OSIsoft: Connecting the Excel Web Access (EWA) Web Part. v2.2

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Connecting the
Excel Web Access Web Part.
Now I mentioned a couple times that the Excel Web Access
Web Part supports connections. The normal Web Part
connections that you would associate with any Web Part.
One of the more common ways of using
this is with filtered connections.
They are a standard way of providing parameters.
Now we've seen one way of providing parameters, here is a
different way of providing parameters
and a whole variety of parameters that you might choose to
pass to this Excel Web Access Web Part.
So there is a whole slew of filters that you'll see
available in SharePoint 2007
that I would direct you to that list, I'll show you where that list is going to come up.
Now when you create
these connections,
the different filters
can all provide one
parameter to the Excel Web Access Web Part.
So for example, you may have
a drop down here that let's
you choose among four different turbines. This is might be a simple
text entry. This is going to be an end time text entry.
Each one is going to have a
single, or pass-over to a single named parameter.
And actually what we are doing when we are making this
configuration, we are actually sending
that past information to a
named range in the spreadsheet.
So similar to what we did before, we are going
to use named ranges for this. So we'll take a look
at how to configure it after I just demonstrate
quickly. We'll look at this configuration from start to finish.
So here is what I'm talking about.
I've got this tag, Sinusoid which
I'm retrieving currently. But now over here,
I've got a filter. This is a simple
text filter. Now this is different
than these parameters that we were looking at here.
If you recall,
we were supporting using parameters
here, and we still support that of course.
But now I've added a text filter
and that text filter has been configured
such that when I enter a value and press return, we are going to send that value
off here. And as you can see,
it's now change that
by pointing to that named range.
Now Excel is smart here,
when you decide to choose an overlapping
configuration in which either
a parameter could be presented or you could do it through a
filter. If you configure a filter, you'll notice
that the parameter removes from
that list automatically. So I didn't have to do anything
to make this remove from the list. So this
is that same Web Part that we were looking at in our
previous example that had the tag name there.