CGRundertow RESIDENT EVIL 3: NEMESIS for PSX Video Game Review

Uploaded by CGRundertow on 24.01.2012

Resident Evil 3 Nemesis is one most memorial games I can ever remember playing. From the
very beginning of the game to the last sense, my palms never stopped sweating and my heart
never stopped pounding. Everything worked perfectly to bring you in and scare the crap
out of you.
You play the game as Jill Valentine, the heroine from the first game, as she is trying to escape
a Raccoon City that is on the brink of destruction. Getting in the way of Jill’s escape are
Mercenaries hired by the Umbrella Corporation, panicked civilians, and more zombies than
you can shake a stick at. The streets of Raccoon city are more overwhelmed with zombies than
if Justin Bieber tickets had just gone on sale. And your only way out is to fight your
way. Luckily Jill have acquired some new skills since the last time we have seen her. She
can now do a 180’ turns at the press of a button. This is the biggest addition for
me. It makes the zombies sneaking up behind you able to be dealt with. Also, Jill can
now make her own ammo. This adds more strategy to the game because you won’t always find
ammo, but rather components to make ammo and you have to know what combinations make what
bullets. This adds to the tension of the game.
But the game doesn’t really need to add that much tension because the game is essentially
a long chase scene. Umbrella has sent in something to help clean up the mess they made. They
drop in the Nemesis, who is the main enemy of the game and this is where the tension
of the game comes from. Amazing how a character can scare the crap out of you so much and
still only say one word: Stars. Throughout the game you will be doing your thing and
the Nemesis will come out of no where and when that happens you really only have one
option and that is to run, run like your life depends on it because it kinda does. At times
the game will pause and give the player an option of what to do next. Personally, I always
run away.
The controls and camera angles are the same as the previous two games and that is a good
thing. I love the camera of the classic Resident Evil games. It adds so much tension not being
able to see everything. And the controls are only as bad as you are. If you love Resident
Evil than you will feel comfortable with the controls, if you don’t love Resident Evil,
then why are you playing this. The game also breaks up the action with the introduction
of the Mercenaries mode, which would see its way into many Resident Evil games from then
on. This is a fun arcade mode that has you go around and kill zombies to get the highest
score. Simple but addictive.
My biggest complaint about the game is the lack of a second character to play as, and
don’t say Carlos, you know what I mean. Resident Evil 2 even had separate disks and
two scenarios for each character. This only has the one scenario. While it does succeed
in being a great and intense one, it feels a little like a step back and perhaps they
didn’t have time to make a second one.
With a very good story that holds you tight through game, refined controls and the great
Mercenaries mode, this game is nothing short of incredible. It is one good and scary ride.