Vete a la Versh - Episodio 4 - Puchamon - Parte 2

Uploaded by vetealaversha on 11.02.2012

Puchamon - Part 2
Yes! I made it!
I defeated Vagina, my lifetime opponent
who I've never seen before!
- Dude... wha... what the fuck... - I'm... I'm... awesome!
Stupid pig, you didn't win.
These things are bootlegs.
They're like the Afro-Chinese versions.
Look, what the fuck, this shit's dead!
Your face is dead!
I'm the greatest, sickest Puchamon trainer ever!
S... super... super awesome! I'm awesome!
Dickachu, let's go to the forest to continue our Puchamon journey
which promises no future but to end up
homeless, living underneath a brige
and suffering from a disease in which
the main symptom is renal failure!
You have... serious issues.
A wild Puchamon!
I'll take my Puchadex
the most complete digital guide of all Puchamon.
It also has a calculator and a personal organizer.
Motapod, the useless Puchamon.
It is useless. A waste of space in the world.
People usually burns them along with the rest of the garbage
as its usefulness is similar to that of
nipples in men.
Perfect! This is an excellent opportunity
to start my Puchamon collection!
I must catch them all because my sexual attraction
is directly proportional to the amount of Puchamon
I have in my possesion.
Dickachu! I choose you!
Excellent! While you hump that tree
I'll catch that Motapod!

Get inside you fucking... piece of...
You have enslaved a Puchamon!
Well, well, well...
Who said that?
Well, well...
Who's there?!

Ah, I almost puked.
Well, well... I see you've captured a Motapod.
But do you have enough testicles to
make him fight against my Puchamon?
Seriously, where are you? I can't see you.
Oh, sorry. I'm disguised as bush.
I have no self esteem.
But you don't give a fuck! It's time for a Puchamon battle!

Bring it on, bitch!

Insect catcher with a serious premature ejaculation
problem, wants to fight!
Bug catcher sends Motapod!
Motapod! I choose you!
Motapod, get harder!
Motapod hardens.
Nothing happens...
Motapod! Get harder as well, like...
fucking awesome!
Nothing happens...
Motapod, get harder like...
like if you were... like...
a bear's dick!

Nothing happens...
Motapod! get harder like
Elba Esther Gordillo's face!

Nothing happens...
Damn! This is the most difficult Puchamon battle
I've ever faced!
I'll have to make use of more powerful strategies.
Mmm ... I think I forgot the sandwich
Mom made for me.
Hopefully it was egg and chorizo because I hate that shit.
This costume itches.
Ah... ah... I've got a pretty stuck fart.
I'll try to get it out unnoticed.

Discreet, pleasant and without any kind
of unexpected vibration in the buttocks.
Motapod, paperweight attack!
Oh really?! Motapod! Door stop attack!
Mota Motapod.
Motapod, construction brick attack!
Motapod! Stone to halt my car on a steeped road
Rock to start a fire attack!
Exfoliating stone attack!
Christmas sphere!
Pencil sharpener!
Salt shaker!
Deodorant tablet for the toilet!
Rearview mirror ornament!
USB flash memory!
Light bulb!
Self-defense weapon!
Self-defense weapon?

And I've succeed again
thanks to my advanced skills of Puchamon training!

After a very ridiculous battle
our hero managed to beat his second opponent
a pubescent boy with hormonal problems
who hides behind a bush
probably because he's horrible!
Motapod will certainly be used
as waste to feed the pigs
we won't hear more about him.
Our hero now has to continue
his stupid journey with his dumbass
yellow tree-raping rat.
Will he catch more Puchamon?
Will he ever take a bath?
Is the amount of belching that comes from his foul snout
a sign of a gastrointestinal problem?
Will I keep talking like a complete imbecile?
Find out in the next episode of