Nigel Lythgoe SYTYCD Season 9 Auditions - So You Think You Can Dance

Uploaded by DanceOn on 13.03.2012


The dancers are becoming wiser as to what they do for us.
The are taking classes now, especially the street kids
that had not taken any classes in the past.
They think that being in their bedroom is enough.
Obviously, it isn't, because we demand so
much more of the dancers.
With the show, of course, we're only down to one two
hour show now.
So we're going to have to put the results into that, plus I
still want to do a group number, plus I still want to
bring on fantastic acts that just show us what they can do.
So it's going to be a packed two hours, that's for sure.
All of our choreographers that we've used in the past are
available to us hopefully.
But a lot of them now are doing movies and other
television shows, so I'm really pleased that we're
getting dancers a lot of work.
Many of our dancers were on the Grammy's this year.
A lot of them are doing tours.
I don't know why dance is successful on television.
When we first thought about doing it, I said, this'll
never work.
But what it is, at the end of the day, I think it's because
we crave the arts.
And we're not getting it in schools now.
We're not getting it in our lives.
So if there's something on that we can admire, or
appreciate, realize how much hard work goes into something,
this isn't like the whole world thinks it can sing.
You don't all think you can dance.