Sam play's Survivors Facecam/Reaction (First Facecam!)

Uploaded by samman1400 on 26.10.2012

Hello youtubers this is sam and i am playing in new game called survivors it is
in bata stage so it's not the best quality or anything
uh... this is also my first time doing face cam
just saying
face cam thumbs up for that will go
here is that i'm playing survivors video might be a little too late
uh... right
some that stuff
anyway is going to start the video
start server
successes also multiplayer zinnia multiplayer video but
you know i mean
sunday chain line with them because the monsters
pretty loud
well undoing beforehand
steers you at the franklin lists
it demonstrates
terrifying you're saying
it it's sort of like uh...
type of
political game
it's i guess it'd state be based off of sunday
and that i don't know the full story on this game you and
but you have a lot of stamina which is good 'cause insider this it's a tragic
so anyways
running away
haven't found anything yet
places terrifying
go into trees
as is my first face can hopefully it works and if you don't see a base came
in the video sorry
can get to work against but
when we were really rude
billy wright extensional
kal back-to-back go back to dan king
their for for
well destroying of my light sorry
humanity i do that inside its return why mike not spreading
and i stand
found one list slash ever
wish i had my friends out
how are you getting from you to know if this stuff
besides reading
devilish eyes
because of the uh... they'll find at least one list that's all i ask
and start for saying
i did
creatures is right came first started
nike brand started
into fall the overgrown or san road everyone caller
well will will first list move is what it says
and try it
really poorly made car
right-wing in mean
i live
and uh... if you're asking if you do s but i didn't using as a face kim using
my ipod
i have a good camera
media doesn't seven
thinking poor poor poor quality
six groups ruth bruno whereby like over at work
it sounds like he's saying rape
small stop
on-site one one no one
acne trick
mountain dew
now is survivor fourier uh...
not sure if you know you can't make clear
actually do want a year there
so it's a about five minutes
because in a single right here
like they've written subscribe and
like for my first kamran the skin type of thing
alert you to know that i hope you enjoyed my video agni just for you guys
uh... coded warnings
have a special thing to tell you in next video
thank you
and she said to be a few more things in
stuff like that channel so
all that fun stuff but i hope you enjoy the video and like a privacy stuff
i think that's attracting because it really helps her my general admonition
scratching on recovered materials that you will see
so i
so and don't forget to comment
uh... time-saving love
time to say
by people have instead