Blue pink sponge manicure - gradient nails tutorial by Cute Nails

Uploaded by cutenails on 10.07.2012

Hi! Today I will show you how to make a gradient with a small sponge.
I’ve never tired with a sponge but it seems like it works pretty well.
I use a smooth and airy kind of moss that resists nail polish and remover.
I use tweezers to dip one corner of the moss in the nail polish so I don't have to dirty my fingers.
Then I use the sponge to do the gradient on my nail.
If I don’t press too much on it, you won’t have much of a gradient.
To make a beautiful gradient, you should press hard on it and then put more nail polish on your sponge.
The more you press; the better gradient you'll get
because it'll take the nail polish off the sponge
You should know that shaded tones done with a sponge dry very fast.
Because it's a very thin coat of nail polish.
Let me show you one more time, you can of course make a gradient with several colors.
You can overlay them.
For example to make gradient, you can do it with many colors to obtain a base.
So I’m using three colors.
So once again I dip one side of the sponge in a color and will use it to make the gradient.
To clean the sponge, dip it in acetone.
Now I will show you another nail art design that I’ve done with a sponge.
It is gradient with two colors done in the same way.
Stamp the moss, then add a rhinestone and some top coat to finish it off
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