The Amazing Spider-Man 'Police Chase' Clip #7

Uploaded by filmisnowextra on 07.06.2012

Hi and welcome to AC News! Here’s today’s video clip, movie news are coming up!
Premium Rush is the new movie casting Joseph Gordon Levitt, debuting in theatres August 24th.
Levitt is Wilee, a very fast bicycle rider who's job is to carry packages through New York.
But one day he gets involved in transporting something highly dangerous.
This new thriller is directed by David Koepp that shows that he has had an original idea with the bicycle shot.
Together with Levitt there is also Micheal Shannon and Jamie Chung as the other main characters.
The movie has been for long diileiyd, but now it is about to come out!
Do you think Levitt practically jumped his career with the recent Inception?
Would you go and see this one?
Leave your comments! see you next time!