Mixed Martial Arts & Cage Fighting Basics : How to Takedown in Mixed Martial Arts

Uploaded by expertvillage on 18.01.2008

ED WEDDING: So I'm going to show my entry once again off of my punches. This is my one,
two as I showed before. I'm going to one, two, I'm going to lower my level, change my
level, notice I'm down like I'm squatting, okay? Now I'm going to take a penetration
step with my lead leg, right here, between his legs. I'm going to pop him in the solar
plexus or the belly button with my shoulder, if I can, that way I know I'm deep enough.
If I'm this like this where my back's bent over, this is not good, he can sprawl on me
and I'm in big trouble. But if I'm here right under him, this is good, okay? So, my lead
leg, I lowered my level, my lead leg is in-between his legs. I bring my trail leg up, okay, I'm
going to step out with my lead leg, okay? And I'm using my head on the other side, under
his left armpit, I'm going to push him and take him down, and then I end up with in what's
called side control. Okay, so after I took him down here, I'm going to take my left arm
out, and now I'm in what's a position called cross-body or side control. Now from here
I can actually go for a submission on his arm or on his neck, or I put a knee in the
belly they call right here and I do striking his face, this is where the ground-and-pound
comes in.