Secure 101 Intro

Uploaded by PCCvideos on 27.09.2011

In 2009, President Obama stated: “It's the great irony of our Information Age
-- the very technologies that empower us to create and to build
also empower those who would disrupt and destroy. 
And this paradox -- seen and unseen -- is something that we experience every day.”
At PCC, information, along with people is one our greatest assets.
As members of the PCC community, we have special responsibilities for the protection
of the Personally Identifiable Information, or PII,
for our students and staff, as well as the general community.
We also need to protect our work and systems and operational information.
Most of this information resides on computers
and travels over local and global networks. Computer-based attacks happen every day.
No organization is completely safe, but what can we do
to protect our students and staff from becoming another statistic?
Like so many other problems we face, education is the first step.
This session is an introduction course on privacy
and security awareness for PCC employees.
It is designed to introduce you to PCC’s policies and security practices.
It is quick and there are lots of resources you can refer to
if you want more information.
I finished the course and encourage you to do the same.
In the first module, we will examine the types
of critical information and data roles at PCC.
This includes policies and standards that cover it.
Understanding what information is critical
can help us identify how to best protect it. Next we will identify some of the risks to
critical information based on organizational risk, current threats to the College
and applicable laws, and what you can do to help defend against them.
In the last module, you'll discuss who to contact
in the event of a suspected computer incident or a data breach.
I want to thank you for taking this important step
to help protect our students’ and staff members’
and also welcome you to PCC’s Information Protection Orientation Course.