The UC Berkeley School of Information

Uploaded by BerkeleyISchool on 08.09.2011

The I School is a place that combines the gaps between a bunch of different fields
It's computer science, it's sociology, it's service design
it's economics and policy, it's law
It's all these things combined into one
so it's a great place if you're interested in not just one area
but in how that one area interacts with other areas
What's awesome about the I School
are the faculty and students who are here from such diverse backgrounds and
can really learn a lot from each other because they're so diverse
It was really interesting, actually.
For one of my course projects, I worked with two people
one was from Spain, and one was from Columbia
It was really fabulous, because it was a very different way of looking at things.
People had very different backgrounds.
One of them was an engineer, the other was a consultant.
so it was a really great way to kind of learn the practical applications
and then on top of that, take what I was learning
in my user interface design class, walk through the methodology,
And figure out how to apply that
with such a diverse set of backgrounds
The School of Information at Berkeley is a very interdisciplinary program
It is basically whatever you want to make out of it.
For me it meant doing a lot of classes in, again, human-computer interaction
and learning about how technology influences people
The School of Information is a great place to learn how
technology impacts people around the world and how to apply it effectively.
The School of Information... I really... I think it's a magical place.
It is full of people from a diverse set of backgrounds
they have different ways in which they approach the questions
that we're interested in studying
however, there is a unification around the objects of study
Basically, what it provided was this ability
to really look at technology in a new way
The I School is this multi-disciplinary place where
you study everything. In the end it's kind of
a spectrum of issues
where the common theme is information.
We're here in the hotbed of the Silicon Valley, and so
it's not just that we're so close to these different kind of companies -
we are often the incubators of the ideas. Our students are going on after they finish here,
and they're taking their projects and their ideas, and they're getting involved in start-ups
or they're taking them to other companies