Black Jack OVA - Full Episode 3 (Official & HQ with subtitles)

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The phone!
The phone's ringing!
Let it ring.
You are always like that.
I'm currently not in.
If you wish to get a medical consultation,
please leave your phone number, name, your complaint,
seriousness of your condition, and your affordability to pay me.
I'll get back to you later.
Medal of Marias

♬The boar at the washing place...
♬The boar at the washing place...
The first moment
I met with her...
It was at the place where the boar...
The first... moment
I met with... her...
Oh my!
Today, at 3:20 in the afternoon,
the Sixth Division of the Federal Unites Air Force invaded the Ortega Republic.
The Sixth Division bombed the house of the Premier,
The Sixth Division bombed the house of the Premier,
and it seems that they have arrested the Prime Minister of the Ortega Republic, General Cruz.
and it seems that they have arrested the Prime Minister of the Ortega Republic, General Cruz.
The international society cannot repress its astonishment
for such situation in which a foreign country moved its troops with impunity
to capture the Prime Minister, ignoring the diplomatic protocol.
There seems to be a special press conference
of President Kelly of the Federal Unites.
The justice of us the Federal Unites
are a God-given one,
and that justice is the one for the world.
This incident, too, was nothing but our obligation to carry out
the responsibility of the world police.
General Cruz, Prime Minister of the Ortega Republic,
is an obvious criminal of the international society.
Therefore, we have a just right to
arrest this man and
bring him to trial.
Cruz has abused his power and position
to cultivate and to traffic drugs,
and has operated illegal organizations.
Not only to citizens of our country,
but to citizens of the whole world,
especially to our youth,
he has left a tremendously bad influence.
Then, dear reporters,
let's meet again on the day General Cruz gets trial
in our country's court.
Mr. President! Mr. President!
Please make one more statement!
Cruz, here's your meal.
Finish it within 10 minutes.
I was asked by the client
to meet at Niagara Falls,
near the northern border of the Federal Unites.
Nice to meet you. Please call me Maria.
Here's 500,000 dollars in cash.
I've brought the exact amount you asked for medical treatments.
Where's the patient?
I can't tell you that yet.
Why not?
The patient is still traveling at the moment.
After one week, please wait
at the hotel I told you to stay.
I'll come pick you up for sure.
What if you don't show up?
Then, 500,000 dollars are all yours.
This is San Sante Prison.
This is the prison that is holding General Cruz.
Soon, the car that's carrying General Cruz
will be passing here.
Ah, it's here! It's here!
The security level is very high.
General Cruz will soon be transferred to the prosecution
and be examined there.
Mayday! Mayday! Contact Mr. President...
What are you talking about? The defendant has disappeared right before the trial?!
What about our country's justice and pride?
It's now a top secret.
Make everything confidential first.
Until before the day of the trial,
we have to get Cruz back no matter what!
This is a special order from the president.
I was waiting at
the designated hotel.
the designated hotel.
There was only one minute remaining
from the time limit of one week.
This kind of incidents does happen from time to time.
It's not too bad to get 500,000 dollars
just from waiting.
What happened?
What happened to your eye?
It's fine. I'm all right.
Please come with me. Come with me.
There is a patient who needs you
more than I do, Doctor.
A left cornea damaged
due to a gunshot...
You can't avoid going blind
unless you get a transplant.
While you were passed out,
I took a look at your left eye.
You should get some more rest.
I injected some pain killers, but
you should be feeling an extreme pain
that a normal person wouldn't be able to bear.
I once endured a more severe
torture than this.
Put your clothes on.
No, Doctor. Take a look at it. I want you to look at it.
I want you to understand us.
How we fought against foreign countries,
and fought for our independence...
I want you to understand that.
These are my medals as a soldier!
Captain Maria Carnela,
platoon leader of the Ortega Republic Army.
I decided to stay with her
until the day her passion burns out.
Terminal cancer!
He was given a month left to live.
Why would you spend half-a-million dollars
if he's going to die anyway?
I want to make him live for
one more minute, or even one more second.
Every second of his time
is a hope itself for our people.
He... General Cruz...
has to return to his country alive.
We cannot let him die in this country
with the title of criminal.
General, you've waken up.
Captain Maria has returned.
This is Dr. Black Jack.
Get him some bourbon.
Let me take a look at you first of all.
I see.
Take your clothes off and lie down.
This is air unit 603.
We are passing over area B-28.
Nothing unusual to report in this area.
We will continue searching along the river.
They have found out that
we are trying to cross the border.
Colonel Estephan.
This is Doctor Black Jack.
I'm Estephan. Nice to meet you.
Colonel is in charge of this entire plan.
-What about the general? -After the examination,
he has gone to sleep again.
Doctor, would you please tell me
about your prognosis?
Without X-rays or endoscopes, an exact prognosis is impossible,
but I have reached some basic conclusions.
Though the General is pretending
to be doing all right,
it is clear that his body
is wearing down.
From the look of his thyroid gland,
it seems like the cancer
has spread to the rest of his body already.
It wouldn't be surprising to see him slipping into a coma right now.
Is it impossible...?
For the general to go back to his country?
Transporting him is impossible.
The vibration of the vehicle would only weaken him,
and may even provoke heart failure.
The only thing that could relieve the extreme pain of terminal cancer is
However, such use of morphine
also makes a body wear down faster.
How many more
times would he
be able to feel extreme pains
and relieve them with morphine?
What are you thinking?
Isn't this a bed prepared for me?
It's my job to watch over you.
I cannot let you out of my sight
until this work is finished.
Or do you want me to sleep outside and get pneumonia or something?
I'm always living to the fullest
so I can die without regrets.
The general was arrested for his crime with drugs,
but that is not true.
For a person who has sacrificed all his life
for liberty and independence... It's an unforgivable humiliation.
This is a violence from a powerful nation
to a weaker nation.
He's trying to bring
another confusion and civil war
to the Republic of Ortega by bringing General Cruz down.
Then military intervention.
He's going after the oil fields
of the Republic of Ortega.
Do you believe me?
Please trust me.
No, I can't trust you.
Mr. President, this picture of the border of the Republic of Ortega
was produced by one of our spy satellites two hours ago.
Please take a look at this B-28 site.
According to the thermoscan result,
on this island which is supposed to be empty,
about 20 creatures with body temperatures
higher than 33 degrees are gathered.
There is a possibility that they are merely coyotes or bears,
but just in case,
please dispatch a special forces unit.
Blue jacket...?
Yes, sir.
The Second Troop, into formation!
This gun is like my part of me.
I hope it serves you well if the need arises.
Love, Maria.
Above the B-28 area,
parachutes down.
There are two objectives: capture Cruz alive,
and kill anyone else who's there.
Good luck.
What's wrong?
It's very faint,
but it’s starting to closing in.
What? Is it the enemy's plane?
No, it's not a combat plane.
-Helicopter? -Too faint to be helicopter.
That's strange. It's not coming up on the radar.
Isn't it the Blue Jacket?
Blue Jacket?
They’re an elite strike force equipped
with helicopters that utilize silent rotors.
But why wouldn’t they show up on radar?!
They may be approaching from behind the mountain.
There they are! Right over us!
It's the enemy!
Take emergency cover!
Find Cruz!
I'm tired of it, Doctor...
It's extremely painful, but
I can endure any pain for my country.
During the war of independence, I got several gunshots,
and I went through all kinds of tortures when captured.
But this time...
Now I’ve begun to have dreams that make me wonder...
It's a heart-aching one...
truly all hope is dead.
If I remove your thyroid gland,
you should have more time.
Doctor, please perform that surgery.
The general has to return to Ortega no matter what.
Before our citizens, he has to prove
his courage to fight against foreign country's violence!
The general is our pride.
Please let him have a glorious death...!
For the people of Ortega!
I'm only decreasing a danger of his thyroid
that has been weakened.
Besides, it's a difficult surgery even for
a well-equipped hospital.
I don't suppose you guys can
take me to such facility now.
I would have to finish it while that moon is there.
A perfect surgery might not be possible...
A thyroid gland lesion removal.
I had no choice but to perform it.
What I have are my emergency
surgery equipments and medicine kit.
Doctor, this...
They are first-aid tools that were in the car.
It only has ordinary medicine.
-Gauze and bandage? -We have it.
Thank you.
Boil some water.
Sterilize every container and cookware.
After sterilization, put out the fire right away.
If we’re discovered, it’s all over.
Please use my blood.
Well, you need to perform a blood transfusion, right?
I have the same blood type as the general.
I'm his daughter.
If I need your blood, I’ll inform you.
You find it amusing that I’m his daughter?
No, it's not that.
We are lucky.
We are lucky.
We might have a successful surgery.
The most important thing to avoid will be excessive bleeding.
With excessive bleeding, no matter how much blood transfusion is performed,
the patient’s health will certainly decrease.
And for this patient, who is so close to death,
a decrease in health will lead to death.
In order to keep bleeding to a minimum,
I had to avoid major arteries
and cut along the skin and muscle tissue
in quick, concise strokes, allowing my blade
to glide as precisely as possible.
Now it begins for real.
Though I’d not used an X-ray
or an endoscope,
I found a cancerous lesion
on his thyroid gland, just where I had guessed it would be.
I found myself appreciating the moonlight.
Now the hard part was about to begin.
For the lesion exfoliation and removal,
no error could be permitted.
I was fine with not being able to use electronic scalpel,
but I wanted some more moonlight.
Yeah, I know.
We'll leave a car behind.
When crossing the border, go over from the east.
We will now lure them to the west.
Doctor, best of luck with our general.
Best of luck for you, Maria.
I wish you good luck, too, Colonel Estephan.
Ice Man, can you hear us?
Ice Man?
Okay, Ice Man. It sounds fine.
Report the situation.
It is here!
From this point, everyone, head to the west.
Anyone who’s lucky enough to get across the border
will rendevous at the village church in Carmel.
This is it, men. It’s time to give them a taste
of the fighting spirit they’ve been trying so hard to kill.
All right, move out!
The thyroid gland lesion was removed.
As soon as it was over, I started stitching.
I was able to finish it before the moon disappeared.
I knew that my work was in vain.
Even if he continues breathing,
I saw the transition to
the lymph nodes and respiratory system.
I’d done all that I could do.
We now will cross the border.
Go wherever you'd like.
President Kelly, we've been waiting for you.
Are you sure?
Please, have a seat.
This is great.
He is a drug addict and
was arrested for murder.
Including his past memory,
he doesn't even know who he is.
We performed a little plastic surgery,
but it's enough for him
to sit at the defendant's seat.
All the easier to explain that Cruz is deranged,
a victim of his own narcotics abuse.
It would be hard to sentence him to death,
but it would be possible to
put him in a mental hospital
as a life imprisonment.
Hey, the president's order has been given out.
Search troop,
kill Cruz on sight.
why didn't you make
love to me last night?
I don't remember
what happened last night.
You are lying. I'm sorry.
You were afraid to lose
all the feelings you have built
all your life...
That's why I don't try
to remember an event in which I had fun.
You had fun? For real?
You had fun just by lying by me, while not even touching me?
You had fun despite that?
So I still have a chance?
You are like my father.
Always fighting against something...
Always nervous about something...
And you can't continue to live on without doing that...
That would be your story.
It's the same for me.
However, you are even more like that.
Give me my gun.
Don't move! You have to stay still.
I want my gun.
They have invaded my village.
Yes, sir!
I'm sorry...
Let's meet at the village church.
Near the border, the day dawned.
I am President Kelly’s
special secretary, Sam Barringer Jr.
I’m afraid I must ask you
to hand General Cruz to us,
Doctor Black Jack.
Thank you, Doctor. You can let go of me here.
Get out, Mr. Secretary.
If you shoot me,
you'll get killed as well.
Get out! I'm going to return to my country!
To my country...
To Ortega...
Don't shoot!
Are you going to shoot me?
Shooting me won't
resolve anything.
This is a battle between a country and a country.
The first village after crossing the border...
Camel... I waited at that church.
Even though I knew no one would come,
I waited for three days.
Hey, what is this?
I found this in your den in a very pretty jewelry box,
like it was special or something.
What are these?
A lucky charm?
I guess you could say that.
What kind of lucky charm?
That's what I've been thinking right now...
As I looked at the ocean...