Dr Abbasi on Zahra Kazemi & Human Rights (TRANSLATED)

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Well, you witness that someone comes to Iran. A journalist whether be it true or not.
She gets killed. Mrs. Zahra Kazemi.
All the claimants of Human Rights around the world rip their(sign of anger) shirts over her death.
They bring her into spotlight since the most rich and famous people (the West) are her supporters.
But here in this society you witness people on the sidewalk die of starvation, addiction, cold, or homelessness
and no one makes a noise
This yields injustice in our society
Injustice amongst our youngsters, teachers, students, preachers
and our politicians has taken place.
and our politicians has taken place.
and our politicians has taken place.
and our politicians has taken place.
and our politicians has taken place.
If there was justice, then there would be equity, if there was equity there would be equanimity
Equanimity meaning everyone is entitled to their fair share in society
Like a scale, you scale out everyone's entitlement and give it to them
What does everyone's entitlement mean?
(Sarcasm) It means that a president (Khatami) should get a $60 million plane just so he can be in the air traveling from one side of the country to the other for an hour.
As for the rest of the people they're given excuses such as "No since we're under sanctions we cannot buy planes(for the country)"
Does this not show that this politician has no justice ? And that there is tyranny amongst his political thoughts?
When millions of dollars are spent on a project's inauguration when its not the right place of time for such an opening to take place
With these few million dollars wasted, how many of the box sleepers (homeless) can have an actual life or a social life?
Here you see that this politician makes himself blind to such proposition
Another one we have in assembly of experts(Rafsanjani) that is at level of Ayatullah and has many duties to fulfill, but we see that he drives a Mercedes Benz.
What does Ayat Allah mean? Sign of God
Sign of God! Then claims to be minister, lawmaker, or politician. But if we take that Mercedes away from him at least 50 of the box sleepers (homeless) can be given food
Hujatul-Islam.(Reason of God), Which Islam? The Islam that keeps us safe and sound in our homes while the homeless sleep in boxes under "Islamic" rule?
But when someone had the government of Canada behind them
Declaration of Human RIghts becomes important. And the watchtmen of Human Rights kill themselves over observing the situation.
Hundreds get killed in the train accident of Nishapur(2004), not a SINGLE leader gets moved by it here.(Sarcasm) Probably they weren't human.
These observers of Human Rights never see the box sleepers(homeless) we have here
(Sarcasm) They aren't humans with passports that worthy of votes. Here democracy is not really important
Democracy is only for people worthy of worshiping Kant, Hegel, and Habermaus. Ones with only PHILOSOPHIES of free thinking.