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Welcome to the first episode of Dead Drunk but Trying
Tonight we’ve got two men in their thirties willing to drink a lot of alcohol in a short amount of time...
...and then try to assemble two pieces of identical IKEA furniture
First to finish wins.
Let’s take a closer look at our contestants.
Our first contestant is Einar, also know as “The Seal”
He's a car mechanic from Iceland. Brought up in a home where Vodka was their water and Yeltsin their savior.
Well, not really, but that would’ve been kinda cool.
And our second contestant is Haukur, also known as, “The Jesus”. He's a philosopher from Iceland.
Raised by alcoholic minks that came to Iceland on icebergs. With his fathers looks and his other fathers strength he tends to get violent when drunk ...
... but also when sober.
Both contestants have bought a six pack of Viking beer each which is 5.6% alcohol and a 330ml vodka which is 37.5%.
The challenge our contestants must face is assembling an IKEA cabinet by the name of GOLIAT
but before they can build it up, they need to drink that alcohol down.
ohh whaaat?
Two seconds on the clock.
Did you see the smoke? Did you see the smoke??..
... or fire?
You have to mark this
This is what you were talking about.
Ohh it's changed...
Now it's time to check the status of both of our contestants.
point - nine - five percent
One - point - three - nine... which is still not enough!
We are...almo... we are at the exact, exact same, level
I'm not going to throw up, because i'm awesome... yes?
You're in no control. It's all with us.
Can I punch Haukur?
Can you punch him? You are disqualified if you hurt the opponent.
One second left. OK finished. Put down the beer.
Wow, things seem to be getting out of control down there.
Let's take these sweet moves of the dance floor and apply them to some basic carpentry.
But before we can do that, we need check to see if their alcohol levels are suitable to begin.
One - point - eight - nine.
You ain't got lungs.
One - point - eight - five
Common guys. I want to see you finish your vodka, right now.
Let's go
He's going to puke.
He needs to puke. He's puking in the toilet.
Barda bob barda boop toilet.
Nooo, Haukur, relax.
Two - point - seven - three
Haukur has reached the... OK Haukur is over two - point - five.
Let's see how Einar does... Common Einar blow into the tube.
Blow, blow, blow, blow... ok nice, good job.
Analysis, analysis.
Einar is two - point - seven
Haukur is drunker. So Haukur get's three more minutes than Einar
Are you ready?... Get set... Go!
And we’re off!
You can see Haukur here starting out with the mear basics of assembling any piece of IKEA furniture...
Ohh, and wait... look at this. What professionalism by Einar. He's counting all the screws, it's an excellent strategy practiced by all mechanics around the world
Yeah John, you don't want to be short on screws when you cross the finish line.
Haukur is off to a good start, reading the manual and going by the book. This is always a good way to begin any sort of construction project.
While Einar on the other hand is having a hard time keeping his own balance.
Yeah John, this might be a well thought out strategy by Einar to make Haukur careless. But he has a chance of falling hard and possibly damaging his...
Wait a minute, wait a minute. I just got word that both of our contestants are experiencing some sort of technical difficulties. Lets see what is going on down there.
Oooo.. that didn't seem like that was very much fun.
Hmm... no John. But this is just a part of the job for these pros
Slapping the sides of these boxes together seems to be a favorite of both of our contestants.
Similar to the invention of the wheel
yeah and fire of course!
Look at this, look at this. What do we have here? Haukur seems to helping out Einar, he's so confident in winning.
Haha, yeah John. You can't find this level of sportsmanship in any other competition
Well folks, it's the end of the contest and neither of our contestants managed to actually assemble the furniture within the allotted one hour.
So no we have to go figure out, who the winner is be determining the amount of alcohol left in their bloodstream.
Aaaannndd... One - Two - Three - One - Two - Three
Two - point - six - eight
Guys we have to find Haukur so common, follow me.
What was Einars? Two - point - six - eight.
Two - point - one
And the winner of the first episode of Dead Drunk but Trying IS...
This is the last you'll see of us for the first episode of Dead Drunk but Trying
A lot of us are dead drunk right now. Two guys tried, one survived, and one... the other one, left the building.
We'll see you the next time, later!
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Seriously you should
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