XY Adrián & Julián 1x09

Uploaded by TheRantner on 09.05.2012

Can't you stop working when you're at home?
I'm just finishing sending some e-mails
Hey, how's Mau doing?
Did you buy the medicine I asked you?
The medicine...
Adrián... where's your head at?
Sorry Lau, I'm too busy with work
But as soon as I send these I'll go get it
Don't, forget it. I'm gonna call the drugstore, it'll be faster
I hope you don't forget tomorrow's your son's birthday
You don't say!
I'm planning a party
Something simple with the family and some of his friends
Do you want my help?
Just be on time, it's at seven
Ok, I'll be here
I hope so, it's important to Mau, Adrián
Laura, I know
Alright, I'm gonna check on him
Julian (Missing you...) says: They installed it today
Adrian says: I'm dying to use that bathtub for the first time!!!
If you have any trouble with your apartment you gotta talk to...
To you
That suit looks nice
An angel dropped by
But it's now leaving
See you later tonight?
Yeah, but just for a while
It's my son's birthday and Laura is planning a party
Never mind, I like quickies
I'm coming!
Do you know how much I like when you smile that way?
Shut up!
Suits are forbidden in this house
Brought condom?
Such a hurry!
Laura (15)
I fell asleep!
What time is it?
Laura is going to kill me
See you
What are you doing?
Laura, please, let me explain
Laura, listen to me
Spare me your explanations, Adrián
I swear they didn't let me leave on time at the office
Don't, don't swear to me
I know you are mad but I couldn't come earlier, things at the office are complicated
I told you to save your explanations
I swear it won't happen again
No, it won't
I'm tired of making up excuses for you
He didn't want to cut the cake till you get here
I thought it was only with me at first, but now I see you don't even care for your son
Don't say that Laura
It's true
Honey, look, I know I made a lot of mistakes but I swear I'm gonna change
I'm gonna spend more time with you and Mauricio
In fact, we can take some holidays if we forget...
Adrián, don't you understand?
This is over
When I get out of the bathroom I don't want to see you here
Are you ok?
I have so many things in my head I feel I'm gonna explode
What kills me the most is that I couldn't say goodbye to my son
You are gonna see him soon again
No, you don't know Laura
No, I don't know her, but I do know you
And I know you're not gonna let her take Mauricio away from you that easy
How did you do it?
Do what?
When did you know this is what you wanted?
I don't know, sometimes I feel this isn't my life, that someone took over my body and is living it for me
Look, Adrián
This is your life
Your... your new life
How do I know I'm doing the right thing?
I don't know
Look... I...
I don't know if what you're doing is right or not
All I know is what you and I feel...
What you and I have...
Is real
How do you know?
You wouldn't be here otherwise