Pipis The Cousin 2x01 - Family Portrait.f4v

Uploaded by Pipistv on 20.12.2011

Klairi finds a note from Louiza saying that she is living for Mycono,
as ambassador of the channel for the rest of the summer.
Dinos ask for the help of his good friend, and idol in the gay community,
Eva Koumarianou to convince Petros to leave the profession of gigolo
so they can be back together.
Pipis finds comfort at gay clubs, drinking all night as he tries to forget his love with Aris.
Aris meets his colleague with whom he has taken up the case, with the murdered queers.
And one serial killer, is still on the loose.
- Second Season Premiere - Pipis the Cousin 2x01 - "Family Portrait"
Yes Ari!
Yes, Pipis and I are heading to "Koukles".
Yes, at midday...!
Eva has news about Petros.
Yes I know Eva...
she will try to change his mind, and he will start his usual bullshit...
and I will get pissed.
Where did we say you are... ?
and when will we meet your now colleague?
Short, fat, with big belly, eh?
Fine... I fill bored.
What about Klairi?
Dont ask! We all suffering from the "depression of the queer".
Yes and...
Aris... spend a lot of time at the service... lately.
We arrived at "Koukles".
So, go inside while I make a phonecall and I will be there in a minute.
Ari... bring your lazy ass right now at "Koukles",
Pipis started bitching again, that you work a lot and shit like that..
Godess as always...
You must be the famous Pipis!
and shy too!
We have spent unforgettable moments here!
My cousin, sure loves this place.
Where is Thanos? He is still on tour?
what kind of tour is he making?! Is he with Madonna...?!
Don't look at me like that.
Don't you ever look at me like that again.
What kind of tour is that?
Anyway, worldwide tour, not even Alexandratou makes that big tour...
lets see if he brings Loula with him, is she a Godess, I wonder...?!
People says she is... but I have to see her with my own eyes.
Right Pipi?
You blushed again... You are sweating... Stop that!
Don't hold your breath.
- Thats better! - You know Loula too?
Yes I know her! We go a long way back!
Lets go to the bar, we should let the technician do his job,
and we can talk better over there. Lets go.
Come on my boy, I want hurt you. Lets go.
Ari... Welcome!
The pride of the Greek Police!
- My baby! - You sexbomb!
What a great tight ass... better than Jennifer Lopez!
- How are you? - Just fine.
- So, what are the news about Petros? - Petros my dear is at the dressing rooms.
Is he ok?! Did he tripped?
Please bring the elevator down my love.
Why does it take you so much time to bring it down?
Oh God, they don't listen to me at all!!
The Cousin?