. - Idiot!
What happened, my son, Popatlal? What happened?
Congratulations, Popat's mother. Congratulations.
Why? - You have found your daughter-in-law.
And I have found the queen of my dreams.
Start the marriage preparations, mother.
Today I am very happy.
Popatlal, today I'm very happy.
Dev, my father, my grandfather.
May I ask you why you are spending ten days
. .on ship when it takes half an hour by plane?
My wish.
Dev. Dev.
Now your days of being obstinate are gone.
Along with house and cars. .
. . the clothes you are wearing are pawned.
Your bank balance is zero and you are covered in debts. - Hi.
Hi. - Bye.
Dev, correct yourself.
Stop all these pranks.
Quietly marry Singhania's daughter.
You will be rich.
I am talking to you. Why are you staring there?
Stop all these pranks. Please.
Otherwise our creditors will eat us alive.
Leave this ship.
Catch a plane and go straight to Mumbai.
People are waiting for you there. Please.
Friend Nattu, when did I say that I won't marry Singhania's daughter?
Thank you. - But I have to take Grandma's blessings. .
. . before getting married.
And no plane goes to the island where Granny lives.
I can only get there by ship. - I know.
But father and daughter will be waiting at the airport. .
. .with garlands in their hands.
There is a party at night. What do you want me to say to them.
Tell them that. . - Hi, Dev.
Oh, hi.
How are you my darling? - I'm fine.
Dev, you have forgotten me.
How can I forget you, my mind blowing Meena.
My name is not Meena. It's Deepa.
Oh, yes, Deepa. Deepa. Deepa Sharma.
It's not Deepa Sharma. It's Deepa Mehta.
It doesn't matter if it's Sharma or Mehta. You are fire, baby.
You are fire.
And right now I feel like being burnt.
Come on, burn me.
No, no, no.
No, no, no.
I have kept the luggage, ma'am.
Good day. - Thank you very much.
It is so hot.
Hi, I am Miss Lovelina.
I will come for dinner and go at breakfast.
And if you insist I will even stay back for lunch.
Let's drink our evening tea together. We will have a good time.
Shut up, you old man. I am not talking to you.
Dev, tell me, please.
Look actually I am fasting today.
That's I why I cannot eat or drink anything, sister Lovelina.
Sister! How mean.
So we're on for tea.
You old man.
Good. Very good.
Where shall I keep the luggage, sir? - Keep them here.
Yes, sir. - What is your name?
Rupesh Ghayal.
Mr. Ghayal, take this.
Thank you, sir. - Thank you.
I am dead.
It seems a that a prey is close.
Good morning, madam.
I didn't know that. .
. .first-class passengers are also given these luxuries.
By the way, my name is Dev Karan Singh.
But you can affectionately call me Dev.
It doesn't matter if you are Dev or Mahadev.
What are you doing in my cabin? Get out.
Get out from my cabin right now. - One minute.
Did anyone ever tell you that your eyes are very beautiful?
Hello. Hello, security.
Come here quickly.
A rogue has entered my room. Immediately.
What are you doing?
Don't come forward.
Don't come forward, otherwise I will scream.
Wear this jacket, madam.
If your towel falls down in front of the security guards. .
. . those poor men will forget their duty.
And swear on God, I will be very happy.
You. .
Come right in.
Where is the rogue? Where is the thief?
Where is he? Tell me.
A thief wrapped in sheets.
Madam, come on, get out.
Idiot, throw him out. This is my cabin.
Oh, no. This is my cabin.
This is my cabin. - One minute.
I will decide whose cabin it is, okay.
Ticket, please.
Who is Dev Karan Singh among the two of you?
It's me. - Then this is your cabin.
Madam, keep the sheet. Take your luggage.
Go to your cabin.
Your cabin, 2 1B, is on the second floor.
Oh, I am sorry. - The address is wrong.
Apologise to him.
Hey, look, mister, I. .I made a mistake.
No, there is no need for that.
By the way, if you want you can live in this cabin.
Oh, really?
Thank you very much. - No, no, not at all.
It's my pleasure.
You sleep there on the bed and I will make do here on the sofa.
What do you mean? I will be on the bed and you on the sofa.
We can both be on the sofa. - Don't touch me.
Darling, at least tell me your name before going.
Come on, the matter is settled.
Dev has achieved his goal.
Look the girl is so beautiful.
Hey, daughter-in-law. Recognise me.
I am Popat's mother.
Will you have a drink?
First, I am not your daughter-in-law.
And secondly, I don't drink alcohol. Fatso!
Good morning.
And what a good morning.
Hey, mister, how did this lift stop?
Uncle Murlidhar.
Uncle Murlidhar? The lieutenant of this ship.
Not just this ship, but the lieutenant of this entire world.
The entire world revolves on my directions.
And Murlidhar Kishen Kanhaiya ( Lord Krishna ). .
. . is bringing us close again and again. .
. .so that we can know each other.
Not just that, we should merge ourselves together.
Don't touch me.
I recognise you very well.
You are a professional cheat. .
. .who traps a rich girl like Anita Singhania.
You are the cheater who says something and thinks something.
What is in your eyes?
This is the intoxication of love, Priya.
And now this intoxication will go to your head from your eyes.
It will mingle with your blood from your brains.
And it will spread through the entire body through your blood.
It will entire your every part.
Agree Priya. Agree to what your heart says.
Lose yourself in this intoxication.
Lose yourself in this intoxication.
Lose yourself, Priya.
Lose yourself in this intoxication.
Lose yourself, Priya.
I feel like killing you and getting hanged for it.
You big brute.
What are you doing?
Hi. - Hi.
Welcome, ma'am.
This is your table, ma'am. Please be seated.
Thank you.
If the stars see you, they will ask you about brightness.
Wow, so wonderful.
If the stars see you they will ask you about brightness.
And the thirsty you to quench their thirst.
Don't let your stole slip from your shoulder. .
. .otherwise, even the old people will ask for youth.
Wow. Wow.
Wow. What a verse.
I don't mess with drunkards like you.
May that drunkard die. .
. .who chooses a glass over you.
Wow. Wow.
What a verse. Wow.
''This is the intoxication of love. ''
''Friends, believe me. ''
''Friend, merge with this intoxication. ''
''Don't stay in your senses, you crazy people. ''
''This is the intoxication of love. ''
''Friends, believe me. ''
''Friend, merge with this intoxication. ''
''Don't stay in your senses, you crazy people. ''
''Because since when I gave you my heart I took a sweet pain. ''
''Listen Priya, I have given you my heart. ''
''This is the intoxication of love. ''
''Friends, believe me. ''
''Friend, merge with this intoxication. ''
''Don't stay in your senses, you crazy people. ''
''I became crazy when our eyes met. ''
''I was so affected that I was lost. ''
''My steps are trembling. My mind is trembling. ''
''I have become crazy. ''
''Listen Priya, I have given you my heart. ''
''This is the intoxication of love. ''
''Friends, believe me. ''
''Friend, merge with this intoxication. ''
''Don't stay in your senses, you crazy people. ''
''The softness of the storm is hidden in shut eyes. ''
''The playfulness of clouds is apparent in the sky. ''
''This shyness, this attitude, this smile, these eyes. . ''
''. .they have pierced me in a sweet manner. ''
''Listen, Priya, I have given you my heart. ''
''This is the intoxication of love. ''
''Friends, believe me. ''
''Friend, merge with this intoxication. ''
''Don't stay in your senses, you crazy people. ''
''Since I gave you my heart, I took sweet pain. ''
''Listen, Priya, I have given you my heart. ''
''This is the intoxication of love. ''
''Friends, believe me. ''
''Friend, merge with this intoxication. ''
''Don't stay in your senses, you crazy people. ''
''This is the intoxication of love. ''
''Friends, believe me. ''
''Friend, merge with this intoxication. ''
''Don't stay in your senses, you crazy people. ''
Oh, my God.
What did you do? You fool.
Move from here. Move.
I am sorry, madam. I. . - Don't touch me.
You animal. What did you think about yourself?
I have only heard about you till now.
And from your deed I believe that. .
. .you are the worst rogue and a scoundrel. ''
Who neither have any self respect. .
. . nor know how to respect anybody.
I hate your face. I hate the sight of you.
Forgive me, please.
I am very sorry for what happened last evening, Priya.
Actually. . - Excuse me.
Why are you telling me all this?
I don't want to talk to you. Okay.
Actually, I got carried away because of the situation.
And that lentils, rice, Manchurian on your dress.
That's why I have brought this dress for you.
I don't need this dress of yours.
Stop bothering me, please.
Look, I will never bother you again if you take this dress.
I promise.
Then today evening at 7 o' clock in your room or mine?
Then today evening at 7 o' clock in your room or mine?
7 o' clock in my room.
You better believe that I'll be there.
Good evening. - Hey, look that's Dev.
Stop it. Let's go.
Beauty is like the moon, and youth like a lotus.
Seeing you I will recite a nice sonnet.
Oh, this fair body is sculpted out of marble.
People who see you think they are looking at the Taj Mahal.
You have recited a nice verse. - Thank you.
It seems you have told it to a lot of girls.
And you have also been very successful with it, right?
What are you saying?
I thought of this poem right now, just by looking you.
Swear on you.
It seems you are in a great hurry.
What can I do, Priya?
The ship is moving very fast.
And time is moving faster than that.
We shouldn't waste a single moment, Priya.
We shouldn't waste a single moment.
Come. Let us merge within each other.
Elder brother?
Father. - No.
Absolutely not.
My future husband.
He is alive.
He is alive and also healthy.
And if he sees you in such a condition. .
. . it may be fatal for your health.
Is it?
I am sorry, but it seems like a good fit.
Hey. - Well, this is my opinion.
Keep your opinion to yourself.
Everyone seems to think that it's a perfect fit.
Do you understand?
I have nearly understood.
Have you ever cheated. A small mistake maybe?
It took three or days, maybe three or four hours.
No. I haven't.
And I have no intentions to either.
All right.
Typical Indian woman.
Yes. What did you say?
No, no, I wanted to say that. .
I am very happy to meet an honourable Indian woman like you.
Good night. Jai Hind.
Where are you going?
We were about to spend the entire evening together.
I was thought so, but I suddenly remembered my mother.
And I want to sit in front of her picture and cry.
Was it your mother or your grandma?
What did you say? - I said, so sad.
Come I will see you to the door.
No, no, I will manage. - How can that be?
It is the duty of every host to see their guest till the door.
Come. Come.
Come. Come.
Okay, good night. Sleep tight.
You got into a no entry zone.
Come on, Dev, take a U-turn.
You're game plan isn't going to work here.
Did you get hurt?
Is your small ego wounded, Mr. Dev Karan Singh?
Oh, no, no. I enjoyed it in fact.
For the first time I have met someone equal to me.
Shall I tell you one thing? - Yes.
Can we at least be friends?
I mean to say that no hanky-panky, no pranks.
Only hundred per cent pure friendship.
Pure friendship?
I swear on all the pretty ladies.
Friend, I am very hungry. Will you treat me to dinner?
Why not? My pleasure.
Interesting. Very interesting.
Dev, the way you talk about woman. .
. .I don't think you respect them. - Wrong, absolutely, wrong.
Trust me. I respect women a lot.
I keep them here, up.
That means you hang them in the air.
No, no, up on the throne.
But as I start getting to know them. .
. .the throne slowly starts coming down.
Yes, then it starts shaking, shivering.
And then it falls down and turns into pieces. Right?
Absolutely right.
You could break someone's heart because of these pranks?
Yes, many hearts have been broken.
What can be done now?
You have called me a friend, Dev.
So can I tell you something for the sake of friendship?
You win people's trust and then you break it.
It is easy to win someone's trust.
It is even easier to break it.
But it is difficult to keep that trust.
A true man doesn't breech trust, but insures its existence.
Don't you think so?
Excuse me, sir. May I repeat your drink?
No, thank you. - Okay.
You didn't answer my question, Dev.
We have talked a lot about me.
Tell me something about yourself.
We will talk about me, tomorrow.
Why tomorrow? We have the entire evening.
We also have the whole day tomorrow to do just that. Good night.
Good morning. - Morning.
How did you spend the night? - Nicely.
After you stopped bothering me.
What? - Did you say something?
Oh, no.
But you were about to say something about yourself.
By the way my story is not as interesting as yours. Well.
I was 2 years old when my parents died in a car accident.
I was raised in an orphanage in Pune.
And when I grew up I started teaching. .
. . music and dance to the children there.
One day, he came as a chief guest to one of our charity programmes.
Who is he? That person in the photo?
After our programme he proposed. . - What?
In the first meeting.
. .that we should open a music academy in Mumbai. - All right.
And I accepted.
Then after a few days he proposed marriage.
I even accepted that.
That's it, Dev.
My life is now an open book.
Hey. That's just one page.
Yes, Dev.
It's a one paged book.
Hold it. Hold it.
Statue. Smile.
Dev, stop him.
Thank you. - Hi, Black Beauty.
Hi. - Your camera is very nice.
It is imported. Made in Singapore.
It cost me $500.
It takes good pictures.
Let me see. - Yes, look, look, look, look.
All right, how does it open.
Look here. - Like this.
Okay. - And the roll comes out like this.
Hey, there is nothing in it. - There is. . There isn't. Hey.
You have thrown my roll.
I should have thrown the camera too. - Yes.
No, no.
Yes, I know, I know why you have thrown my camera.
So that people shouldn't get to know that. .
. .you're the two of you are having fun surreptitiously.
But I will tell everyone about your four-day interlude.
Hey, watch it.
Hey, fool. - Don't come forward.
Come on, move it.
I won't spare you. I will defame you.
I will tell the whole world.
I won't spare you. - Hey, Priya, where are you going?
I have seen what happens with you.
But Priya, we are just friends.
Mr. Dev even if you sit with a glass of milk at a bar. .
. .the world will think that you are drinking wine.
That's why I will go my way. And you go your way.
But Priya. - Dev, please.
Dev, go your own way.
Wow. I have found my path.
Hi. - I just remembered a sonnet seeing you, madam.
Beauty is like the moon, and youth like a lotus.
Seeing you I will recite a nice sonnet.
Oh, this fair body sculpted out of marble.
People who see you will think that they are looking at the Taj Mahal.
What did you think?
By the way, I am known as Dev Karan Singh.
I know that. - By the way what are you doing in the evening?
Nothing. - Very good.
I have got something that you will enjoy.
Is it? - Actually. .
Hi, Dev.
Hi, beautiful. How are you?
Kamini, looking at you I feel that after you. .
. . God stopped making beautiful girls.
Thank you.
My God, how I've missed you.
Now you will have to see from afar.
And now that rascal is tweeting with a cuckoo called Kamini.
My Popat had decorated such a nice nest in his dreams.
Yes, Popat's mother.
Where daughter-in-law and me, and three, four more parrots. .
. .would have stayed happily.
But this foolish girl left this parrot and went with that crow.
Yes and that crow pecked at her and flied.
Stop it. What nonsense are you saying?
Look, nothing has happened between me and Dev like you people think.
Oh, yes. Every girl says the same thing after being dumped.
Stop it.
You don't believe it. I will just prove it.
Yes do, do it.
Dev, please come down for minute.
No, right now. I am little busy now.
Dev, listen to me. I have talk an urgent matter with you.
Please. - I told you I am busy.
Shall we go to the restaurant?
Okay. - Come on. Let's go.
He will not listen. He will not listen.
Now that smart crow won't listen to your twitters.
The poor girl has no other way besides drowning in a river.
May her enemies die.
I will marry her. - Yes, daughter-in-law.
Take this Rs. 1 and 25p and accept my son.
Hold on to it. .
. .otherwise this might pas you by as well.
The poor girl is eating her food alone.
Priya ! Hi !
Priya. Priya.
Priya, listen to me?
You are running away from me, as if I am a ghost.
You are worse than a ghost.
You are danger. Danger.
And I want to stay away from you.
It has become difficult for me to leave the cabin because of you.
People are saying terrible things about me.
Forget about people. Listen to me.
Come, sit here. Sit.
Bring two coffees. - Yes, sir.
Look tomorrow morning, the ship is going to halt at a beautiful island. .
. .where there are flowing streams.
There are fragrant valleys and it is very picturesque.
So you want me to come with you there, right?
Who is talking about you?
I want to take Kamini there.
So? Take her.
Why have you come to me?
You want my permission.
Darling, I need your help.
Kamini's younger brother has revealed. .
. . my plans to his mother.
Why did God create children?
Why doesn't he send them directly as adults?
Well, now her mother has stopped her from going anywhere alone.
So, how can I help you in this?
You have to fool her mother, and. .
. . bring her tomorrow morning to the island.
And you want me to support you in this evil prank of yours? - Yes.
I am sorry. - Hey.
Priya. Look, Priya, don't say no.
Only a friend helps a friend.
Friend ! Get lost.
Please, Priya.
What are you doing? Leave me.
I won't leave you. - Dev, everyone is watching.
Let them see.
Dev, I have already been defamed. Leave me.
I won't leave you. Till you don't say yes.
I swear on our friendship, I won't leave you.
Yes, I will do it. Leave me now.
First swear on that person on the photograph.
I swear on the person in the photograph. Leave me now.
Yes, thank you.
You are so sweet.
Tomorrow at 10 o' clock, Oriental Bazaar, okay?
And listen. Don't be late.
Hi, Kamini.
Hi, Dev. - Hi.
Come, my darling, come.
Oh, Dev. - Oh, baby.
Oh Kamini.
I thought, we will be never able to meet.
You know, I couldn't sleep the entire night thinking about you.
Oh, I also missed you so much, sweetheart. .
Did you, baby. Honey, you are so sweet?
I love you, darling.
Oh, Priya, thank you for you know what.
Look Dev, we have to reach the ship by 6 o' clock.
Let's meet at 5 :4 5.
Okay. Come, Kamini.
Come. - Dev, you are leaving me alone.
What did you think? One minute.
Come here.
What are you doing, Priya? Why do you want to be a third wheel?
But Dev, what will I do here alone the whole day?
You. . Yes, look there.
There is Buddhist temple there.
There are religious books there.
Pass time reading them.
Dev. . - Okay, bye.
Did you say something?
No. - But I have to tell you something.
You are a darling.
You are a sweetheart.
You are simply superb.
And a true friend.
Okay, we will meet in the evening.
Come on darling. - Come.
You are a darling.
You are a sweetheart.
You are simply superb.
''Why does my heart love you? My heart. ''
''Who knows what forged this relationship?''
''Why does my heart love you? My heart. ''
''Who knows what forged this relationship?''
''What is this craziness? What is this madness?''
''Why does my heart love you? My heart. ''
''What did you do to make me crazy?''
''You robbed my dreams. You even took my peace. ''
''You are my heart and my life. ''
''You are still innocent. ''
''You are ignorant in love. ''
''Why does my heart love you? My heart. ''
''Who knows what forged this relationship?''
''What is this craziness? What is this madness?''
''Why does my heart love? My heart. ''
''My heart. ''
''My heart. ''
Have you gone mad?
You would have died if you fell from here?
By the way, what were you doing here?
I was following you. - Why?
I don't know.
Take me back to the ship.
Have you gone mad?
You would have died if you have fallen from here?
By the way, what were you doing here?
I was following you. - Why?
I don't know.
Take me back to the ship.
Dev, come.
Both, mummy and Chintu have gone to the movie theatre.
We have got 3 hours. Tell me, in your room or mine?
Kamini, I want to talk to you.
This is not the time to talk, Dev. Come.
Listen. .
. .the way we are travelling is wrong.
What's wrong?
We will get married when we will reach Mumbai.
And then Dev, we love each other.
No, Kamini, I don't love you.
In the last 3 days you have told me 300 times. .
. .that you love me, Dev.
I lied to you.
But why?
Because I wanted to amuse myself.
And you would have left me after you were amused.
You cheat.
You bluff.
I liked watching a great dacoit turning into a saint.
And you have also seen the result.
I have done this for the first time. - Yes.
And I don't know why I did it.
Maybe your talks are affecting me a little too much.
That's why madam, you go your way.
And let me go my way.
Thank you for saving my life.
Wonderful. Very good.
Wow, Priya. You set the stage on fire today.
There bound to be a fire with this fuel around. - What?
What did you say?
I was saying that we're stopping at another island tomorrow.
Have you chosen anyone among them?
No, Priya. Someone is waiting for me on the island.
All right, so there is a girl at every port.
No, no, actually tomorrow I am going to meet my Grandma.
Ladies and gentlemen.
This man, Mr. Dev Karan Singh is going. .
. .to meet his grandma on the island tomorrow.
Why are you joking, Priya?
I am really going to meet my Grandma.
All right, then I will also go to meet your 16-year-old grandma.
Okay, grandpa.
Good morning.
Good morning. - Good morning.
If you sign your on the photograph. .
. . my every morning will be good. .
Please. - Give.
Hey, this is our picture.
What is this nonsense? Aren't you ashamed?
You are hiding and clicking our photographs. Hold it.
What will happen by tearing one picture?
There is an entire shop of your photographs?
One picture is being sold for $100.
What? - Oh, yes.
Wait here.
See, this is Dev and Priya's love story.
Dance on the boat.
One photograph free for every two photographs. - Absolutely free.
Pictures of Dev and Priya's love story.
He has come. Run. Run.
Leave my collar.
Leave my collar. - It was his idea.
It was not my idea. - It was his idea.
I will beat you, if you lie. - Shut up.
Bring all our photographs. .
. .otherwise, you clown,
. .I'll put an end to you act.
And listen, you fool. .
. .I am not worried about my honour.
But Priya is a very decent girl.
I respect her a lot.
Nobody will be worse than me, if Priya is defamed even a little.
Now keep these pictures here and run from here.
Come. Come.
Dev, did anyone tell you that you look great in anger.
By the way you look great even like this.
Look these pictures. They are so nice.
Shall I keep it?
You are amazing Priya.
Till yesterday you objected to be seen with me.
And today you. . - Dev, people talk when I'm seen with you. .
. .they talk even more when I'm not .
So it's good that I am seen with you. Isn't it?
Now, can we go to meet your darling grandma?
I wish you would trust me some day, Priya.
To tell you the truth, Dev.
I have started to trust you a little.
Can we leave now?
Let's go.
Come, Priya.
Grandma is at the temple.
This place is so beautiful.
It's peaceful.
It's so still as if it is some pretty dream world.
This is the dream world, where my grandparents live.
Both of them have came here to spend their honeymoon.
That's when they decided that they will make. .
. .a small house here and spend the last years of their life.
Grandpa passed away 2 years ago.
And since then Grandma is waiting for that day. .
. .when she. .
My dear. My lovely child.
I have seen you after so many days.
My sweet little baby boyfriend.
My sweet little old girl friend.
I am so happy to see you.
She. .
She is my daughter-in-law to-be?
No, no, grandma. It's not her.
She is my friend.
Come. I will introduce her to you.
Come, Granny.
Granny, this is Priya. And Priya this is grandma.
Live long, dear.
Grandma thought that you are my future. .
Actually I wanted to say that you are very beautiful.
Grandma, this place of yours is beautiful.
I feel like spending my whole life here.
Don't say that, dear.
This place is great for reminiscing and relaxing.
But you have to cerate memories before you come here.
Grandma, your temple seems to be very beautiful.
Can I go and see? - Why not, dear?
And you, Dev. .
. . how many years has it been since you visited a temple?
Granny, I. . - Go, God will not eat you up.
'So much innocence. So much simplicity. '
'It seems as if some fairy has come down from the sky. '
Yes, did you say something?
No, no. That. .
Pray quietly.
Coconuts from the farm, ma'am. - Leave all that.
Do you know who has come? - Who has come, ma'am?
Dev, dear has come. - Dev, dear.
Hi, Ajinomoto.
How are you? - I am fine, sir.
And how is your family planning?
It's not family planning, Dev. Say upbringing.
Is it? Why? - I will tell you.
It's the same Indian hypocrisy here.
They consider girls to be goddesses.
In spite of that boys are always preferred.
For one boy, they had 1 1 girls.
Even this time? - Twins.
Well done.
Grandma, I will go and meet his family.
You guys chat.
Come, dear. - Come on, Ajinomoto. - Come.
Grandma, Dev painted this?
Yes, I remember clearly. While giving me this painting. .
. . Dev narrated a story as thought I was a small girl. .
. . he was my Grandpa.
Give it to me, Grandma. I will apply it. - No, no.
Of course, not. No.
Give it to me, Grandma. When will I get such a chance again?
Give it to me, please.
All right, here.
Spoil me. .
Grandma, shall I tell one thing? - Yes.
I was surprised to know that Dev knows so much about the scriptures.
Is it? - Yes.
Then you will be more surprised to learn that. .
. . Dev writes very good poetry too.
He always excelled in studies.
It was his bobby to learn new languages, meet new people.
Is it? - In his childhood he used to amuse everyone. .
. .with his tactics and skills.
That's it, dear.
The problem is his mind wavers a lot.
It doesn't stay put at one place. .
. .with one thing or one person.
It seems like he is searching for something.
The path that he's on scares me.
When life claims its debts, Dev won't be able to pay up.
But my heart says that if he gets a girl. .
. .who would love him truly. .
. .show him the right way. .
. .then my Dev can change.
Things can happen for him.
Isn't it?
Yes, Grandma, these anklets of yours are very beautiful.
You like them? - Yes.
One day I will send them to you.
No Grandma, there is no need. . - Why not?
I gave you a chance to serve me.
Why won't you give me a chance to shower my love.
Sorry, Grandma. I made a mistake.
Now look, don't move.
Here, Dev has come. Come, dear. Come.
Come, come. We were not talking anything special.
Granny was relating stories from your childhood. - Is it?
What did you say, grandma?
Grandma was saying that when your wishes were not. .
. .fulfilled in your childhood then you used to. .
. . lie on the ground and make your face red, crying. - Is it?
And what did you say?
I was saying you don't do this now.
Now, when your wishes are not fulfilled, only your ego is hurt.
Ego is hurt? What do you mean?
Nothing, Grandma. She's in the habit of talking in riddles.
Now leave and take this.
A small gift for you.
No, dear. It's not my age to accept gifts.
Just accept it, Grandma. Your youth will return.
Is it?
In that case I will have to accept it.
Let's see.
This is his Grandpa.
His face is so bright.
How did you make this picture?
The face was in my mind, I just put it on canvas.
I told my Dev is very skilled.
Tell me the truth, Grandma. How do you like this picture?
Dev, if pictures could speak, then this picture would smile.
Priya. - Yes.
Let's leave Granny alone with Grandpa for a while. - Sure.
Was it necessary to pull my leg in front of Grandma?
I was not pulling your leg. I was pulling your ear.
I am sorry. If you felt bad, I'm sorry.
By the way, may I say something, Dev?
The first time I met you. .
. .I took you to be a crook.
You don't have a heart in your chest.
I used to see only darkness in you.
But. .
But after coming here. .
. .and getting to know you. .
. .I can see a flame of goodness inside you. .
. .which is burning.
It is bright.
A flame doesn't burn on it's own, Priya.
There has to be someone to light it.
''Life tolerates joy and sorrows, but still she keeps quiet. ''
''Up till now nobody has been able to figure out the meaning of life. ''
''She tolerates joy and sorrows, but still she keeps quiet. ''
''Up till now nobody has been able to figure out the meaning of life. ''
''Sometimes we're among our own and sometimes we're among strangers. ''
''Sometimes there are tears. Sometimes, smiles. ''
''Sometimes there is a river, sometimes the desert. ''
''It seems like it. ''
''Life tolerates joy and sorrows, but still she keeps quiet. ''
''Up till now nobody has been able to figure out the meaning of life. ''
''Silence says softly that. . ''
''. .this life is God's prayer. ''
''Nobody has ever touched and seen it. ''
''We have felt its fragrance. It is a fragrant wind. ''
''She tolerates joy and sorrows, but still she keeps quiet. ''
''Up till now nobody has been able to figure out the meaning of life. ''
''Tell me from your heart. Listen to the heart. ''
''Chose a partner for your heart. ''
''The world will say anything. Don't listen to the world. ''
''Weave dreams of truth in your eyes. ''
''Life tolerates joy and sorrows, but still she keeps quiet. ''
''Up till now nobody has been able to figure out the meaning of life. ''
''Sometimes we're among our own and sometimes we're among strangers. ''
''Sometimes there are tears. Sometimes, smiles. ''
''Sometimes there is a river, sometimes a desert. ''
''It seems like. ''
''She tolerates joy and sorrows. - She tolerates joy and sorrows. ''
''But still she keeps quiet. - But still she keeps quiet. ''
''Till now nobody has known. - Till now nobody has known. ''
''What life. . - What life speaks?''
It is time for you to leave, dear.
Don't be sad, Grandma.
I will come back soon.
Granny, if you came to my wedding. .
You know my dear. .
. .I don't leave this island.
But my blessings will be always with you.
May God give you every happiness in life.
Give you your chosen life partner.
Keep you away from every evil.
Keep you away from every evil.
Fill this vermillion. .
. . in the parting of my future daughter-in-law's hair.
See you my sweet little baby boyfriend.
See you my beautiful old girl boyfriend.
Grandma, I don't feel like leaving this place.
Everything is so beautiful.
So beautiful.
Do you know why this place is so beautiful, dear?
We was designed from the heart.
Here. .
We had dreamt to make our small world here.
When we thought about it, we thought it to be impossible.
But my heart said that this dream will be fulfilled.
And it was fulfilled.
Shall I tell you one thing, dear?
This mind can confuse us.
But the heart, the heart never cheats.
Always listen to your heart, dear.
You will only achieve happiness in life.
Hey, you are standing here.
I've been searching the entire ship for you.
Hey, you are crying.
What is the matter, Priya? What happened?
I won't be able to today forget today ever.
I have never felt so much happiness before.
So much love. So much closeness.
I saw so much beauty that tears came into my eyes.
Thank you for giving me a chance to meet your grandma.
I should thank you.
You gave grandma so much love.
So tomorrow we'll be in Bombay.
You will go your way and I will go mine.
Will you invite me to your wedding?
I surely will
That. .
Let me know when you're getting married.
It hope we don't get married on the same day.
We won't be able to attend each other's wedding in that case.
We will surely attend each other's wedding.
Where will you go for your honeymoon?
Wherever you go.
Don't do this.
Otherwise your wife will think that you are following me.
You followed me that day on the island.
Why did you follow me, Priya?
Answer me, Priya.
Tell me.
I'll wake up tomorrow and it won't be like this never existed.
I want to make this moment the most important one of my life.
I want to make you mine, Priya.
Right now. At this moment.
In the middle of the sea.
The moon and the stars will bear witness.
The waves of the sea will bless us.
There will be nothing for miles. .
. .except the emotions of 2 lovers.
Their infinite love.
Listen to me, Priya.
I want to tell you something.
I don't want to talk to you.
Two minutes, Priya.
Only two minutes.
You have only two minutes.
Tell me what you have to say.
I love you, Priya.
And I know that you love me.
Who are you to decide for me?
I am going to get married to him and I have to love only him.
You have got your answer.
Now please, leave. Leave.
Priya, I know I'm not worthy of your love right now.
I have got nothing to give you except my love.
But give me a chance, Priya.
I will abandon my comforts and my cavalier attitude.
Give six months, Priya.
I will establish myself and make myself eligible for your love.
I will build a small house for you. And I will love you a lot, Priya.
I will give you an abundance of happiness.
But just give me five months Priya.
Which six months you are talking about, Dev?
I am going to get married to him next month.
Your 2 minutes are over. Now please go away from here.
And for God's sake leave me alone.
I will go.
I will leave not just this room. .
. . but I will go away from your life forever.
Just place your hand on my head once. .
. .and tell me that you don't love me.
Swear on it, and break my illusion.
Please, Dev.
Try to understand.
It is impossible.
I am greatly indebted to him.
I cannot cheat him.
I cannot leave him.
Don't increase my problems further, Dev.
Go away.
Go away from here.
And take this with you.
I don't want to keep anything with me. .
. .which will remind me of you.
Priya, I will wait for you tomorrow morning on the deck.
If you come wearing this dress. .
. .I will consider your answer to be a yes.
And if you're not wearing it, I won't stop you.
There is no need to wait till the morning because my answer. .
Think about it before you decide to answer.
This is not a question about two lives, but four.
I will wait for you.
There is no need to wait till the morning. .
. . because my answer is no.
It is no.
It is no.
'I cannot dream of living without you. '
'Maybe I can live without breathing for a few moments. . '
'. . but I can't live without you. '
'You, yes you are the first girl whom. .
. .I started loving more than my life. '
'My today, my tomorrow. . '
'. my days, my moments are all with you. '
'Only you are be there in my prayers. .
. . my silence and in my speech. Only you. '
'Stars will fade, the moon will grow dim. '
'. .time will wait here, but till the last glimmer of hope. . '
'. .till my last breathe, I will wait for you. '
'I will wait for you. '
'Yes, Priya, I will wait for you. '
I hate you.
Are you happy that you got your way.
I thinking about it all night.
My mind said that the answer should be no.
But then I heard Grandma's voice.
It said do what your heart says.
And my heart says that. .
. .that I love you.
One day you told me Priya. .
. .that it is very easy to break someone's trust.
It is hard to sustain that trust.
Today I swear on your love, that. .
. .I will sustain the trust at any cost.
At any cost.
All right.
Today is 14th August.
We will meet exactly six months from today on the 14th of February.
You mean, on Valentine's day? - Yes.
The day when lovers meet.
All right. But where?
On the Gateway of India.
Exactly at 5 o' clock in the evening.
I will wait for you.
Yes, but. .
. .we won't meet each other for 6 months.
And secondly of one of us. .
. . may not come that day.
The other won't question him.
Don't say like that, Priya.
We'll both be there.
We will certainly come.
Take care.
Take care.
Did you say anything? - No.
Do you like children?
Yes, I like children very much.
I will miss you, Dev.
I will miss you too.
Sister-in-law, Dev is about to come.
Don't worry. His ship has arrived.
Dev, hi ! - Welcome.
Dev, I missed you so much.
Look at you. Poor baby.
What have you done to yourself?
What has happened to you? You look like a Romeo.
But no problem, from now I will always stay with you.
Listen, I am talking to you.
Now look, we will always stay together now. I love you so much, Dev.
Why are you looking there?
I am standing here, right in front of you, in flesh and blood.
Actually, I want to. . - And this dress.
Whom are you impressing with this dress?
You've already impressed me.
I missed you.
I really missed you, Priya.
Come, let's go.
Hello, this is Anita Singhania speaking.
Give Dev the phone. - Yes, this is Dev speaking.
Sorry. This is Nattu speaking.
Where is Dev? - Dev is there.
Dev, attend the call.
Hello, he is not here. - What?
No, I mean he is here, but he is in the bathroom right now.
He has been in the bathroom for 2 hours.
Actually, he went to the toilet first and then the bathroom.
Then he had to go the toilet again.
So he had to go to the bathroom again.
That's toilet. . - Shut up. - Shut up?
Dev, why aren't you taking Anita's call?
And how much more will you smoke?
Looking at all this smoke, someone will think that there is a fire.
There is a fire, Nattu.
I met a girl in the ship and. .
And I love her very much. I cannot live without her.
And with this we end our news bulletin. Bye-bye.
No, Nattu. It is not like that this time. Try to understand. .
I don't want to listen. I don't want to listen to anything.
Think about your bankruptcy instead of a girl.
Dev, I am not joking.
The debtors have sent you love letters. A legal notice.
If you don't pay them off in 10 days. .
. .then this bungalow that car, this swimming pool that swing. .
. .even my trousers will be auctioned.
- Sir. - What is it?
Seth Hirachand has come to meet you.
Let him go to hell. Seth Hirachand.
Make him sit.
He is the messenger of death.
He will go only after taking my life.
You are dead, Nattu.
Which God shall I pray to now?
Who will save me?
Why have you come here?
I mean to say, I was about to come to meet you.
Then why take the trouble to come here?
Pain. We're in pain, Mr. Dev.
It is true.
How did we dare send you send a notice to a billionaire's son-in-law. .
. . Pratap Rai Singhania's son-in-law.
Exactly. Exactly.
Rascals, how did you dare you set foot here?
All right, now since you have come.
I will throw your money on your faces.
Listen. Listen. - We made a mistake.
A mistake.
Say that you are a donkey. - You are a donkey.
Say, I am donkey. - I am a donkey.
Yes, say that you are the greatest fool.
You are the greatest fool. - Say, I am the greatest fool.
I am the greatest fool. - Yes.
Where has this problem come from?
Hello. Hello.
To hell with hello, where is Dev?
He is not at home. No, I mean, he is in the toilet.
No, he's in the bathroom. No, he was in the toilet, he's in the bathroom now.
Now he has gone to the swimming pool to catch fishes. - Shut up.
Sister-in-law. - Idiot.
No problem. No problem.
She's doing it affectionately.
What's it to you?
Get out. - Nothing. - Out.
Dev, I've been calling for the last two hours.
You are not answering any of my calls.
What's wrong with, my darling?
Anita, I want to tell you something.
All that later. First, come with me.
Okay. - But Anita, listen to me. .
No ifs and buts. We are going. That's it.
Yes, yes. Let's go, otherwise we are gone.
Sister-in-law, will be unhappy.
Come. Come.
Come on, Dev.
Where have you brought me, Anita?
Come with me.
Anita, tell me, what is all this?
Come with me. You will know everything in some time, come.
Welcome, my son-in-law. Welcome.
Welcome to my house. - What is all this, Anita?
I will tell you, son-in-law. How do you find this house?
Like a palace. - From today this is your house.
A small gift from our side. - A small gift!
Thank you.
Ladies and gentlemen.
Ladies and gentlemen.
The owner of this house didn't want to sell it. .
. . but my daughter said that she likes only this house.
I ended up paying him thrice as much for it.
Money can buy anything, my boy. Anything.
You are right, sir. - Excuse me, sir.
The camera is ready. - Come darling.
Where? - We will announce our wedding in front of the whole world on TV.
What? - Yes, I want to show the entire world that. .
. .everyone's darling, the most handsome Dev is only mine.
All rights reserved. Let's go.
But Anita. - Come on. Go, go, go, go my boy.
Sir, you are not a man. - What?
You are a great man. A great man.
You are great, sir. - I know. I know.
Come, come. Sit here. Sir, please sit here.
Sit here. Please sit here.
What a pair.
May no one cast an evil eye. Camera.
Friends, we invite you to Moon TV's super-hit Closedown meetings.
And today we have with us, Pratap Rai's future son-in-law. .
..Mr. Dev Karan Singh and his fiancace Anita Singhania.
Sister, see who is coming on TV? - Who is it?
The one who has made a record in love affairs.
That Dev Karan Singh. Wow.
So Mr. Dev, you have decided to get married.
Yes. - But your image is that of a flirtatious bumble bee. .
. .who wanders from one flower to another, then why suddenly this.
Suddenly, I found a flower, which filled my life. .
. .with the fragrance of love.
And your pockets with billions of rupees? - Oh, no.
No, all right.
Right now Mr. Singhania has said. .
. .that he has given you this small palace.
He has given it, but I have not accepted it.
My wife will live in a house that I can afford.
So you are planning to work.
Mr. Dev will you tell the world, what you are going to do?
Not painting, Mr. Dev. Printing. Printing.
You will have to print Rs. 500.
Because even Mr. Singhania dog's drink packaged water.
I can see that.
Good joke.
He sorted him out with that answer.
When have you decided to start working, Dev?
Daddy's here.
No, Anita.
Till now I have lived of others. .
. . but she taught me to love for others.
And I'd like her to live in a house filled with love. .
. .and decorated with peace.
Where children laugh and there will be light.
Where happiness will come without knocking.
Her? Are we not talking about her?
Mr. Dev you want to say that your future wife. .
. . is not Miss Anita Singhania, but someone else.
Mr. Dev, I am asking you if Miss Anita Singhania is your future wife?
Oh, no, she is someone else. - What?
Swear on my mother, it's good that. .
. . he's not marrying the witch.
You can't do this to me. - Disaster.
Disaster. It is amazing.
Ladies and gentleman, the meeting today. .
. . has taken an amazing turn.
Mr. Dev Karan Singh. Who has always liked to shock. .
. .the world has shocked us again.
He had declined. .
. . Singhania's wealth, his palace and his daughter.
He done with it all. - You idiot.
What nonsense is this? - Keep calm.
Switch it off. - He wants to cut his nose. .
. . make a pickle out of it and feed it to the dogs.
Get out of here. - Sorry, sir.
Dev, what is happening?
Have you gone mad? What is this nonsense?
Are you drunk?
Oh, no. I am completely sober.
Anita, I cannot marry you. - Daddy.
Daddy, I got my wedding gown, shoes, clothes. .
. .and picked out something for the honeymoon. .
. .and he says that he won't marry me.
Yes daughter, but look.
Mr. Singhani, he will.
He will. Sir, he is joking. He is fooling you, sir.
No, Nattu, I am not joking.
Anita, you will get a better boy than me. - You don't need to advice.
I am telling you, get out from here.
You get out from here. Get out, I say.
Come Nattu. - Dev.
Come daughter. - Uncle, uncle. Uncle, trust me.
He is a child. I will make him understand, uncle.
Please. Don't be angry. - Turn around a little.
I have turned around, sir.
Bend a little. - I have bent down, sir.
He is beating me. - Come, Nattu.
I had thought that there is no real love in this world.
But you've proved that real love is alive even today.
It's alive for people like you. .
. .who sacrifice everything for love.
What you have done is right.
We don't know each other.
But I trust. .
. .you will reach your goal.
All the best.
You have let it all go to waste.
You don't worry. I will go.
I will deal with these people.
What is the matter, brother?
Give me the keys.
Take off your clothes. - Hey, I won't take of my clothes.
I will take off my clothes. will take off my clothes.
I will take everything off.
Now leave this. Shall I go? - One minute.
Say you are a donkey. - You are a donkey.
Say that I am a donkey. - Yes, I am a donkey.
Say, you are the greatest fool. - You are the greatest fool.
Oh yes, I am the greatest fool. I am cow dung.
I am the son of a dog. I will leave.
Hey, wait, wait.
Wait. - The fatso.
Dev, congratulations. Congratulations.
You have turned life around.
One minute we were loaded, and the next we're flat broke.
Dev, we have nothing with us. We are robbed.
We are ruined.
We are ruined.
Don't cry dear. Take this penny.
Have some snacks.
God will make everything right. - Alms.
Dev. See this. I am promoted.
I have become a beggar from a bankrupt. A beggar.
Do you know why? Because you are in love.
History bears witness that love triumphs.
Farhaad, created rivers of milk.
And his mind curdled to curd.
That Majnu, son of a cobbler, was beaten with a shoe. .
And that Romeo, scoundrel died the death of a dog.
But for the first time. .
. .some lover's love has turned his friend into a beggar.
May he be bitten by a black snake.
Let love's corpse be lifted and affection buried.
Pour some petrol on love and burn it.
Mannu. Mannu.
There is someone just as mad as us.
There is someone just as mad as us. - He is not as insane as us.
No problem, he is even more insane. Let's do one thing.
We will catch him and take him to our Lunatic asylum.
Our asylum will become more prestigious with his presence.
Yes, yes. - Yes. - Let's go.
If you love, there is only fear.
Love should have never happen.
The heart is a fool. It is mad.
It is stupid. Stupid.
Who is it? - I have caught you.
Caught you. - What are you doing?
Where are you taking me? - Lunatic asylum.
Lunatic asylum. - But I am not mad.
Dear, every mad person speaks like this. - Shut up.
If you want to catch a mad person, catch him.
Do you know he has refused billions of rupees. .
. . because he is madly in love.
Don't listen to this madman.
Don't listen to this. Take him.
Take him.
What is happening?
Why are you making such a noise?
Mohan, listen. Tina.
Hello. Please give the phone to Raj.
He is not in the office, madam.
If he comes, tell him I called. - Priya?
Yes, Priya.
Tell him to call immediately. I am at home.
Yes, madam.
Think of the devil and the devil is here.
Your servant is right in front of you.
Raj, where were you? I have to talk to you about something important.
I also want to talk about something important.
I am such a donkey, a great fool, and an idiot.
Since last two years I have been promising you marriage.
Next month. But today.
Today, suddenly met a crazy man. What was his name?
Yes, Dev Karan Singh.
Yes, Dev Karan Singh.
What a lover.
What a terrific guy. Mind blowing.
He has opened my eyes Priya.
And I have decided to marry you next week instead of next month.
No more business planning.
Only family planning.
Come on. Let's dance.
Raj, I have to tell you something.
What can be more special than this?
Raj, please sit down. Sit.
Raj, I was on the ship and. .
And what?
Hi, uncle Raghu. - Live a long life, dear.
Congratulations, Priya.
This fool informed us over the phone.
My feel as though my life is complete because you are getting married.
And my nephew didn't waste any time.
Kept the phone, boarded the plane, took out the car. .
. .and became bankrupt. - You also.
This jewellery, these bangles and. .
. .these dress is for our daughter-in-law.
And the brother-in-law of the groom is for free.
Wow, Priya you are great.
You've got him to marry you.
Do it now before my brother changes his mind. Get engaged and married.
Right? - But with great grandeur.
Yes. - Song, dance and festivities.
What do you think, uncle?
Shall we start from tomorrow?
Why tomorrow? Why not today?
What you are going to do tomorrow, do today.
What you are going to do today, do now.
Time roles on. Why wait.
Hello, Uncle. - Live a long life, my dear.
Drink forever.
Thank you for taking me out of that lunatic asylum.
If I had stayed a few hours more. .
. .then those crazy people would driven me up the wall.
Laughing. You are laughing.
Do you know there was a mad person among them?
The whole night tried to tell him. .
. . that this is my stomach, not a drum.
But still that rascal took a stick and beat me the entire night.
If this had continued, this drum would have burst.
You are laughing? Laugh.
Laugh. - But you will cry after some time.
You will cry when this attack of love will pass.
I am telling you.
Let's catch Singhania's feet, otherwise we will be left hungry.
Come Nattu. Our work is done.
Wow. - Excuse me.
What is it?
Look, maybe you need a painter.
I am a painter. Tell me, what has to be painted.
Yes, speed breaker, speed breaker on the street.
Speed breaker.
Lines of black and white, understand.
Hey, shall I slap you?
You are telling a great painter like Dev Karan. .
. .to paint a speed breaker. - Nattu.
Old man. .
. .you will fall into your grave, if I blow. - Nattu, enough.
Look, sir, curse me, but don't tell me about my health.
I am very touchy regarding health.
If I touch you, you will crumble. - Nattu, enough.
Look. . - Yes. - . .don't mind him.
All right. - I am ready to paint.
Then pick this can and start - Thank you.
If I hit you, you will run around in circles.
Hey. - Yes.
Why are you painting speed breakers?
What are you doing painting speed breakers?
I mean, are you in love?
Nowadays all lovers are painting speed breakers.
I thought you might be in love that's. .
. .why you are painting speed breakers.
That's not it. I'm earning a living.
Give me a cigarette. - Then take this.
So shall I go search for matches. - Go and search.
I will go and search. - These people.
100, 200, 300, 350. Here are your wages for today.
See Nattu, my first pay.
I will buy a canvas with it.
And I will buy some fried snacks. - Nattu.
I am very hungry, friend.
Come, painter. Warm food is ready.
It's great to eat a meal after two days.
Eat it my dear. Don't tell me, if it becomes cold.
You eat. I will eat later.
Shall I say one thing?
That girl is probably really amazing. .
. .who changed a devil like you.
Tell me friend, how does your Priya look?
How she talks? How does she laugh?
My Priya is very beautiful.
Like these colours.
Pink eyes.
Golden voice.
A smile like the colours of the rainbow.
''A lover should be the one who ruins himself in love. ''
''I will take a hundred births for you. I will die for your love. ''
''I will do something that no lover has done. ''
''I will take a hundred births for you. I will die for your love. ''
''I will do something which no lover has done. ''
''I have to tell you something. ''
''I have to stay in your heart. ''
''Come, let me give you love. ''
''Give you the two worlds. ''
''You are fairy, an enchantress, a bud, shivering fog. ''
''We will get intoxicated in good weather. ''
''We will have good weather. ''
''I have to tell you something. ''
''I have to stay in your heart. ''
''I will take a hundred births for you. I will die for your love. ''
''I will do something which no lover has done. ''
''I will take a hundred births for you. I will die for your love. ''
''I will do something that no lover has done. ''
Dev. What did you do?
Why? Isn't it good?
Good? They are very good. It is mind blowing.
It is fantastic. You have done magic, my friend.
What a painting? !
We will get whatever price we quote.
And this one.
It is beautiful. It's just beautiful.
Is it complete now?
Then complete it quickly, friend. It will be auctioned. Auctioned.
No, Nattu. I will never sell this.
Why? - This is for Priya.
Only Priya will understand that this is not just a picture.
It is sentiments. A moment.
A picture of my life.
''I have chosen. I have chosen a girl. ''
''I have chosen. I have chosen a girl. ''
''Her innocent face has become fixed in my heart. ''
''I have chosen. ''
''I have chosen. I have chosen a girl. ''
''I have chosen. I have chosen a girl. ''
Priya ! Priya ! Why did you come here?
Come on. Let's go and dance.
Raj, I wanted to tell you something.
I know, Priya.
I know what you want to tell me.
You know? - Yes.
I am surprised why it took you so long to tell me what is in your heart.
The wedding celebrations have started. Are you mad?
Don't you understand that my happiness lies in yours.
That's why without telling you, I have invited them here.
Look there.
Hello. - Congratulations.
Priya, you've proved to be very selfish.
You have forgotten us after you have met Raj.
Or what? - Or what?
Raj came to the orphanage and invited us for the wedding, isn't it?
Yes, Priya, I can never forget the respect and honour. .
. . Raj has given us.
The way you have treated people from the orphanage. .
What are you saying, Mrs. Patil?
You are Priya's family.
And Priya's family means my in-laws.
And I can't get married without the bride's family.
Hey, you. .
. .why are you missing a chance to make your brother-in-law dance.
Uncle. - Quickly take your brother-in-law to the floor.
Quickly. - I am coming. I am coming.
''Meets in dreams. My girl meets me in my dreams. ''
''Meets in dreams. My girl meets me in my dreams. ''
''My girl who stays covered in the veil the whole day. ''
Today I am very happy.
He respects you so much.
He loves you so much.
You are very lucky. Very.
'He lives in my dreams. '
What is matter, dear? Why are you crying?
Aunt, I don't want to get married.
What are you saying?
Aunt. . - Come here. Come here.
''Meets in dreams. My girl meets me in my dreams. ''
''My girl who stays covered in the veil the whole day in the eyes. ''
''Meets in dreams. My girl meets me in my dreams. ''
''Meets in dreams. My boy meets me in my dreams. ''
''Meets in dreams. My girl meets me in my dreams. ''
Now tell me aunt, what should I do? What should I do?
Before taking any decisions. .
. .you should meet your childhood friend, Madhu.
But she is in Bangalore with her husband.
No, she has come back to the orphanage forever.
Madhu. I am Priya.
Yes, I am Priya.
Aunt, what has happened to her?
Someone saw her wandering in Bangalore station.
Reported to us. We went and brought her to the orphanage.
But her husband? Her in-laws?
Her husband left her for some other girl.
The doctor says she has completely lost her mental balance.
She has even tried to commit suicide many times.
If you sacrifice everything for somebody. .
. .and suddenly he comes and tell you. .
that he's leaving you forever.
That can make anyone crazy.
Even you. Even Raj.
Take her away.
You want to break the wedding.
But do you know the consequences?
Will Raj be able to bear this shock?
You want the same thing to happen to Raj that Madhu went through.
He should also die several deaths thinking about you.
Piya, I agree that your joy lies in your love.
But don't you think that. .
. . it is duty to sacrifice your love. .
. .for the sake of Raj's happiness.
Now you have to decide.
Do you want to side with love or duty?
Remember one thing, dear.
If you leave Raj. .
. . no decent boy will. .
. .dare marry a girl from the orphanage.
He won't dare.
'Dear Dev, forgive me. '
'Because I won't be able to come to meet you. .
. .as promised at the Gateway on 14th of February. '
'Don't think that my love for you has ended. '
'But I won't be able to pay Raj back my entire life. '
'For a girl, her husband is God. '
'But I am going to make my God my husband. '
'Forgive me. '
Dev. Dev.
Dev. Dev. - What happened?
I have sold your woman, for 50,000.
Is it? And what about the other one?
I will sell her too.
I will take a total of Rs. 100,000 for that damsel.
Shameless, rogue. Broker.
Hey, why are you slapping him ?
People should break the skull of a person like you. .
. .and make skull park.
Skull park.
If you sell the woman again, I will put all your teeth in your hand.
Understand. Scoundrel. Rogue.
Come, Sheru. He is ruined.
You are. .
Why are you laughing?
I am going home.
All right, go.
Why, friend, why are you staring?
Selling woman means, he has sold a picture of a woman.
Picture. That means you are a painter. - Yes.
Then what are you doing here? - Earning money.
I paint paintings all night at home.
And paint hoarding all day here.
When do you sleep?
I was sleeping till now, friend. But I have woken up now.
Either you are mad or a lover.
I am both. A mad lover.
Now I understand.
You are here so early in the morning.
Not early, but at right time. Come, sit here.
Priya we will become husband and wife in the next two days.
We will be married to each other.
I want no secrets between us.
If we get to know about things later, it may cause us pain.
Now listen properly to what I am going to tell you now.
When you went to Singapore. .
. .I met Maya in one of the seminars in London.
In the first meeting became friends.
And I don't know when, but gradually friendship developed into love.
And when I felt it, I remembered you.
I said, I am going to get married to you and. .
I told her to forget me forever.
Hearing this, Maya's heart broke. But. .
Priya, was what I did right?
No, Raj, you didn't.
If you love Maya then you should go to her.
You should carry on your love Raj. .
. . because nothing is greater than love.
Then why are you coming to marry me and turning down Dev's love?
Thank God, Dev doesn't live at this address anymore.
And this letter written by you came into my hands otherwise. .
Are you mad Priya?
The man who left the entire world for you. .
. .you are telling him to forget you.
Why, Priya? Why? Why?
Just because you think that I have been good to you.
I am sorry, Priya. I am sorry.
Even though you regard me as God. .
. . in reality you don't even think of me as a friend.
No, Raj, no. I. . - What no, I?
Priya, friends never bestow favours on friends.
You have built this academy, this house. .
. .everything with your own ability.
You have insulted your art, your skills. .
. .and even our friendship by calling it a favour.
Even if the world says that you are bound by favours. .
. .even then your goal is only Dev.
Because really there is nothing more than love.
14th of February, right?
You will surely go to meet Dev on the 14th of February.
You will certainly go. And I will be bid farewell from here.
Raj. .
I. .
I. .
Your favours. .
You made it, friend. You made it.
See this. Your own, your own house bought by your own earnings.
It's unbelievable. Friend, It's unbelievable.
Today I have realised that true love has great strength.
I am proud of you, my friend. I am proud of you, my friend.
That's why, we have given him the tile of The King of Lovers.
Sir, do you recognise me? No. Moon TV, N . D. Shrivastav.
Interview. Interview. Singhania's punch.
Remember. Remember. You remembered me now.
Sorry. I need an interview from you.
Look, I don't want to do all this.
No, sir. Please, please. Don't say no, sir.
All the lovers in the world look up to you as their idol.
Tomorrow is the 14th of February, Valentine's day.
What is Valentine's day?
It's the Id, Diwali and Christmas for lovers?
Sir, if you give a small message on this auspicious day. .
. .everyone will be happy sir.
Sir, please, please. - I am sorry.
Hey, speak, speak. - Move your hand. - Sorry.
Dev, give him the interview. He will keep on speaking if you don't.
All right, ask me quickly what you want to ask.
Thank you. Thank you. Camera. Quick. Quick.
Look, oh sorry.
Look, consider the camera to be on when the red light is glowing.
The red light is glowing. - Oh, yes. The red light.
Thank you. Friends.
Today on eve of Valentine's day, we will make you meet. .
. .the renowned Casanova, who turned sincere.
Mr. Dev Karan Singh.
Mr. Dev you have achieved your dreams in these six months.
Now what do you want from life?
Tomorrow we will become one forever.
I just want her to bring a lot of love for me.
Even the shadow of sorrow should stay away from us.
Only happiness and happiness.
And now Mr. Dev tell us the name of that lucky girl. .
. .who will be bringing happiness to your life.
The name of that innocent girl is Priya.
I love you, Priya.
I love you.
I love you too, Dev.
Wow, teacher said, I love you.
So what? My papa also says I love you every day.
To your mother? - No, to the aunt next door.
Teacher, teacher, what is love?
The thing which happens to a 16-year-old girl. .
. .when she sees a 1 7 year-old-boy. That's known as love.
Teacher, teacher, make me 1 7 years old too.
I want to love too.
With whom?
With Madhuri Dixit.
Why? Because she dances very nicely.
Shut up. Teacher's heart is thumping today.
Tomorrow is teacher's wonderful day, isn't it, teacher?
Yes, children.
Tomorrow is the biggest day of my life.
Because tomorrow I am going to meet my Dev.
14th of February, here I come.
''Tinak tin tana, play that tune?''
''I dance dhinak dhin. ''
''My heart sings and the worlds dances too. ''
''Tinak tin tana, play that tune?''
''I dance dhinak dhin. ''
''My heart sings and the worlds dances too. ''
''The anklets which tinkle call me. ''
''A fragrant stole comes fluttering in the breeze. ''
''I will tell you the things of my hearts. ''
''How I have spent these days and nights?''
''In the mirror of my eyes. ''
''In the garden of my memories. ''
''In my breath and my life. ''
''Is only your fragrance. ''
''Is only your face. ''
''Is only your discussion. ''
''Is only your guard. ''
''Tinak tin tana, play that tune?''
''I dance dhinak dhin. ''
''My heart sings and the worlds dances too. ''
''Now I don't want to live without you. ''
''Now I don't want to shed the tears of estrangement. ''
''I will keep you in my eyelids. ''
''I will give you true love every moment. ''
''I will take you in my arms. ''
''I will play with your hair. I will take all your sorrows. ''
''You are my darling. ''
''You are my heartbeat. ''
''You are my sweet heart. ''
''You are my life partner. ''
''Tinak tin tana, play that tune?''
''I dance dhinak dhin. ''
''My heart sings and the worlds dances too. ''
''I dance dhinak dhin. ''
''My heart sings and the worlds dances too. ''
''I dance dhinak dhin. ''
''My heart sings and the worlds dances too. ''
What happened? - I will just go and see, madam.
What happened? - Madam the tyre is punctured.
I will just change it. It will take just two minutes.
No problem. It is nearby. I will go.
Madam it will only take two minutes. I will change it.
No. It is nearby. I will go. - All right, madam.
What happened? What happened?
Please Dr. Dastoor. Prepare for the operation. - Yes, sir.
Excuse me, where can I find Dr. Dastoor? - There he is.
About the operation. . - Absolutely. - I am Raj. - Yes.
How is Priya? How is she?
We have to perform a major operation to save her life. .
Don't worry about money, just save her doctor.
Look, it is a matter of money, Mr. Raj.
We need your signatures in this paper.
Dev. I am coming.
Wait for me, Dev. I. .
Take me back, dear. Take me back.
This marriage.
I am coming.
Wait for me.
Dev you are so late. Where is Priya?
I am asking you. Dev. Where is Priya?
She didn't come.
She didn't come.
Priya. Priya, you should take rest.
No, Dev is waiting for me Raj. I have to go.
Keep still, please. - No, Raj.
Dev is waiting for me Raj. Let me go Raj. I have to go.
You cannot go anywhere now. - Why can't I go? I am fine Raj.
Let me go. Dev is waiting for me Raj.
Priya, listen to me, please. - Why don't you understand? Let me go.
Priya, you. .
Dev. Does Dev know about it?
No, Priya.
He shouldn't come to know at any cost, Raj.
He won't come to know.
I promise you. I promise you.
Now relax. - Thank you, Raj.
All Dev's happiness, all his joys. .
. . have ended Raj.
Everything has ended.
''In a moment it makes me laugh. ''
''In a moment it makes me cry. ''
''No matter what punishment this life gives. ''
''Why doesn't the one who goes far, come back?''
''Someone tell me why does this happen?''
Dev dear, forgive me, we couldn't wait for you.
Because it would take four to five days for you to come.
No problem. I understand.
Dev dear. .
. . it was Grandma's last wish to have these anklets sent to Priya madam.
''We will be successful. We will be successful. ''
''We will be successful, one day. ''
Did you see Priya?
How happy are the children to see you !
Thank you, Raj, for everything. - Come on.
Friends don't do any favours.
You take care. Bye.
''We will be successful. We will be successful. ''
''We will be successful, one day. ''
''We have belief in our heart. We have total belief. ''
''We will be successful, one day. ''
Teacher, what time is it?
Sunny is singing the wrong lyrics
Sing, hope is on your mind.
What does mind mean?
It's a place where feelings are hidden.
We hide a lot of love in there. .
. .for our mummy, our papa.
But you don't have parents, so is your heart empty?
No, dear.
There is someone else.
Whose love I have hidden in my heart.
Who is that someone?
There is a prince. A very adorable prince.
Prince. A prince like the one in the tale of Cinderella.
Yes, absolutely like that.
All right, so you are Cinderella.
Then in the end you will eat, drink and be merry forever.
If God wishes.
No, teacher you won't live happily forever.
But how will the prince recognise you. .
. .when he will bring your lost shoe?
You don't even have legs.
Stupid boy. You have hurt the teacher.
I am sorry, teacher. I have hurt you.
No, Jay. You are right.
I will never get my prince.
No, no, you will get him. You will surely get your prince.
We all will pray.
''We will be successful. We will be successful. ''
''We will be successful, one day. ''
''We have belief in our heart. We have total belief. ''
''We will be successful, one day. ''
Hello. - Dev sir, this is Jaspal speaking.
No, no, not Jaspal Bhatti, Jaspal Sandhu, your agent.
Yes, tell me, Jaspal. - One of your paintings, Mann. .
. .a girl wants to buy it.
You know that that painting is not for sale, Jaspal.
Sir, I explained it to her, but she's insisting.
She is sitting and praising the painting.
She says, this is not a painting. It is moment.
I don't know, she said it's a relationship.
And I don't know, what she was saying.
Yes, it is the picture of someone's love.
Who is this girl? - I don't know.
It is some lame girl.
I think, she doesn't even have much money.
I will do this, I will quote a high price.
She will run as soon as she hears the price of the painting.
Give her the painting.
Give her. For how much?
No, don't take money from her. Just give it away.
For free? - Yes.
And tell her the painter has said thank you.
At least there is someone. .
. .who understands the emotions hidden in the painting.
All right. As you wish. Okay.
Dev. See this. See, what is in my hand.
Two tickets of a super hit drama.
It is a drama which will do away with all your problems.
Come. Come. Come. Come. Get ready quickly.
No, I don't want to go.
Is it? Then take, tear the tickets.
Nattu. . - No, no, tear them. Who I am to you?
Why will you come for me? I am not your friend.
I am your secretary, your servant, your crony.
You will not come to see a drama with me even if it pleases me.
Let friendship go to hell and these tickets too.
You will be happy if I went along? - Very much.
Then let's go.
That is the spirit.
Come. Let us get ready quickly. We will go quickly.
Suraj, I know that it will hurt if you hear what I have to say.
But destiny has decided. .
. .that we should get estranged forever.
Get separated for ever.
Kiran, either you say that you will never leave me. .
. .or tell me that I should die.
Because I cannot live for a single moment without you.
Why don't you understand, Suraj?
Our union is impossible.
But why?
What is the problem, Kiran? Is something lacking in my love?
Then why do you want to go away from me. Why?
Don't ask me anything.
It will pain you when I tell you and it's painful for me to narrate.
Forget that you have ever loved someone.
Forget that you ever felt true love for someone.
Forget me, Suraj. Forget me.
''I have loved you. I will love you always. ''
''Even if I die, the love in my heart won't lessen. ''
''I shed tears when I remember you. ''
''Every time they say, that we will be united. ''
''What is this life? It is just your story. ''
''It is just your story. This life of mine. ''
''I have loved you. I will love you always. ''
''Even if I die, the love in my heart won't lessen. ''
''Those talk of yours. Those customs of affection. ''
''Were the promises and all were false?''
''Darling, is it true. Just tell me that. ''
''The moment of love should not break. ''
''Give me some return of my waiting. ''
''I have loved you. I will love you always. ''
''Even if I die, the love in my heart won't lessen. ''
''I am only yours. ''
''Take whatever promise you want to. ''
''Oh my darling, give me your sorrows. ''
''I will have to tolerate the grief of separation my whole life. ''
''My goal has been lost on the roads. ''
''My problems will end only with me. ''
''I have loved you. I will love you always. ''
''Even if I die, the love in my heart won't lessen. ''
''You are in front of me, then why is this distance?''
''How can I tell you my problem?''
''Is this a life? Only shedding tears. ''
''Only shedding tears. Is this a life?''
What is the matter, Priya?
Shall I bring you some water?
No. - Sure?
Priya, I will tell Dev everything, today.
No, Raj. You will do nothing of that sort.
I am sorry, Priya. I won't stay silent now.
I will tell him the truth. - No, Raj.
Raj. Raj, please wait.
For God's sake don't do this, Raj.
Listen to me, Raj. Raj.
For God's sake don't do this, Raj.
Raj, please come back. Raj.
Raj, listen to me, Raj,
Priya, Priya are you all right, Priya?
You will never tell him. You have taken an oath.
You have taken an oath on our friendship Raj.
Please Raj. Please Raj.
You are angry with me?
Oh, no, I am fine.
I am your friend.
Your oath has silenced me.
So now I am silent. Now I don't want to argue on this.
It's over and done.
Shall I ask you one thing, Raj?
May God forbid, if this accident had happened to you. .
. .what would you have done?
Tell me, Raj, what would you have done?
You would have allowed yourself to become. .
. .a burden on someone?
I know, Raj, you are upset with me.
But no problem, if not in this birth. .
. . Dev and I will surely meet in our next birth.
The world is based on hope. Isn't it?
Dev, all this. . Where are you going?
Grandma's house. - For how many days?
Forever. - What?
Have you gone mad, Dev?
A new life is inviting you in and you. .
Dev, now you have become a great artist.
Well-known art critics don't get tired of praising your art.
Success is kissing your feet, my friend and you. .
You are talking about leaving everything and going away.
Don't do this, friend. Don't do this.
When a man loses his eyes. .
. .even the light of a thousand lamps is useless for him.
This fame, this name, this honour.
This was just a way to reach my goal.
And now that there is no goal. .
. .what shall I do with the path.
Take care of yourself.
''Life tolerates joy and sorrows, but still she keeps quiet. ''
''Up until now no one had been able to deduce the meaning of life. ''
Very good. Very, very good.
I believe that we will get the first prize in. .
. .the All India Musical Competition.
Yes, but you won't come with us to receive the first prize.
Sister, do come. We only have to go till Pune.
I want to, but the doctor had told me not to travel far.
Teacher, I will look after you.
You cannot look after yourself.
You relieve yourself in your underwear at your age.
I do it my underwear and not yours. You do your work.
Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay.
Children, do you all want your teachers condition to deteriorate?
Then come back after winning the first prize. Okay?
Okay. - All the best.
Thank you teacher. Bye, bye. - Come on, let's go.
Bye, bye. - Come one. Let's go.
Come on, come on. - Bye. Good luck.
All the best.
Happy Diwali, teacher.
Happy Diwali, sweetheart.
Do you want anything else, sister? - No.
Sister. Shall I say one thing? - Yes.
You are alone on Diwali day. I don't like it.
Come to our house.
No, Sharda, I am fine. Thank you.
All right. I will leave. - Yes.
Sister, if you need anything. Then ring the bell and call me.
Yes? - Is this Priya Verma's. .
Hello, Priya.
Hello, Dev.
May I come in?
Yes, come in, Dev.
How are you, Dev?
I am fine.
May I sit? - Yes, yes. Come, come, please.
How are you? - You have asked once.
Well, how are you?
I? I am fine. I am okay.
Your face is saying something else.
Yes, that. . I am not well. .
Maybe I have fever because of the change in the weather.
Don't worry. I won't take much of your time.
No, no it is not like that.
You're probably wondering what I'm doing here.
Yes, I was.
To say sorry.
Sorry? For what?
For not keeping my promise.
I didn't come to meet you that day at the Gateway.
You didn't come there?
Yes, that's why, even though it's a bit late. .
. . it's necessary for me to say sorry.
So here I am and I am sorry Priya.
I am really sorry.
It's okay, Dev. It's okay.
No, it's not okay, Priya. It's not okay.
What I did was very wrong. To break a promise means. .
You might have felt very bad that day.
Yes, I have felt bad.
I thought, what is this? To make someone wait like this.
And that also till late at night.
By the way, how long did you wait?
I mean to say you must have waited long. Isn't it?
Yes, I waited long.
Around 12, 1 o'clock. .
Till morning 5 o' clock.
Till morning 5 o' clock.
What did you do after that?
I was very angry.
To be waiting alone at the Gateway till 5 in the morning. .
. .with a car decorated with flowers. .
. .and all the arrangements for marriage.
Look everywhere like crazy.
Is she there? Or is she standing there?
She will come. Will she arrive with stubbornness.
Truly, Priya. It was very bad.
Shouldn't have behaved like this.
At least a letter explaining why you weren't there.
Maybe she didn't know which address to the send the letter to?
It's not so difficult to find an address?
Now see. I found you by searching your address.
You can even find God, if you search for him.
You find everything. Except for one thing.
True love.
You will also get true love, Dev.
That means your love was false?
Why didn't you come, Priya? Why didn't you come?
You have promised that you will come. - Dev, please.
We have also decided that is if one cannot come. .
. .then the other won't ask questions. - I know why you didn't come.
Because there wasn't any true love in your heart.
Why are you asking questions, if you know the answer?
It is easy to win someone's trust.
It is even easier to break it.
But it is hard to carry the trust.
You have said so to me, right?
I can't believe that. .
. .the very person who has advised me to sustain trust. .
. . has broken my trust today.
Well. .
Leave love, you didn't even carry your friendship.
You didn't invite me to your wedding.
I will invite you, when it 's confirmed.
You mean your wedding is still. .
Forget about me. Talk about yourself.
What is happening in your life?
I have heard that you have become a great painter.
Yes. And this also proves difficult for me sometimes.
What difficulties?
People see me and say that there goes the crazy painter. .
. .who says I love you to every girl.
He says, where will you meet me after six months?
And the girls come to met you. - Of course they do.
Everywhere. Taj Mahal. Red Fort. Charminar.
This crazy person calls them at different places and makes them wait.
And what does he do himself?
Waiting for someone else.
Dev, why do you want to ruin your life?
You will surely get some good girl.
Don't worry, Priya. I have chosen my life partner.
My memories.
And today I am leaving this city forever with them.
Oh, I forgot.
I wish you a Happy Diwali. - No, Dev. I can't take this gift.
This is not from me. This is Grandma's gift.
Her last wish for me to bring these anklets to you.
That's why I didn't get the answer to my letters.
No, no. I will wear them myself.
Don't worry, Priya. I know my limits.
Good bye, Priya.
Good bye, Dev.
Do you know Priya. I painted a picture.
You and Grandma.
Do you remember that moment of love when. .
. . Grandma had told you that she will send you these anklets.
I had imprisoned that moment in a picture.
My friend Nattu used to say that that is my best painting.
And I had decided that I will never sell that painting.
But last week my manager called me and told me that. .
A girl has come to the showroom.
Who has liked the painting a lot.
She saw such details in that painting. .
. .which I had always wanted you to see.
I told my manger to give that painting to her.
Because she didn't have money and that poor girl was lame. .
'No, no. I will wear them myself. '
Do you know Priya what she said when she saw that picture?
She said, this is not only a picture, it a moment.
A feeling.
It is the picture of some love.
Don't stare at me like this, Dev.
Don't stare at me like this.
Why did you hide this from me?
Why didn't you tell me?
Why didn't it happen to me, if it has to happen?
No, Dev.
It was my fault.
I was running to meet you.
When I opened my eyes. .
. .there was no land beneath my feet.
I have lost my feet, Dev.
I am not like you anymore, Dev.
I am not like you.
Yes. .
. .you have become very selfish.
You wanted to take all the problems all the difficulties.
I only asked for some happiness.
You didn't even give me your sorrow.
I hate you, Priya.
I hate you.
Don't leave me again now.
We will laugh and face all our difficulties.
Do you know, Dev?
Whatever happens happens for good.
Now if you return home late at night after marriage. .
. .then you won't be able to whack you with my shoes.
All the best, Dev.
God bless both of you.
Now the bride and groom stand up for the rounds.