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Highlights of the news today Monday 13th August School Governor resigns over ësexí education
video Illegal Gambian rapist to serve sentence in
our prison Job Centre Call Centre staff to strike today
France hauls Romas in ñ too little too late! Iranian death toll rises
Egyptís Morsi orders ëretirementí Thought for the Day ñ Britains Got Talent
rehatched forever, forever? And Finally ñ A Bear with a Sore Head!
The ëLiving and Growingí DVD has caused uproar around the UK for its graphic sex scenes,
one of which shows a naked man chasing his partner round a room waving a feather ñ in
fact so much so that one of the Governors of Westbury Leigh Primary School in Wiltshire
has resigned. Although the DVD has been withdrawn, Westbury Leigh bought it before that and is
still showing it to its 5 year old pupils. It received strong criticism from parents
and even a government Minister Neil Gibbs said that the Channel 4 produced DVD should
ëbe withdrawní. Governor Keith Miller, 75 said he is not against sex education in schools
but that this was ëtoo much too sooní. He had been a Governor at that school for 12
years. A W@8 reporter commented ëit is just the sort of Marxist Diversity ridden propaganda
that Channel 4 dishes out for our youngsters. 5 years old is far too young to be knowledgeable
in all matters and aspects of adult sexuality ñ and our society is reaping the ëbenefitsí
of early sexualisation now anyway. Apparently the use of a feather is also in a sex education
book for babies called ë4U and is key to some of the writings of Dr Kinsey, who gleaned
much of his information from child molesters. These books are now being lauded as ënecessary
informationí by the Labour leftists for our childrení.
Joachim Cardos, 32 an illegal immigrant and drug dealer from Gambia, West Africa was jailed
for 11 years for raping one of his customers at knifepoint in his flat in Edinburgh. He
was told by the judge is a ìviolent and persistentî attack on a woman who had been convinced she
was going to die. Lord Hardie said the effect of the offence on the 26-year-old victim,
a marketing executive, had been ìdevastatingî and she was undergoing psychological therapy.
Detective Sergeant Mark Petrie, who led the investigation, said: ìI would like to thank
the victim for her bravery in coming forward ñ I sincerely hope she can continue to rebuild
her life and put this ordeal behind her.î The woman giving evidence said she needed
cannabis to help her sleep and she had been put in touch with ëBubaí and regularly bought
£20 bags of cannabis from him. A W@8 writer comments ëit just shows how one illegal African
can apparently obtain a flat in a town plus set up a drugs business without any problems
ñ there is something seriously wrong with our diverse societyí.
Thousands of Jobcentre staff will go on strike on Monday in a long-running row over "oppressive
working conditions and unrealistic targets". More than 6,000 members of the Public & Commercial
Services Union in 32 call centres throughout the UK will walk out in a repeat of action
first taken last year. More to the point, one unemployed Briton told a W@8 reporter
today ëBoot out all the migrants we all see hanging around city off licenses and that
should help your jobí
Even the French Socialist government has reached breaking point with the illegal Roma gypsies.
French police in riot gear descended on a settlement near Lille shortly after dawn to
oversee the evacuation of some 200 Roma living in mobile homes. In another incident 100 people
were evicted from a site in Lyon, with similar round-ups happening in other major cities
including Marseille. Caravans and huts were destroyed in the Belleville area of central
Paris on Wednesday, making another 100 people homeless. Many of those evicted will be flown
home to Romania,í said an interior ministry source, who insisted the deportations were
aimed at ridding France of ëillegalí communities. Previous President Nicholas Sarkozy formulated
this strategy and was always seen ëpandering to the rightí but the leftist government
now realises that these measures are necessary. A W@8 reporter commented ëthe pictures shown
in the newspapers were all from Sarkozyís first muster against the Romas in 2010. But
Manuel Valls the new interior minister said that the pregnant women would be ërehoused
as quickly as possibleí which rather defeats the object of deporting some doesnít it?
WORLD NEWS From Tehran ó Monday saw a rise in the death
toll from the twin earthquakes on Saturday, to 306. The search was called off yesterday
for survivors. Health Minister Marzieh Vahid Dastjerdi told parliament today that the number
jumped by about 50 after some victims expired in hospital. More than 3,000 people were injured
in the earthquakes, which hit the towns of Ahar, Haris and Varzaqan in East Azerbaijan
province. At least 12 villages were totally levelled, and 425 others sustained damage
ranging from 50 to 80 percent.
Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi orders Defence Minister Field Marshal Hussein Tantawiís
Retirement Tantawi is also the Chief of Staff and Morsi has made the strongest move yet
to seize back the powers the military stripped from his office before he took over. However
after militants killed 16 Egyptian soldiers a week ago at a border post with Israel in
Sinai, he has taken advantage of the situation to assert his authority.
Thought for the Day ñ the finals of the Olympics really?
Well here I am again doing yet another u turn on the games ñ the one thing that we can
be sure of is that I will not be commenting on any games we may have in the UK in the
years to come! Well I recorded all the ceremony but watched a small amount until I could not
watch any more. Now allowing for the fact that I am a person of mature years and also
allowing for the fact that I simply cannot stand any form of disorganised diversity ridden
patriotic shambles ñ this so called plunge into the depths of the socialist leviathan
was revolting!
On first sight it looked like an old Top of the Pops with a stream of over the hill ex
performers running around with very expensive props and not much else. For the guys amongst
the audiences everywhere there was enough tit and arse to satisfy even the most prolifically
sexually orientated guy but nothing for us girls! You cannot count Russell Brand as a
sexual object because he not only looks dirty and rough but sounds awful as well. In fact
all of the so called ëartistsí I saw were a Marxist delight the trouble was they were
all over the hill, poor old Annie Lennox (who I have always admired) could barely stand
and her voice was not clear at all. Fat Boy Slim looked like an old Mummy in his obviously
very expensive plastic Octopus which had more sex appeal than him!
I couldnít get the relevance of the over the hill and drug ridden Kate Moss and a troop
of models wobbling around the arena, was that supposed to relive the good old days of Carnaby
Street? Of course the diversity ridden scene would not be ëBritishí without the inevitable
rappers and street dancers. The main trouble with these scenes was that they looked generally
un rehearsed and were not in any particular order. In the words of Simon Cowell on one
of his applicants to ëBritain has Talentí ëthere was too much going on at one time
and no one knew what to look at firstí and in fact the closing of the games bore an uncanny
resemblance to that show, with all its tawdry and facile stops pulled out.
It was a Marxist Socialist delight, it must have cost the British people a bomb, even
aging artists require money and being Boyle inspired they probably got it! The one main
difference between the Communist Chinese doing something nationalistic and socialist is that
it was just that - all Chinese people, all regimented and all a pleasure to watch. I
am not a supporter of the Communist Chinese regime at all, in fact I am a fervent opposer
to any form of communism but you have to hand it to them, they presented a good watchable
show, not gimmicky, not sentimental and not a mess ñ which ours was all along the line.
The headlines in the Mail were ëOut with a Bangí and yup as ever even Boyle cannot
bleep up fireworks!
The Spice Girls oh dear and what other relicts did they bring out of mothballs? Ghosts of
Mercury and Lennon, Petshop boys in bizarre hats, girls on the beach, Kaiser Chiefs as
Mods complete with scooters, even Darcy Bussell swinging on high as a Phoenix? What on earth
was a phoenix doing in these celebrations, the last thing we need is our effort at the
Olympics being rehatched for ever and ever!
Now Gold winners notwithstanding, for who I have the greatest admiration. Good old Team
GB, but it has to be said that the host country usually wins more because they are on home
But why did this closing ceremony resemble an out of date pop concert? Are we as Britons
defined in the Marxist world as just that? A second rate but very expensive show of old
pop artists? Although we must not forget Churchill or rather Timothy Spall popping out of Big
Ben or the Elizabeth Tower of course. I would say without fear of contradiction
that most if not all the so called stars veered to the left of politics and that they resembled
an ill assorted bunch of Unite Against Fascism supporters complete with their mentor Camoran
and Boris there as well and we might have had the march past of the troops for the Kremlin
in the days of old just to help out.
One article on the closing down that made me rather queasy was written by Jasmin Alibhai-Brown
as Melanie Phillips was away but not with Ramadan like most of our TV news reporters
and presenters. Lovely the only time TV is English is during sodding Ramadan! I diverse.I
mean I digress my friends! In this article Brown is of course sending an accolade to
the diversity of the Olympics. As she quotes, ëblack and Asian ëBritonsí are ëfor the
first time feeling that the promise of tolerance and integration are coming trueí . Eeeugh.
I am wondering if this blissful tolerance and integration are coming together anywhere
outside this country and the games? Areas like Nigeria where the Muslims are killing
Christians. Somalia where the Islamic government is systematically starving the non Muslim
African population? Yes even in our country where the onus seems to be on us the indigenous
British to actually want integration with what?
She of course goes on in this stomach churning sense that I see as yet another Muslim takeover
of a western ideal. From the Palestinian girls running in masks and being cheered on in our
press to Mo Farah now being lauded with the British flag on his shoulders. Good for him,
as a devout Muslim to run for a country that is not yet Muslim is great, as indeed Allah
apparently is! Apparently he extols the virtues of this country,
good it is probably the only country in the world where we take anybody in and I mean
anybody and everybody! Some days ago Brown was trawling the London underground and did
not have to go far to find a Muslim Somali family (in London, never not our fair city)
or rather a mother and a stream of sons and a daughter all wearing various bits of the
Union flag under and about the hijabs, niquabs and whatever ñ this apparently signifies
a great step forward and a historical watershed.
Yes it does, it marks the end of Britain as we know it and the end of the Olympics as
far as I am concerned. Our Muslim writers and power houses are taking over everything
and I mean everything. I am surprised there was not a bloody mosque in the opening and
closing ceremonies actually! Now Brown is one of the thousands of Ugandan Asians who
came to enrich us and grace our shores and I for one am not grateful! I wish they had
all gone to Pakistan or wherever. I do not care for diversity, I do not care whether
these people are accepted or not ñ there are just too many of them and letís face
it a little of a Muslim Asian goes a hell of a long way! Throughout this missive on
ëhow well we Brits have behaved towards Muslimsí she cites a couple of footballers of African
descent, well that to you and me means black as the ace of spades and apparently they prefer
soft touch Britain as well as they now play for Tottenham! Brown finishes by saying that
ëthe Games showed the diversity of Britain in the very best light, yada yada and more
yada. In fact although never pro Nazi I do feel a Nuremburg rally coming on here which
was the one thing missing from both the Games ceremonies ñ order and discipline. The singers,
dancers and flyers all showed absolutely no order or discipline. They were cavorting along
as if they were on drugs, which a great many probably were and were knocked into second
place by the non human props which were obviously very pricey! Even Brands bus looked good but
words failed me when an entourage of Bentleys heralded Jessie J or someone who looked like
In fact the competitors probably could have put on a better show and I am including the
Para Olympics there as well! Uber leftist Danny Boyle should be shot for misappropriating
public funds and paying a bunch of over the hill past celebrities and I am not including
the dead ones here on show any money at all! There should be a public enquiry as to exactly
where all the millions of pounds have gone when in all truth we could have just flown
the Red flag over a large mosque and left it at that?
I am not slamming Britain or the British, I am slamming the liberal left and the sway
it holds over our people- from a frankly shoddy Olympic ceremony to the leftist indoctrination
of our schools and Marxist reality TV which shines over the six packs and ignorance of
the masses. I should think the world is laughing at us now, despite the medals ñ the Brits
shine at many things, diversity is not one of them. Our people should all wake up and
learn a valuable lesson from the past weeks ñ be true unto yourself ñ being one of them
Good luck Rio at least you can get your poor out the favellas for your games at least they
have some style, as your carnival shows. Our Notting Hill effort just shows how badly we
Brits fare in the diversity stakes but are still trying and trying and trying and trying................................................
And finally, A Bear with a sore head: A family of bears
broke into a holiday cabin in Norway and drank 100 cans of beer! The owner of the cabin Even
Borthen Nilsen, returned home with his family to find dozens of empty beer can and the home
completely trashed. "They had a hell of a party in there," he said. "The entire cabin
was destroyed. The beds and all kitchen appliances, stove, oven and cupboards and shelves were
all smashed to pieces." The bears got into the cabin through a window. They then apparently
proceeded to drink all the family's beer supply, eat all the food in the kitchen ñ including
chocolate, honey and jam ñ and then smash up the furniture. This presenter says it is
almost Goldilocks and the three bears, bless them, they all need bear ASBOS donít they?
You have been listening to the W@8. I am Lynne Mozar and I wish you all a very good night.