How To Create Professional Documents With deskPDF - Word to PDF, Publisher to PDF, Excel to PDF

Uploaded by Docudesk on 11.07.2008

Now that we’ve seen some of the advanced features available in deskPDF, lets walk through
an example that puts it all together. Here is an example document I’ve created, it
has a cover sheet, on company letterhead, the 2nd page is a flowchart, custom page size
in landscape view. The 3rd page is a spreadsheet, also in landscape view. So lets walk through
creating a PDF like this. The first thing we have to do is create the letterhead stamp.
So here is the document with our company letterhead, so I’ll convert this to PDF. Any PDF you
create you can make a stamp out of it. The important thing is putting it in the deskPDF
stationary folder. This folder is available from c: program files\Docudesk\deskPDF\Stationary.
I’ll call the file letterhead. The next thing I’ll do is I’ll go ahead
and create the footer stamp. Here is the customized footer that I want for my PDF. So I’ll convert
it to PDF. And I’ll put it in the same folder. And I’ll call it footer. So lets open my cover letter. You see it here,
no letterhead, no footer yet but I can go ahead and convert it to PDF. Notice it’s
the default folder that I was previously in, but I want to save it to the desktop. I’ll
call it example, and I need to place the letterhead stamp on it. I’ll go ahead and replace the previous example
file. You can see the letterhead has now been added to the cover letter.
The next thing I want to do is add a flowchart. This is actually an Office Publisher file,
and it’s a custom page size as you can see, so I’ll need to make sure that deskPDF knows
it’s a custom page size. So I’ll click file – print – deskPDF, make sure deskPDF
is chosen as a printer, and I’ll hit properties – advanced. And here you can see that I
need to specify the paper size, as B4. And I can go ahead and convert to PDF. And I’ll
need to make sure that I force the landscape on this one. Save it to the same file name.
Choose append and its now the 2nd page. Even though it’s a custom page size and in landscape
it appears just fine. So the 3rd page I want to add is a spreadsheet. Open it up in Excel,
and I just want to convert the first page with these graphs. You can see the 2nd page
has all the data. So I’ll need to do file – print – deskPDF and I want to make
sure it only converts the first page, and active sheets is already selected. Now I need to make sure to force landscape
on this one as well, and I can go ahead and apply my footer stationary. This will apply
the stationary to all the PDF’s in example. So you can see the first page cover letter
now has a letterhead and the footer, 2nd page is a publisher flowchart, has a footer, 3rd
page is an Excel spreadsheets, looks great as well.
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