Massimo Mantovani about G-System iB Modified

Uploaded by tcelectronic on 26.09.2011

So. Massimo Mantovani from M-Tech Audio, ciao! I’ve got a couple of questions for you from our Danish friends.
Let’s try to give some correct answers then!
This is the motherboard, the heart of the unit.
What was your goal when you started modding the G-System? Why did you feel there was a need for the mod?”
The reason why I started modding the G-System is because I love this unit for what it does. Basically..
it’s an integrated complete guitar system, not just a multi effect, or an effect pedalboard,
it’s a system which integrates a number of different, complex, equipments in a single box.
similar to what we sometimes offer to professionals with custom based products for pro environment.
It’s got a preamp/effect section working on dynamics, a looper,
a switching system that lets you
integrate external effect pedals with a transparent switching system
and a second multi-effect section, more common so to say
which includes all the effects with the quality you would expect from TC Electronic
all in an extremely practical dedicated footswitch system which lets you control all of the above.
When I first saw this unit, at the Frankfurt show years ago, I was thrilled.I thought it was the brilliant but obvious solution to a problem...right away!
I then started to use it, therefore beginning my relationship with TC
as well as offer it as a all-in-one system to my professional customers, because I think it’s a very intelligent solution, extremely practical.
We then started to get feedback from the customers,
showing some problems, more or less serious according to the specific setup.
Many of these problems were in the actual use of the unit
in comprehending of it works...
It’s a complex system.
It’s a complex system, some manual reading should be involved actually when using this kind of equipment actually... (sarcastic)
Better not get into this topic (laughs)
Many of the answers are in the manual. Still..
there were some issues,
related to the general use.

Other issues were related to the overall sonic quality of the unit,
especially in translating faithfully the dynamic, the quality and tone of the instrument
as well as the general “feeling” you normally have when playing straight to the amp.

I must say, in favor of TC, that these differences were
more evident in setups where high end third-party products were in the signal path between guitar and amplifier.
In other setups, more basic setups so to say, this difference was less evident, if not evident at all.
But that was it.
It would change according to the “chemistry” of the different setups then?
Sure, it would change according to the setup’s balance, which varies everytime and which is not always that stable.
We were then requested to improve the transparency of the G-System
and try to get
an “analog” feeling from the system.
We analyzed how the unit is engineered
and started to look for parts
where a modification was possible
in order to give that analog feel from a unit which is not analog at all!
There’s an A to D conversion when going to the first DSP, which generates the first group of effects,
we are in the digital domain at that stage.
The analog input circuit going into the DSP could be modified
to get a more transparent tone,
which was a major request by our musician customers.
So we started trying different solutions, and try again,
playing it, testing and listening, until we came out with some ultimate solutions in our opinion.
Can you then state you’ve reached your goal? Or just because the way you are you think there’s room for more?
Let’s say we reached a very gratifying result! The limit’s still there...
Massimo, thank you so much!
Thank you and saluti!