Mahabharat - Episode 89

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Many times during this war I had thought ...
... that had I not been Time itself ...
... I would have gone far away from here
But I am Time, and because of that ...
... I am forced to witness these ...
... terrible days and nights of war
I cannot even desire to go away
There are so many corpses all around that ...
... even I cannot find space to stand here
In spite of being Time I stand on my toes
I'll have to stand on my toes till the war is over ...
... because I am the only one who is impartial
Every one else is either on the losing side ...
... or the winning side
Even the Lord himself is not impartial
His siding with the Pandavas is not a game
Besides, this is no time for games!
A lesson which Man should draw from this is ...
... in this war between Truth and Untruth ...
... the one who is impartial sides with Untruth ...
... the one who is impartial is at fault
So, O Man!
Cary the corpse of Abhimanyu if you must ...
... but do not remain impartial
Create a bed of arrows for Grandsire ...
... but do not remain impartial
Do not merely pay your respects to Sage Drona ...
... but light him!
Test your Soul and social life ...
... your life’s values and Politics ...
... on the cornerstone of Motherland and Truth ...
... and find out how true they still are
Also, learn to respect your opponents
Did you not see the Lord pay his respects to Bhishma?
Bhishma, Drona, Karna are merely parts of the Ship
They are not separate from the Ship ...
... destined to go down with the ship
Bhishma is of no further help
Drona is already dead
His funeral pyre still burns in Ashwathama's heart
Karna's heart has neither lire nor water
There's nothing in Karna's heart but ...
... a sad loneliness
Even then victory has slipped out of my hands
I am not here to discuss Morality
I am here to win a war
Victory is the greatest wealth to be won in a war
Remember, my friend ...
... I never trusted Drona's or Grandsire's loyalty ...
... but you ...
I am much younger than Grandsire or Sage Drona
So, I cannot bear all that they did
Even I mourn Dushasan's death
To this day you have not vanquished the Pandavas
And yet, you did not doubt your own loyalty
I did not doubt your loyalty, my friend
That is the problem
You do not even know ...
... that you doubted my loyalty
If not, why do you keep cursing the Sun God ...
... that He has denied you Arjun's corpse?
Don't you know under what tension I am?
I know, my friend, but ...
... you don't know under what pressure I am!
Don't worry! I'll light again tomorrow
History will remember tomorrows war forever
My friend! I am an arrow from your quiver
Whenever I am released, it will be to your target
Don't talk of your insult again and again
This war is far bigger than that
Try to understand! We are shedding our own blood
Don't think this war is being fought ...
... to protect your pride
Your hair are beautiful but ...
... they cannot be more beautiful than Hastinapur
So, wash off Dushasan's blood from your hair
Blood looks good in the veins
Outside, it is helpless like an orphaned refugee
Doesn't my humiliation mean anything?
It does, dear Draupadi ...
... but not as much as you want it to!
You are Draupadi, not Hastinapur
By saying this, I am not reducing your importance
Hastinapur is like an ocean and ...
... you are a mere drop in that ocean
The ocean is incomplete without you
That's your importance
Don't devalue it by talking of your humiliation
Which means you will not kill Karna
I didn't say that
Karna's death is essential for Hastinapur's safety
You are a symbol of Hastinapur's pride
You were not insulted
Hastinapur was insulted
I remember my promise
That charioteer's son Karna ...
... will not see tomorrows Sunset
Release me from your curse for just one day
O Son of Kunti! O Son of the Sun!
Tomorrow is the day for which ...
... I had cursed you
You'll gain nothing by being victorious
Despite Krishna's presence even if you win ...
... you'll gain nothing
O Karna! The Pandavas have a right to victory
You are not known for taking
You are known for giving
Reconcile to your late
Your part in Abhimanyu's killing ...
... has freed you from Duryodhan's debt
Don't pretend not to know this fact
My blessing shall protect you, Karna ...
... whether it is Heaven or Earth
Wherever your name is mentioned ...
... it shall be mentioned with respect
Mother! You?
May you live long, my son!
Arjun is my younger brother
He has a greater right to this blessing than I
But why are you here?
I remember my promise to you
I know that, my son
You can never forget a promise
In fact, you are not willing to forget anything
That is my strength ... and my bad luck!
I don't wish to mourn for either of you
This attitude does not befit you, mother
This is a war for Hastinapur
You are a daughter-in-law of the Bharat clan
You'll have to sacrifice something
Mother Gandhari has sacrificed $$ sons
What will you reply if History asks you:
What did you sacrifice in this crucial war?
I don't want you to be shamed by History
You'll have to mourn for at least one of your sons
So, please accept my respects
What are you watching so quietly for so long?
My heart suffers for Gandhari
She should not have gone there at all
Had she been here ...
... I would have shared her sorrow
Her going away ...
... has left both of us alone
Queen Kunti is also there
Yes! Kunti is also there!
She is in your camp and not her sons' camp
She also has tears in her eyes
You have surely made a mistake, Sanjay
Why should Kunti have tears in her eyes?
Her sons are on the victory path
All this is Grandsire's fault
Had he not been on the bed of arrows ...
... we would have surely won
Stand near to my head
My vision does not reach my feet
Your son has restricted my vision
What shall I do, Grandsire ?
I have spent my entire life tying to ...
... answer the question that laces you today
All my life I stood at the crossroads of temptation
Accepting one path would mean ...
... sacrificing the other
Today, lying on this bed of arrows I think of ...
... what I gained and what I lost
I am still bound to the material world
Duryodhan does not come here any longer ...
He told me Dushasan was dead
All the children who played on my lap ...
... are dying one by one
Do you know, Dushasan had only one fault
He loved Duryodhan so much ...
... that he became a mere shadow of Duryodhan
Had it not been so ...
... he would not have even touched Draupadi
So, forgive him, if you can
Intense love can also cloud your vision
I am telling you the same thing
Protect yourself from the agony of intense love
In this war, there are no brothers!
In this war, there are only two types of people :
There are those who side with Hastinapur
There are those who are against it
Tomorrow two warriors will lace each other
If one of them wins, Hastinapur wins
If the other wins, Hastinapur loses
So forget that both are your sons
Pray for Hastinapur's victory! Go!
You are very fortunate, Grandsire ...
... that you are not a mother
Whatever this war is being fought for ...
... it is our sons who are dying
You are still awake, Brother
Even you are awake
These arrows seem all right
They are not right for Karna
What can the charioteer's son do to you?
He may be anybody's son but ...
... no ordinary man can be Chief of the Kaurava Army ...
... which has had Chiefs like Grandsire and Sage Drona
Duryodhan did not appoint Ashwathama
Nor did he appoint the King of Madra
Warriors like them will not light ...
... under any ordinary man
Grandsire, Sage Drona and he have the same teacher
He has Sage Parshuram's bow given to him ...
... by Lord Shiva Himself
You are tying to frighten me
If you want to win a war learn to be afraid
Fear keeps the warrior alert
If you are not alert on the battlefield ...
... you can never win a war
I was not afraid of Sage Drona or Grandsire
But I am afraid of Karna
That's why I am choosing the best arrows
O Brahmin!
A Sin is an act which is done on purpose
No! A sin is that which causes pain to another
You may not have released the arrow on purpose
The result is the same. My call is dead
Can't its bereaved mother even curse you?
Do not curse, O Brahmin!
Then return the call to the cow
O Warrior! You are known for your Charity
Can you give Life?
This Chariot which elevates you from us ...
... will one day forsake you
Fear will surround you when you'll light ...
... the most crucial war of your life
The Earth will swallow the wheels of your chariot
Greetings! The Queen has sent a message
She wants to meet you before you leave
Respects! The King of Anga is here!
My respects, my queen!
Leave us alone!
Please sit!
Thank you
I am not only the Queen
I am also your dear friend Duryodhan's mother
So, if possible, forget for some time that ...
... I am the Queen
Can you think of me as a mother for some time?
You are a mother!
You can order me as the Queen ...
... or as Duryodhan's mother
Look on me as Duryodhan's mother
You are his friend
Hence I have the right to call you ''son''
Even if I was not Duryodhan's friend ...
... you could still call me ''son''
May you live long, my son!
That blessing has no meaning in this war
Dushasan must have been similarly blessed
That is a mother's favourite blessing
Duryodhan is left all alone on the battlefield
If he says anything bitter in anger ...
... please do not feel upset ...
... and leave him!
The shade may forsake the tree
The Sunlight may forsake the Sun
The snow may forsake the Himalayas
But Radheya will never forsake Duryodhan
As long as I live my loyalty will ensure that ...
... Death cannot reach Duryodhan
I cannot say what will happen after my death
Why do you talk about your death?
Today I'll light a decisive war with Arjun
Which one of us will you bless with victory?
I have no answer for that question
I want to see both Arjun and Duryodhan live
That's impossible!
But that was not my question! I asked ...
... whom would you prefer to see alive : Arjun or I?
Allow me to leave!
You need not answer the question
My respects!
A duel is fought between equals
Go to your camp and attend to your wounds
Proceed, O King of Madra!
Did you spare him because he is my nephew?
No! Elders scold younger’s! They don't kill them!
Take my chariot towards Yuddhistir
You will always have live sons
If I die, Arjun will survive
If Arjun dies, I shall survive
You have forgotten all that Sage Drona taught you!
Why light you?
Proceed O King of Madra!
Where else can I take your chariot?
You still haven't heard the twang of Arjun's bow
Nor have you heard the twang of my bow
What a beautiful sight!
A chariot drawn by lour white horses
A charioteer like Krishna! A warrior like Arjun!
All except Lord Shiva will fear such a scene
Are you afraid, Karna?
Only a warrior of stone would not be afraid
Ordinary weapons will not stop Karna
You were right!
Arjun is, after all, Arjun!
He can string his bow before I release an arrow
But this war is not yet over
This opponent is worthy of divine weapons. Use them!
As you wish, my lord
O Brahmin! My wheel may get stuck in the mud ...
... but you cannot stop me from using Brahma's weapon
You have deceived your teacher
So, I curse you!
You'll forget your Knowledge when you need it the most
This Knowledge will not benefit you
O Arjun!
My wheel is stuck in the Earth
I am getting down to free it
So, stop your arrows for a moment
What are watching, Arjun?
I am on a chariot and he is on loot
Chariots keep breaking down in war. He is a warrior
He can take another chariot
This is against the rules of war
When did Karna ever follow the rules of war?
Why do you insist on following them?
He is a partner in Duryodhan's crimes
Have you forgotten the day in court ...
... when he called Draupadi a whore?
Have you forgotten what happened 4 days ago?
Karna, who claims to follow the rules of war ...
... helped to kill Abhimanyu
He, too, was unarmed and on loot then!
This was how Karna the Charitable ...
... met his death!
The live Pandava brothers ...
... got a new lease of life