Da Vagin Code - Feat Bérengère Krief, Michel Cymes et Pénélope Bagieu (Golden Show #6)

Uploaded by SuperGoldenShow on 06.05.2012

Hello sweetie ? - Hey baby !
I finished work early. I’m on my way home.. -Oh, awesome! I’ll just put the pasta on.
Okay, do you want me to bring anything back? - No, no... just bring yourself!
It’s a lie! A lie! Women have never had periods!
Honey? Where are you? Baby?
You should never have seen that, baby. - What’s going on?
You mustn’t tell a soul. - What are you doing, sweetheart?
THAT’S RIGHT, periods don’t exist. Women invented them at the dawn of time.
It was actually Cleopatra that invented them so she wouldn’t have to sleep with Caesar.
Because, believe it or not, sometimes we don’t want to have sex with you… so we say we have our period.
Sweetheart... Please put the gun down...
For centuries, men have ruled the world… but for five days a month, we women take control.
For five days a month, we’re allowed to be unbearable and you can’t say a thing about it.
Yes, sometimes you piss us off so we say we have our period
Sometimes, we don’t to go swimming… so we say we have our period.
And sometimes... well sometimes, we just feel like saying we have our period.
Nobody can know all this...
I’m going to have to kill you, baby.
But honey... stop...
Come back here right now !
The cycle is broken. I repeat, the cycle is broken.
I can’t believe I didn’t see this before. It was so obvious.
The world needs to know !
Philip ? Philip ?
Oh my God ! They got Michel Cymes !
This time, the men will bleed.